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stikku 9th Aug 2010 09:26

Alpha Aviation Academy
I am thinking about joining the Alpha Aviation Academy based at Sharjah. I would like your opinion on the course they offer. Do they provide you with full training required to become a pilot. I have read bad reviews regarding this academy in this thread


I would like to know if they have improved in anyway. After I have successfully completed the training will I be able to get a job with Air Arabia. I have been told that this will happen and I would like to verify it.

thanks for the help

777-Aviator 9th Aug 2010 17:13

After I have successfully completed the training will I be able to get a job with Air Arabia. I have been told that this will happen and I would like to verify it.
You've been told? You must be kidding around!

You have to believe such claims only when you have them written in an official contract.. Otherwise, don't pay this crazy amount of cash for an MPL from UAE and go get an FAA or JAA ATPL if you are worried enough about finding a job!

Red max 9th Aug 2010 17:33

there are heaps of holes and lack of information regarding the MPL , do your self a favour and go through the usual way CPL/IR + (f)ATPL , i recommend getting JAA instead of icao , although i really doubt that a fresh pilot out of school could get a job in EU without EU citizenship. but still you save yourself alot of hassel incase you ever wanted to convert your license.

malirm 10th Aug 2010 15:31

About the MPL
I am a MPL cadet from Alpha, I guess my feedback in the thread you (stikku) mentioned would really help...anyways, just to tell you what you are paying for:

1. MPL License = [CPL/IR + ATPL Ground School + MCC in FNPT II Jet (60hrs) + Type Rating (110 hrs on level D A320 Sim) + 70hrs SE + 120hrs A320]

2. As a part of your licensing, you will have to make 12 TOs & LDGs (A320 time)

3. As part of your Licensing too, you will have to do 40 Sectors with the Partner Airline (not sponsor), where you will get roughly 100 to 120 hours of flight time on A320 with Air Arabia, this is where they'll welcome you or otherwise, but trust me, if you made it that far...you're OK

4. Converting to CPL/IR is easy after this stage (40 Sects) as you will only need to fly 10 to 20 more Hours on a ME airplane (still not confirmed if you can convert w/o these hours, as you already have proved your ability to operate on Commercial Flights)

Best of luck choosing, I had the same confusion...

777-Aviator 11th Aug 2010 12:45


Although I'm not convinced of the rational behind having MPL that is not sponsored by any company and then going back to convert to CPL/IR if needed, you still haven't answered the most important question that stikku was asking. Do you have any job offer with Air Arabia or any other airline company after getting your MPL? What's your plan if Air Arabia doesn't hire AAA cadets for a reason or another? :suspect:

stikku 11th Aug 2010 19:41

Hoping to get more information from you folks. Have all the cadets who have passed been employed with air arabia.

Gulfstreamaviator 11th Aug 2010 19:52

Clarify please
The 12 T/L are these in the aircraft or the SIM.

The 40 sectors. 100-120 hours with Air Arabia, are these as SNU, or SIC.


malirm 11th Aug 2010 23:54

777-Aviator, the answer to your question is a NO...but to be honest, since I have joined AAA, Air Arabia HR, Head of Training & even Flt Ops Manager has at least 1 to 2 visits a month, I remember the Top Management meetings with AAA Top Managements...etc. there is always a constant presence of Air Arabia Staff in AAA, we've had them visiting us once into our classroom & trying to motivate us, one of the High Management guys said ''We are happy that we have opened such a training program'' then I asked him your question (getting hired)...he said ''I understand...etc, Just focus on your training, you are Air Arabia's Sons''. Although it doesn't sound like a guarantee, but at least I can sense it all over the place, from instructors to Management :ok:.

Trust me, its a tough training program, whoever makes it through, will be a good airlinr pilot (one who can handle jets/SOPs...etc. from the first day at work), I know some airlines in the region & I heard from some them that they are intrested in MPL...can't say more than that about it!, hope it'll become official before the end of the year :)

@ glf, the time logged will be SIC (FO) as you will already be carrying the MPL after the Real/Actual A320 12 T/Ls.

daman0487 12th Aug 2010 04:08


So in short, it's a 'No' eh? I've been told time and again that almost any fit individual can be trained to fly a plane, but if one does not have the innate capabilities that airlines always look out for in potential pilots (doesn't crack under pressure, etc.), well, the MPL will look good being hung on the living room wall i suppose.

stikku 13th Aug 2010 06:15

I am looking for the answers and will not put my money for now. Good luck to yannisfr. Keep us informed.

malirm 13th Aug 2010 10:10

@ Daman
I think you might be right...or maybe not, well, I've seen alots of people who applied for the MPL training & were found not fit for it...having 4 different tests & an interview is rarely done for CPL/IR cadets of other schools.

