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Alpha Aviation Academy

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Alpha Aviation Academy

Old 22nd Apr 2013, 19:57
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They have ended the contract with the Australian academy.
They were thinking of conducting the training at ayla in Jordan, but now they have almost decided to outsource it to some academy in southern Europe.

Old 6th Jul 2013, 08:20
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enterance exam

can somebody please tell me how difficult is the assessment for AAA.....what all should i go through before going for the assessment , specially in mathamatics and physics
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Old 2nd Sep 2013, 12:47
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Are you sure ?

That looks like great news !! But please confirm.
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Old 16th Sep 2013, 06:46
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Thumbs down

There are a multitude of problems with Alpha and their outsourced company in Australia. The company in Australia itself have their own set of issues, and dealing with Alpha is just the tip of the iceberg. Last I heard, Alpha had announced that they were pulling out of the Australian deal, and going somewhere in Greece. However the management of the Aus connection have grounded the Alpha training program for not fulfilling their contractual agreements. As for Greece, well it will probably be another 6 months minimum before that gets on the way. Alpha have a lot of prep to do in the mean time before they get approval, and not to mention getting through the GCAA which is already a shaky relationship. I feel sorry for all those cadets who paid top dollar for promises and lies, and now caught in the crossfire.
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Old 28th Sep 2013, 18:20
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its been a while..
how are things at AAA currently? How many of the cadets have actually got their 'guaranteed' jobs at AA?

Old 2nd Nov 2013, 10:30
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There will obviously come a point when air Arabia will get saturated with pilots and will have no need to recruit more by way of direct entry, cadetship etc..
Does anyone have any idea as to around when would AA reach this 'saturation' point? I ask this as I mostly will start my MPL course with them in 2015 once I have completed my degree, but, what worries me is that by then AA could get saturated and I would be asked to go home without a job.
Any views on this?

Old 14th Nov 2013, 12:38
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Alpha Aviation Academy Assessments- word of truth.

First, let me stress on the importance of reviews people read (positive or negative) as they can strongly influence someone's decision/future. Therefore, I am only writing this review for the sake of prospective students who need help to make up their minds

I have went through the exact same issue; trying to read each and every review possible about Alpha Aviation Academy to help me take the correct decision. Despite all the negative reviews I read, I decided to give it a shot and visit the academy ( I live in Egypt) and do the assessments while there.

First impression : I saw the students happy about what they are doing and confident about their future with AirArabia. I just found it a very relaxed campus, where everyone is trying to do his job.

Next day were my assessments, counting on all the reviews posted here earlier saying that the assessments were a piece of cake, I did not not prepare myself adequately. I went to do the very thorough assessments, putting in mind that I am going to pass anyway. Surprise: I did not. Not because they are impossible, but because you really need to prepare for it very well. They assess you in each and every part that would relate to your progress in your studies later.

In fact, not passing the assessments made me much more confident about the academy, because at least they made me sure that they are not just looking for my money.

I just thought to share my experience which might be useful to others. Hope it helps and best of luck to all the Wannabees.
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Old 26th Dec 2013, 09:54
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Is there any actual information about AAG?
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Old 2nd Jan 2014, 22:15
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Terrible Management. they care about money. once you want to apply for assessment the answer you back until you pay. once you pay you ask them for assessment date the could barely answer back.

their site is rubbish!! wondering cadet pay 560k AED for training then 110k for base training why their management and site is rubbish ?? world highest flying school cost. I believe its excl. accommodation etc. at the end you get 5k a month once you get their job more likely its PAY MORE BUILD HOURS job is not guaranteed, depends whether you pass and meet their requirements. little chance.

Other side Air Arabia is a good airline growing up rapidly !
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Old 8th Jan 2014, 17:33
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getting a ppl / repost / any help welcome

hi guys,

i know most of you are MPL/CPL qual guys.. im a little new to this and was wondering if I could get any advice on the below? I posted it and TCAS FAN and PACO/Phil were very helpful.. anything else would be really welcome!

hi guys!

firts post, ever.. anywhere.

so, ive done 8 hours to a PPL (just got feet wet) and loved it. This was with Cabair uxbridge/denham (sad its gone) and now my job is making me relocate to Dubai.

Im thinking great weather etc, but can I get a PPL there? Where? How much will it set me back realistically? More than 10k GBP?

I saw Emirates Aviation Services website, but nobody answers a phone! Ever. I really need one on one lessons, is this possible anywhere? I will be doing a 9-5 so i need flexible hours and weekends basically.

any help and encouragement would be vastly appreciated!

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Old 11th Jan 2014, 01:41
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mate why would you post something out of the subject of this page.
just try by yourself on google trust me you'll find and you'll be fine.

I know horizon flight academy located in AL AIN. I can tell there are few near DUBAI. you might find in AJMAN shorter for travel than AL AIN from DUBAI. BLOODY GOOGLE OUT THERE MATE.
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Old 16th Jan 2014, 22:10
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Forget about Emirates Aviation Services , they charge around 400$ per hour for a 172/PA-28 and all you;ll get then is a GACA PPL which you'll find hard to convert to EASA . I suggest you either do it whenever you can while back in Europe or head out to the US and do it as an intensive 2 week course then convert to EASA when you have the flight time , which is 100 PIC if I recall .
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Old 17th Jan 2014, 07:10
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Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted here, just to make a small update, I used to carry a MPL from AAG, a couple of months ago I completed the 1500 hours with Air Arabia & was granted an ATPL with full privileges.
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Old 25th Jan 2014, 18:54
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Respect to you, Mr. hhassan.
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 13:48
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Hi there malirm,

Good to hear and congratulations with this huge achievement! Do you still work for Air Arabia or was it just the 1500hrs?

