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Flight deck positions at FlyDubai Master Thread - Merged

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Flight deck positions at FlyDubai Master Thread - Merged

Old 21st Apr 2013, 20:53
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Could you say anything more about how many fail the final interview and what they're looking for?

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Old 22nd Apr 2013, 05:27
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Thank you gents.

I'll have a look at enterprise.

Online...for a polo or a small car...for 3 nights...comes to about 70-80 pounds.

Just another question.....a UK license is not required? Will the license of my country do? I dont wanna book the car online only to find out later the dont accept foreign licences.

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Old 22nd Apr 2013, 07:55
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^^^^^ just call them dude. Do you not know how to research?
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Old 22nd Apr 2013, 09:50
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thanks non rev..... remember its a forum....information and experiences are shared.... i cant call every car rental service in the UK.... i dont live there...and i cant afford to be put on hold for 10 min to speak to a representative.....

Ive checked the websites too..... drivers licences are not specified.....

Im gonna be flying for 20 hours to get to LHR...so give me a break if im trying to make my life a little more easier when i land.

Thanks..... if u have hired a car from LHR.....can u share that experience? Its easier to work on recomendations from fellow ppruners.

Thanks so much :-)
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Old 22nd Apr 2013, 11:44
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I don't know where you are from, but I have never had any problems getting a car in the UK - with my (European) non British license.

Maybe this link will help; Car Rental in the UK | Europe | USA Car Hire - Alamo Rent A Car, look under license requirements. (not advertising alamo, but they have been good for me in the past)

Good luck!
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Old 22nd Apr 2013, 13:19
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Thank u MD11, I'm from india....I remember my license was not accepted in the US..... even an international license was only valid for a month there. (instead of the general year)

I have looked at alamo,sixt,national,hertz,europcar to name a few....

Luckily my ATPL is recognized by ICAO

Thanks so much! Regards.
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Old 23rd Apr 2013, 17:14
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The best advice I can give regarding the final interview at flydubai (and it should help at the CTC final interview as well) is to organize your own past aviation experiences.

The interviews are based on your stories - "give us an example" or "tell us about a time" - so the better you know those stories and have thought about your past the better.

I would have several stories prepared, focusing on the details. Be able to talk about specifics rather than generalizations. Make sure you are telling the truth too, as it is really easy to spot a lie or even an embellishment. Your stories should include what you were flying, where you were flying to, what position you were in, who was pilot flying and pilot monitoring, etc.

Once you have your stories laid out, try to anticipate which stories would fit best for which competencies they display. Hit the big ones, like communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, achieving goals, etc. If you can, have at least two stories per topic you come up with. Invariably, you will use a story that better suits the next question you are asked (which is why it helps to have two).

Also, what did you learn from the experience, and what might you do differently having gone through it? Those are pretty typical follow ups in any interview (not just flydubai).

Be yourself! Having this organization of your experiences will help you be more relaxed so we can see you for who you really are (hopefully that is a good thing!).

Hope that helps,
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Old 25th Apr 2013, 08:47
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That REALLY helps. Thank you.

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Old 25th Apr 2013, 15:16
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Sim schedule

Hi RandyBMC,

I passed the first screening, now I'm trying to schedule my Sim Ride.On my app. page it only shows slots for Type-rated 737 pilots. Do you have any idea when they might start opening Sim slots for non type-rated pilots? I noted that there are 2 locations available for the Sim, Las Vegas and London. I live in San Francisco and I would love to do my interview and Sim in Las Vegas! Are they doing interviews in other locations?

Thank you,


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Old 26th Apr 2013, 06:53
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Hello again,

Mrglass or anyone for that matter....can u please post something on the sim profile in detail? That CTC has provided?

Thank you.
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Old 26th Apr 2013, 21:36
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sim profile for assessment

Raw data takeoff and climb with a couple of radial intercepts. Vectors for downwind to prepare an ILS. Fly it down to minima, no runway, go around. Engine failure on the go. Recall items (if necessary), clean up and stabilize the aircraft and you are done.

