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Gulf Air Developments

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Gulf Air Developments

Old 16th Feb 2013, 03:56
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Yup! Bring back the Embraers (cos that's all you will need soon)
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Old 16th Feb 2013, 06:23
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By the way things are developing, I think an Embraer would be a ' Wide Body ' equivalent
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Old 16th Feb 2013, 09:20
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Hmm, OK - let's get back to basics, then: what would Freddie Bosworth have done? Avro Ansons and De Havilland DH86: perfect! Wiki lists the "technical deficiencies" of the DH86 as "seriously lacking in directional stability". Wow! Ideal aircraft for GF
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Old 16th Feb 2013, 18:16
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One might discover that some of these destinations are full, but the bums in the seats are code-share, and result in low yield for GF, combined with high overhead costs, it's unsustainable....retrench, regroup, severely reduce overhead, re-negotiate code share contracts, or eliminate them entirely, and start again....most airlines here can afford the low yield routes, as they are buoyed by those which have high yield, this is not the case with GF at the present unfortunately, but drastic times require drastic measures, unfortunately the front line employees bear the brunt of management missteps over decades...as is the case with airlines world wide....
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Old 17th Feb 2013, 09:44
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Spot on IB57!

However seeing how the pink palace dinosaurs are responding, makes you want to sorry of course I mean

The motto seems to be, hang on to your job and fill your pockets for as long as you possibly can.

True leaders show their abilities in times of need, cowards tend to hide and hang on to what they've got for as long as possible!

Take an example:

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Old 17th Feb 2013, 22:52
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I'm all for a temporary pay cut until the grass gets greener.
Along with that, restructuring/reduction of management to a quarter of it's current size, increase in frequency and additions to subcontinent destinations, reopening and addition of Iran routes and connections to previously closed plus new far-east/asia destinations i.e. Jakarta, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangdong, elimination of travel-agencies and a completely net-based booking system.
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Old 18th Feb 2013, 00:14
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The issue with Iran for all airlines now lies in their massive currency depreciation and the inability to remit foreign exchange. This is why all the EU airlines have now announced suspending their IKA bound flights with only LH left.

Notice how in 2012, no Arab airline (FZ/EK/QR/EY/SV) have announced expansion plans for Iran with the exception of WY who launched IKA in Sep 2012. EY too only operates to Iran's IKA airport 3 times per week for a few years now and FZ is offline.

As far as the SE Asian destinations of SIN/HKG/PVG etc go, GF now cannot survive in either one of them considering the level of frequencies offered by the direct competition and the reduced European network.

GF's A321s are brilliant aircraft offering an excellent on board product and superb economics on high density Indian Subcontinent, JED and CAI bound routes. It's unfortunate that out of the original order for 6, only 4 have been taken delivery of due to the on going cost cutting initiatives.

Gulf Air puts latest two A321-200s into storage - ch-aviation.ch

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Old 19th Feb 2013, 07:16
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Equal treatment?

Gulf Daily News Local News Credit cards of staff at two airlines frozen

"Credit cards of staff at two airlines frozen
By Ahmed Al Omari , Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CREDIT cards of Gulf Air and Bahrain Air employees have been frozen by Credimax following announcements that the country's two airlines were laying off staff.

Credimax confirmed it had taken the controversial decision to suspend accounts of expatriate Gulf Air staff and all Bahrain Air employees as a precaution.

However, the move has sparked anger and some of those affected said they only found out when their Credimax cards were declined as they tried to purchase goods.

A Credimax representative defended the move and said it was done to ensure people who lost their jobs did not run up massive bills and then leave the country - or clock up debts they could not pay back.

He added staff who could prove they were still in their jobs would have cards issued by Credimax reactivated immediately.

"It would be a credit risk for us not to, but we are not cancelling the cards - we are just asking for a salary certificate so that we can know they are still employed," he told the GDN.

"If a certificate is supplied then we will reactivate their account immediately."

He explained that expat staff were those most affected by the Gulf Air downsizing, which is why only credit cards of its foreign employees had been frozen.

"The decision was made because Gulf Air laid off expatriates and there are plans to lay off more," added the Credimax spokesman.

"It is a decision that would be made by any financial institution and it was made as a precaution to protect us, as we don't have indemnity on credit card debt.

"The Bahraini staff members (at Gulf Air) have not been flagged, but the problem with expatriates is if they are fired they can run up a huge bill and leave the country.

"Then how will we cover those losses?"