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Old 30th Jan 2014, 11:28
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MPL Alpha Aviation UAE - CAUTION!

I am thinking about joining the Alpha Aviation Academy based at Sharjah. I would like your opinion on the course they offer. Do they provide you with full training required to become a pilot. I have read bad reviews regarding this academy in this thread
I would like to know if they have improved in anyway. After I have successfully completed the training will I be able to get a job with Air Arabia. I have been told that this will happen and I would like to verify it.

thanks for the help
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Old 30th Jan 2014, 17:42
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Dear Marlim
Congratulations i'm going to start my pilot training and going for the MPL with alpha aviation, i just need to ask you few things. I'm in lebanon I hope you help me and I appreciate it a lot. Thank you in advance
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Old 2nd Feb 2014, 17:44
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AAG Philippines

Hi fellas,

Would like to know the status of the training program offers
in AAG Philippines. Are they worth trying compared with other
aviation schools like OMNI etc..

Does anybody knows here the status of the cadets after
completing the courses in AAG..are they hired into some airlines
as promised by the institution that 80 % are mostly absorbed by
the airlines that they are linked?

Iam 32 yrs old planning to try and take the risk in this field but
somebody can please give me a little heads up..

Thanks in advance to those who will help me to get through this
dilemma. Ive been sleepless for many nights.
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Old 6th Feb 2014, 14:36
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Yes - Alpha delivers


I am an employee (instructor) at this academy, writing on my own behalf, not under direction of the management. I have been at Alpha UAE for 2 plus years and I have witnessed an amazing transformation in the higher management and structure of the establishment. I am not able to say more because I do not want to potentially risk breaching confidentiality, but I can say all is positive here. We are buzzing nowadays in fact. Our management team is extremely strong.

Student numbers are high - courses over the last 4/5 months or so have been pretty much fully booked - the only empty bums-on-seats have been due to last-minute visa or finance issues.

I can state that all students are having their contracts honoured and ALL graduates ARE flying with Air Arabia.

Flying training is now being completed in Greece, and recent student returnees are very satisfied with the training that they received (certainly the ones I've spoken with).

As an instructor, having ATPL (and now MPL) exposure in the UK, Europe and Middle East, at several academies, I am convinced that Alpha offer a unique product that delivers. The only reason Air Arabia will not retain you after 1500 hours is if you mess up, or don't develop professionally. My graduate students that are flying there are more than happy with their lot.

Our ground school has the same instructors as when I joined - zero turnover of staff in over two years (one guy left, but only to take a higher level job with an airline). I challenge anyone to tell me of any other ATPL/MPL academy that has a zero staff turnover. In fact you'll find that ALL of the big players have high staff turnovers - the reasons, well that's not for me to say.

Here in Sharjah the GI office is happy and harmonious, we have great rapport with our students, and we love what we do - and we do it well.

I will say though, if you are going to go into commercial aviation as a pilot, you need to be serious about it - "fancying" being a pilot, and the attendant status / lifestyle does not cut it.

This is a degree-level course, you're going to have to work extremely hard, much harder workload than at a conventional uni.

But if you go for it; work hard, have fun along the way, and you'll also make friends for life. Oh, and being paid to fly is fantastic!

Hope this helps.
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Old 6th Feb 2014, 17:06
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hmm where do i start... firstly ill introduce myself, i am a cadet with alpha aviation academy i joined in 2012 off-course like everyone else on here i researched in before joining and i had read a lot of skeptical information that was provided on this thread, but i went with it and joined anyways considering any other aviation academy is not offering guaranteed job anyways, and if there was a chance with alpha landing me at Air Arabia i thought why not, i was most skeptical about the MPL program rather than the academy itself at first, but now i have learned that GCAA is behind the MPL program 100 percent. like others have said that its all about money, tell me what flying school is in it not for the money, off-course they all are doing it for that reason, my batch had some problems here and there with training delays but nothing that we didn't expect it was mainly the delay between ATPL ground school and the core flying which was about 2 months but we all know joining any aviation program you should expect some delays there is no way that it can be done in exactly 18 months, anyways so we went on to do core flying is Australia and came back for MCC back at alpha aviation and now i am in the type rating stage of the program and i must say i am satisfied with everything so far, of course along the way there was some frustration with certain management issues but all worked out in the end, i am an optimist that can see the big picture which is why i joined in the first place despite all the negative feedback i received on here before joining, i can speak for myself as a cadet in the type rating phase and in the coming months will be employed by Air Arabia which by the way is an airline doing outstandingly well at the moment that the above post mentioned by the Alpha aviation instructor is a valid post i can vouch for entirely and if it is who i think it is i know they are quite undoubtedly a sincere honest person who is looking out for the best interest of the students. "you have the Vaseline atleast" (inside joke)
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