I felt it was not about perfect manual flying as it was about making good decisions and being organized while flying manually. Still you have to scan and maintain smooth control inputs and corrections.

Those with type ratings will also have to demonstrate how to prep and manage a LNAV/VNAV approach with full automation. Both exercises can be done in about 45-60 mins.

Everything including checklists, charts and even approximate pitch and power settings are given to you the night before in a briefing pack (after you have passed the day 1 events). If you follow the briefing pack and listen to the SFI/SFE closely you will be fine.

Good luck
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Old 27th Apr 2013, 06:39
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Thank you so much mate. Just wanted to know for the guys who havent flown the 737,how would one know how to tune the radios/use the ND for the radial intercept? Are the instructions given like u said the previous night along with the charts/checklists/power pitch settings?

Thanks again so much.
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Old 27th Apr 2013, 09:28
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roster fodder

.....soooooooo, a candidate who needs to be told how to tune a radio interviewed by somebody who has had a command for 10 minutes. All looking good for those marginal Kathmandu approaches.
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Old 27th Apr 2013, 11:21
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Relax dude. The sim briefing pack is fairly basic. It lets you get a general idea of the profiles and the standard calls to be used in the exercise. You get a full briefing beforehand with the TRE, which lasts up to 90 mins. It's very comprehensive, and talks through the profiles in detail, with some handy tips as to how to manage each stage and the flying characteristics of the a/c. The briefing pack doesn't cover everything you need to know, but the brief does.

In the sim, you will be shown the location and operation of all relevant switches and equipment. It is a very basic exercise, and therefore only uses a very limited amount of the a/c systems. It's simple enough to operate as required.

I would suggest if you are still awaiting the assessment phase, spend your time concentrating on that. I understand far more fail to make the grade on day 1, than fail in the sim.
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Old 27th Apr 2013, 13:23
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thats very sweet of u otto..... thank u so much for the indepth brief....puts the nerves to rest for a bit much appreciated thanks!
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Old 28th Apr 2013, 09:33
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Is there any way to delete a very old application in order to make a new one?
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Old 29th Apr 2013, 12:38
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Report Fly Dubai Apr.10th Southend

In addition to the nice report from Mr. G. here some further aspects of the Apr.10th-Assessment, sorry for being a little bit late but my mate didn't pass the test unfortunately and I didn't want to bother him with Test-Information.

Though you've got the option to choose TypRated or Non Typerated on the Online-Application process (my buddy is not typerated and he clicked it accordingly) he faced a mixed (half by half) group of rated and nonrated guys.


Test starts with presentation through FlyDubai-Women: "We do fly in dangerous areas such es Iraq, places of war etc.!"
Group of 10 was divided in a blue and red part. All blue were native speaker, the red one non natives. Exemption in the red group was a french guy but with almost 10 years experience in UK.

Red group (native speaking): 2 USA (with On-Site-Experience in Abu Dhabi), 3 UK, 1 FR

Blue group: 2 NL, 1 South American, 1 IT, 1 GER

It starts with the Apt.Test (Supervisory staff: "It's not so important!!"), Multicapacity etc. Only one (rated) 90sec-Run following introduction.

2 Team-Exercises

1) 4 points for discussion: Challenges right now, oportunities for Fly Dubai, what can crews do to make FD grow, (can't remember the 4th point)

2) NASA-Game: You've landed at the moon, you've got a list with 10 items, create a ranking, 5min before given time ended, they surprised with 2nd list and 5 further items (powdered milk, bottle of water etc.)


4 of the red group are allowed to continue

4 of the blue group were sent home. My buddy was in the blue and became blue

=== I'm not a native speaker, if you find any linguistic errors, you may keep it ===
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Old 29th Apr 2013, 16:53
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They classified Americans as native English speakers?!!!
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Old 29th Apr 2013, 20:59
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Be safe out there.....

US Civilian Cargo operator (National Air Cargo) down in Bagram.

BBC News - Seven killed in US cargo plane crash at Afghan base
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Old 30th Apr 2013, 07:52
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hi pemac, thx for the update.
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