He said the decision had been taken at management level to ensure the financial security of Credimax, which was the first credit card issuer in Bahrain.

The representative also claimed efforts had been made to contact those affected, but those who could not be reached had their services suspended pending confirmation of employment.

He added the decision had been taken to freeze all Credimax cards held by Bahrain Air staff because all of its employees were being laid off in the wake of the decision to liquidate the carrier earlier this month.

"Following the announcement that Bahrain Air was liquidating, the accounts of those members were also suspended until they provide proof of new employment," he said.

The representative added that if Gulf Air informed Credimax of any staff being laid off, there would be no need for such measures.

Gulf Air employees said they were shocked when their Credimax cards were frozen without explanation.

"My card was suspended without getting anything official in writing and I don't understand how they are allowed to do that," one of them told the GDN.

"I didn't think anything of it because a week before there was issues with my ATM card and I found out that everyone had the same issue so I thought it was a repeat of that.

"By Saturday I called the Credimax call centre to find out why my card was still not working and I was told that it was cancelled because I worked at Gulf Air and that I need to find another job to get it again.

"I was furious and didn't know what to do, but on Sunday I received a call from Credimax saying that they were updating their information and that I needed to give them a salary statement for their record.

"I asked to speak to a superior who told me that Gulf Air staff will be required to provide statements of salary as proof of employment."

Meanwhile, another of those affected said that she had actually left Gulf Air four years ago and was currently working with another firm that had nothing to do with either airline.

"I tried to use my card at the supermarket when it was embarrassingly declined, so I called the customer care line," said the former Gulf Air employee.

"They told me that they have suspended my card because I worked for Gulf Air, but I haven't worked for Gulf Air for four years.

"I did receive a call before from them saying that they were updating their information and asked me to send my salary certificate to an e-mail that ended with invita.com, so I was suspicious.

"I asked them to write me an official request because I don't trust giving any information on the phone these days with all the warnings and fraud out there, but I didn't get a response and later I found my card service was suspended.

"All I wanted was written confirmation because when they first called they said they just wanted to update their information - there was no warning of suspensions or anything.

"What is even more puzzling is that they have the information from my current employer and the mailing address is to my office.

"Couldn't they have seen that as a sign that I am employed elsewhere?"

Both people who spoke to the GDN later confirmed that their credit cards had been reactivated by last night after supplying the necessary information to Credimax. [email protected]"
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 19:05
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No matter how bad things are ....

It is with great pride I hear the news that even though things are very bad in my
Old fantasy island company, some managers and examiners are trying their best to get sacked people into the sim and current before they go on the market again.

Is it also true that there is an active hot line between GF and QR to get our friends jobs ?

If this is true it gives my old bones faith in our Aviation industry. It's not all about competition. Who remembers Airmanship ? We are all in this for the love of flying.
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 19:33
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Last I was told by my Bahraini first officer a few weeks ago was that hiring Bahrainis into QR was not an option currently.
Surely they will get all the expats they can.
Not sure if any of the conflict with QR and these Bahrainis is true.
Go figure.
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 03:03
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Is it also true that there is an active hot line between GF and QR to get our friends jobs ?

Some of the expats released by GF have gone to QR, others to Fly Dubai, efforts by the COO were instrumental in this....
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 05:48
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they are all making it very clear we have options. not sure if anyone noticed but there has been no effort to keep guys form leaving. In fact the opposite. Many have heard top managers tell them they understand if they want to leave and as an expat want them to be secure! Interesting! This differs greatly form the last exodus where efforts were made and salary was increased to keep experience.

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Old 20th Feb 2013, 12:02
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A Real Shame......

At risk of posting a rambling, sleep deprived posting from an Antipodean layover ....but, am I alone in thinking,as a former GF person from The Good Old Days (81-89), that its incredibly sad to read these postings?

There are many of us out here who had probably the most fun times of our lives and careers in what was probably the best expat flying job of the period over those years, in what was certainly the most hospitable place in the Gulf, with the friendliest, most hospitable nationals around. I have really fond memories of 737 training with excellent guys like Jameel al Matrook, Abdul Wahid Khooheji, Hassan Falamarzi, Sattar al Alawi....as well as expat characters such as the Thompson Twins,Norman Gould,Paul Reid,Novsa Mehta, Lakshman Reddy..the list is endless. Gentlemen all. Flights on the 767 with characters such as Tony Coyle, Richard Gardner, Eric Molberg, Dicky Dale Green, Nigel Jones...........and the inimitable Humberstone and his jokes A toast to you all. What I wouldn't give to be 30 again on a layover in 1990 at the Gulf Hotel in AUH...

