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Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022

Old 3rd Dec 2010, 14:08
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Swirling around in a pool of excuses as to why Qatar should never have been awarded the '22 bid is futile....an excuse has an effective range of exactly zero meters.

All five nations at one stage or another had a risk factor attached to them...that is why they are required to formulate bids, to appease or address those risks concerns. Qatar's as a matter of interest was size in conjunction with sustainable infrastructure. Again, something available on line.

As to the slave labour etc, etc...issues, unskilled labour remuneration here is addressed in line with anywhere else in the world, no better, no worse ....remember this is unskilled labour. As the skill factor increases, accordingly the remuneration rises. This doesnt negate the fact that there most certainly will be issues that need addressing as relates to their treatment in general....but again, ..........bare in mind, irrespective of how much cash is tossed into anyone's palm - if that is the case at all, issues of abuse will surface and whoever perpatrates that abuse will be called to account for it in some way or another.

If you are looking for Qatar to be an absolute in the perfect sense......then I'm afraid you need to switch back to caffienated coffee again, maybe even double expresso....no country in the world can claim to come even close to that title.

Hoping secretly for Qatar to fall on its face here is somewhat rediculous, if anything, it will just perpetuate greater effort to ensure that when '22 rolls around, history might very well record it as the most polished SWC in the history there-of. Remember, Qatar,....if you stand back, pause and view their bid holistically in terms of political, economic and socio-economic terms...really have more to lose than gain from being awarded the '22 bid........which takes me back to my original point, the Qatar Bid Committee are not floundering, directionless fools. The one gentleman on the committee I am aquainted with and he is focussed and strongwilled and as pointed out earlier by someone, the business interests here are vast....what better qualities in a person would you want to be on that committee then?
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 16:30
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Think twice!
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 16:45
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The whole region never hosted the wcup so i guess choosing Qatar to represent the arab and middle eastern countries is good in terms of security which is a big problem these days ,as for size its a small place but i guess for the fans it will be easier to travel from one stadium to the other better then flying to another city .as for those who are concerned about treatment of workers and slavery maybe this event will come to their rescue as the whole world will be focused on Qatar and they will be pressured to improve the working conditions .
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 18:05
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I really like and agree with your post!
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 18:51
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well said, thanks for your post
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 19:52
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If the moon is anything to go by and they have the tournament in June/July then it will be bang slap in the middle of Ramadan.

What will the Brits do then?
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 21:37
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The England fans are working on their songs for the tournament already.

The first is a revised version of "Get your t**ts out for the boys" which goes something like this:

"Get your faces out for the boys"
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 22:33
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sore losers

mhm,seems to me that there are loads of sore losers on this forum, heres a thought, maybe Qatar had a better bid than all the other countries which might I add are falling apart financially. being jealous of qatar because it is financially sound wont help matters and if your really pissed of then maybe you should leave and go work for a mediocre wage in your so called democratic countries. As far as the stadiums are concerned then giving them to third world countries isnt a bad idea, at least they will be doing something which is more than what we can say about the first world countries who wont even help a dying child to water if that child couldnt benifit them in some way, yes abuse does happen but at least you to what extent rather than sweeping it under the rug[remember iraq abu ghraib prison the wikileaks video of innocent civillans being bombed].GO QATAR GO.
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 23:44
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Australia falling apart financially, really!!! Qatar is a dump and tourist unfriendly. What are people to do between games?
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 00:28
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Yup, should be a hoot!

Extremists welcome Qatar World Cup | News.com.au
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 01:29
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Well congratulations to the Qataris, you have paid off a sufficient number of crooked third world football execs and bought yourselves the world cup

It's busy times now, you got to go and hire another couple million bangla and nepalese slaves to build the stadiums, a million indians to supervise them, a million filipinos to do all the service and retail stuff, and most importantly a bunch of hot shot young africans and latinos to give qatari passports so they can actually play the football matches on behalf of the qatari people

I will give 100000000 riyals to the first person who uploads a photo of a Qatari engaged in hard work between now and 2022
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 04:58
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If the moon is anything to go by and they have the tournament in June/July then it will be bang slap in the middle of Ramadan.

What will the Brits do then?
As Ramadan moves (earlier) by around 10-11 days per Gregorian year and it started ~11-Aug this year, in 12 years from now Ramadan will be ~Mid to Late April. Over and done with well before the July start for a World Cup.
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 05:10
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440 Euros is approximately 2,260 AED. Thats over 4 times what the slave laborers are making working 6-7 days per week doing backbreaking work in 50+ degree heat. Not sure you can compare the two. What does the "social net" come out to for a migrant worker who spent the last 5 years in Qatar if he loses his job?
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 06:30
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Nice stadia!

Qatar's incredible stadium plans for 2022 World Cup - News & Comment, Football - The Independent

But I think Matt has a point!

Matt cartoons witty political cartoons and satirical sketches - Telegraph
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 08:21
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Yes, in a few months we will probably also see Dubai putting forth a bid for the Winter Olympics.
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 09:13
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guys guys take it easy no where in this world there is a place thats just and fair or will this forum change anything so lets just stick to what we know best and thats flying and rumors ))))
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 09:48
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Thread Starter
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Thanks Scorpio

Guys, when I first created this thread I just wanted you to comment on possible Qatar Airways growth, Emirates response to that growth, any rivalry on which airline is taking the official sponsorship, etc.
We are all free to post our comments and share our ideas but as Scorpio said, we are better talking about airplanes and "air rumours".
Anyway I'm glad that you are all coming to leave your post, but this is getting very political.
I'm from Portugal (we also lost the 2018 World Cup for Russia) and even I'm sure our bid (Portugal & Spain) was better I just have to accept that.

I know it's kind a non-sense that such a small country (apart from its politics) will host such a giant event. But they have 12 years to change.

12 years ago (1998) I never thought that Portugal could host an European Uefa Cup... Stadiums were crap at that time, Tourism in Portugal only in Lisbon, Oporto and the Algarve (which had no stadiums at all)... Well, in 2004 we hosted that big event and it was a success!!! Plenty of new stadiums and infrastructures... and believe me, we are totally poor comparing with Qatari finances! (and maybe thats the reason why we are all still paying for the stadiums )

Come on!!! Let's talk about Qatar 2022 airline minded!


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Old 4th Dec 2010, 10:11
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Congrats to Qatar at least, if I am still around here, I will be able to take my kids to watch the world cup. Also, economically for the Gulf(except Qatar) it will be a huge benefit.
It always amazes me that some ppruners hate the region, people, politics, religion, economics yet still stay here & get paid by the same people they detest. Grow a spine & if it really is that digusting here move to happier pastures-it's not worth living with so much hate.
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 14:56
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History will be the ultimate minute taker of the '22 SWC. The 18th Century Philosopher and Literary Critic, William Hazlitt is so accurate in his one most famous quote -" There is no prejudice so strong as that which arises from a fancied exemption from all prejudice"
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 18:20
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After the announcement Sepp Blatter was asked who his favourite Qatar player was and his response was..... Eric Clapton....I rest my case.

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