My father was a previous CPL/IR holder & now an ATPL flying 777s & he was the one who pushed me to it, as he knows what kind of training I would get...etc. Trust me its a matter of time, MPL worked in the Philippines & Air Arabia has interviewed & employed 7 MPL cadets from the Sister company (Clark Aviation Academy)...if you went through my previous posts, I mentioned that Air Arabia owns 51% of AAA (this could be a pressure point on Air Arabia, they must hire to keep the school running).

Anyways, each one of us has his own opinion, watching a fight is completely different than being in it...I am in it, while most of you guys are watching...so far so good, I can sense victory is coming :ok:. Wish you all good days :)

yannisfr 13th Aug 2010 10:34

Only 7...
So there was only 7 cadets (from Clark) who joined Air Arabia out of all the ones who joined batch 1, Batch 2, .... in Sharjah?

Did everybody closed the programme in 18 months?

malirm 13th Aug 2010 11:47

Lets just Clarify some stuff here about Sharjah MPL cadets, I am one of the guys who had joined AAA in the 2nd Batch, the 2nd batch started with 6 Cadets & ended up with 2, where 2 have failed to keep it up & 2 had some financial issues!

The first batch are a total of 9 Cadets, as we are only 2, batch one & two have merged & formed a class of 11 cadets after the grund school, now we are doing our core flying in the Philippines (Clark Aviation) due to alots of reasons, including the experience of the MPL instructors up here :ok:. The other batches are due to fly soon (Sept), until that time...I'll give you the news!

The Non-Philippino guys who graduated from Clark (7 at the moment), came to Sharjah for an interview with Air Arabia & had made it through. Alots of Filippino MPL cadets (about 30) have joined Cebu Pacific airlines & I have heard (not confirmed) that Zest Air is intrested & had hired some! PAL is on the way maybe !

yannisfr 13th Aug 2010 12:46

Thanks for your answer Marlim. Did AAA opened any other batches after the first and second?
I wanna be sure that the programme will not take pmore than 18 months, but it seems that it isn't the case, isn't it? You began one year ago, and you are still in the core flying phase, so it will take at least one more year to close the programme...

AAA told me that the core flying will be done in Sharjah, do they have enough C172 for that?

Thanks for your answers


malirm 14th Aug 2010 04:29

@ yannis
AAA has a third & forth batch on the way...I think it will take exactly 18 months for us, as the only slow phase is the core flying, due to weather & other limitations. At the moment, AAA has 2 C172SPs & are planning to get an extra one by the end of the year, maybe another one by early next year :confused:

The FNPT II is being installed (from Mechatronix) in AAA, by the time we finish (roughly Mid-Sept), everything will be ready & training will run smoothly until the end of the year, maybe to the end of Jan 2011 due to GCAA processing time!

A320 Simulators are ready whether it was in CAE, Dubai or Clark Aviation or Jordan or even Tunisia, we have 4 back up plans for it...:ok:. I just Soloed today (on the 28th hour...as per MPL Syllabus)...from today onwards, I'll go fast on the Sorties :)

yannisfr 14th Aug 2010 10:31

Congrat for your solo! One FNPT2 will probably not be enough to train you all 9 at the same time. What is the age range for the 4 batches (youngest and oldest)?
Good luck for the end of your core flying!

malirm 15th Aug 2010 11:39

@ Yannisfr
Thanks man...I believe one Simulator in more than enough specially for 16 hours a day operations, one instructor can finish 4 cadets in the morning, while the another finishes another 4 cadets in the afternoon (you can have overnight ops too)...you are talking about 4 hours a day per cadet & one cadet need to clock 60 hrs, So, 60/4 = 15 days to get the MCC done..or roughly 3 weeks (including weekends), lets say 4 weeks (which is the Target), then off to the A320 by 1st Nov. which is 2 months or less!...then 12 TO/Ldgs which is ONE day only, then the License :ok:

We have cadets who just turned 18 & others over the age of 40 ! Most of us are in 20s, but we have some in 30s & 40s too :)

fatcadet 15th Aug 2010 12:16

12T/L are these in the aircrcraft or SIM

Confucius says a picture is word thousand words. What about a video?

youTube-Base Training on Airbus A320-MPL @ Clark Aviation

opl330 16th Aug 2010 11:05

I noticed the students from AAA on this subject. I have questions about the interview to get a AAA
I would like to know information about :
-language and mathematics testing
-computer based COMPASS aptitude testing
-psychometric evaluation
-intreview with experienced pilot assesor
thanks you

777-Aviator 17th Aug 2010 02:20

Good luck to those who are about to get their MPL. I only think that this kind of license is not the right choice, at least these days.


Guys, it's worthwhile reading the posted replies in the thread above. Some wise words from experts I believe.:D

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