Unfortunately, it seems to have finally become apparent that money can't be made only from excellent people and hosts - it clearly takes Management skills and talent. And there I nostalgically rest my case, with very fond memories, and best wishes to all at the remnants of a once great airline.


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Old 20th Feb 2013, 14:15
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Lots of iconic names in the above post...days and people like those all gone....except for Jameel, he's still alive and well....
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Old 21st Feb 2013, 17:00
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Indeed those names bring back fond memories. hope they're all well and healthy.
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 05:41
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Contract staff 'offered deals'

Contract staff 'offered deals'

Posted on Friday, February 22, 2013
EXPATS and other Gulf Air staff working on a renewable contract basis have been offered severance packages of three months' salary, plus half of their remaining contracts, sources told the GDN.
They said those who qualified include pilots, senior management and foreign staff whose contracts were for a specific period.
Gulf Air has yet to make public details of redundancy packages put on the table as it looks to slash its workforce.
"Those on a contract have been offered three months' basic salary, plus half of the remaining time left on your contract," said sources.
"So the amount you get will really depend on when you signed your contract.
"Those people who signed fresh contracts recently will be getting more than those who only have a month left on their contract."
They claimed this was unfair to employees nearing the end of their contracts, adding that Gulf Air was no longer renewing contracts - instead extending them for three months at a time. "Even if a contract was ending and that employee has not been sacked, they will only have their contract extended by three months - not renewed," said the sources.
"The company is only renewing contracts, so the maximum they will have to pay (to staff who are let go on three-month extended contracts) is the three month salary, and the one and a half month."
The Gulf Air Trade Union earlier said most staff were switched to open-ended contracts years ago. Gulf Air has not yet responded to GDN questions about redundancy packages, despite repeated requests.
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 06:02
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That's not an offer from the goodness of their hearts! They're obliged to pay that under Bahraini Labor laws, plus indemnity and outstanding leave.
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Old 22nd Feb 2013, 10:30
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What they are obliged to pay, under Bahrain Labour Law and what they will pay is about to become a painful discovery for many. Add to that the abject misery of running around the pink palace with a pink piece of paper requiring signatures from any of the few who happen to be at their desks will make leaving Gulfair a sour experience. " Leave owing" ? Don't make me laugh. Wait till you see that you have taken "unpaid Leave", never collected a pair of socks that you had laundered in the GF Laundry etc etc ! And you MUST sign a binding agreement that you accept the full & final payment and will not pursue, at a later date, recompense. Most will just want to get the hell outa there & GF rub their hands with glee ! Awful. Thoughts with the good guys. Take whatever is on the table & target that new & profitable job elsewhere.
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 03:41
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an update on the VRS packages offered to the locals

Gulf Air union said to reject redundancy offers - Transport - ArabianBusiness.com

Union leaders have reportedly rejected improved redundancy packages offered by Bahrain's Gulf Air. According to the Gulf Daily News, the Gulf Air Trade Union said it had turned down an offer that would see staff laid off receive 30 days' salary for every year they had worked, in addition to a bonus payout and another three months' salary.

Spokesman Mohammad Mahdi told the paper that the new deal, brokered by Labour Ministry Under-Secretary Sabah Al Dossery, fell short of the two months' pay for each year's service and BD5,000 bonus that the union was looking for.

Mahdi was quoted as saying: "We didn't only refuse that deal, but the whole restructuring process - and for good reason.

"A lot has changed since the restructuring plan was formed. For instance, the closure of Bahrain Air - our only competitor - and the recent reports that the Bahrain economy is stabilising.

"We have called for a major update of the plan bearing in mind all the new variables."

The loss-making Bahraini flag-carrier has suffered due to strong competition from nearby Emirates Airline, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways, and cut eight non-performing routes last year

Gulf Air is now focusing on Middle East and North African routes, as well as providing a limited number of routes to selected European and Asian markets.

Last month, it was reported that more than 1,200 staff could lose their jobs as part of a major restructuring process at Bahrain's Gulf Air. Union leaders claimed that 1,266 staff from Gulf Air will be made redundant as part of the plan.
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I take your point Landflap, and I know they have form when it comes to this. However, my experience is from last week, and that was how my payout was calculated, including outstanding leave. Also, there was no running about with the pink slip, HR took care of it at one desk and I didn't notice any gleeful hand rubbing. It was a fairly smooth process all in all. Not a nice process mind
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