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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 11th Nov 2009, 12:04
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OK boys, let's straighten a few things out.


The reason people don't "jump the que" has nothing to do with "weight speed formula". It is strictly a function of a seniority system.

Nowhere did I comment on the fairness of the system. I will not comment on it now.

Your "career plan" as you put it is a bit askew "mate". It is strictly a function of economic times. Some individuals see a command in less than 5 years. Some wait 15, yes I'm talking B737/A320. That's the nature of the career. Oh, by the way, some never see command.

I was not, and do not wish to compare Qatar's system to any system.

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Old 11th Nov 2009, 20:11
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Thumbs down

Life is too precious to spend 3 yrs of it in what can only be described as a dreadful environment even for a B777 PIC on your licence.
I considered it for a few months and then having been there I couldnt and wouldnt be able to sacrifice all the things that I do weekly/monthly that make life sweet and have taken for granted in my daily life and which make it so enjoyable.
On that visit I couldnt comprehend how anyone can live there.Truly horrible in comparison to SE Asia and even Dubai.
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 02:42
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Mykno ..a few months...?..it take only one minute from the time to get out of your accomodation, get into your car and start driving to realise how this place is UNcivilised!

Last edited by loc22550; 12th Nov 2009 at 08:53.
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 11:02
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Capt Oryx,

all I say is that your salary structure does not work without a seniority system.

The whole point of the exercise was the answer to:"Why does a 777 pilot in the same function make more money than his colleague on the A320?"

EK does upgrade on their A330 because of the lack of smaller equipment. Besides that their training system and requirements are much more strict than what we have in QR, and so is their screening process.

So their pilots in general are of a better quality, their training department is better as well and they would never allow people to upgrade on an A380 or A340. And I strongly doubt they ever allowed upgrades R to L on the T7.

All the guys I know, that went recently through an upgrade at EK, joined there 4-5 years ago. Most of them had 4000hrs+ when they joined and in many cases they held a previous command on 737/320 or similar. So yes, after another 4 years and 3200 hrs flying the EK network they would be more likely to be able to digest a fresh command on an A330.

Here in QR the requirements will be 5000hrs on heavy jet, full ATPL and minimum 3 years in the company for an upgrade on A320. For upgrade on a widebody you will need 6000hrs+ and all the other requirements.
Besides this an upgrade on a widebody will always be subject to requirement and approval from management, the A320 fleet will stay the main fleet for upgrades.

I know one guy that joined here 5 years ago without a TR and 1500hrs. He was given A320 rating (stayed 1.5 years), joined A330 (stayed 2 years), joined A340 (stayed 1 year) and was finally given 777 6 months ago. By the time the R to L upgrades kick in he, in theory, would be eligible for a T7 fresh command.

Now this person is a nice guy and has good attitude, but do you think making him a commander on the 777 is a good idea both for his career as well as the safety of aviation?????

For the newbees: forget 3 years as in reality we are looking today at 6-8 years before you can ever be considered due to 750+ FOs ahead of you.

I stick to my point: What QR will be doing IS dangerous!

Lets wait and see....
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 11:20
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loc22550 Very nice way of putting it.
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 13:12
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My point precisely.

We will just have to respectfully disagree about the R to L upgrade

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Old 12th Nov 2009, 15:56
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Angel Right to left and other things....

A good friend of mine just gave a very simple but logic solution:

All they would have to do is to install a bidding system, allowing pilots to bid on which fleet they want to do their upgrade on.
Combine this with a transparent and constant upgrade policy whereby candidates are given exact dates/timeframes of what to expect when and on which fleet, and everybody would be much happier.

A pilot would know exactly when to expect a possible upgrade on the A320 or his current fleet. He would be able to make the decision himself. Either upgrade in X months and go on the A320, or upgrade on the A330/B777 in X months + y months.

And why not allow an A320 pilot, if a slot becomes available on A330/B777 and nobody inside his seniority bracket is willing or available to fill it in, to upgrade on the B777/A330?

Clear, transparent and honest to everybody in the system. Some guys who upgraded in the past 2 years will be pissed of maybe, but hey, thatís life, get over it.

At least the system would be in place for the future. And no matter what, QR's expansion plan is sooooo massive that everybody in the system today will be given most of what they want (777/787/380/350) within the next 5 years anyhow.

No time to worry people, life is too short for that!
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 23:22
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Hi All
Is anybody going for an interview on December 2nd?
If so, I would like to hear from you.
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Old 14th Nov 2009, 10:33
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Qatar interview

Hi guys and girls,

Hereís my short story about the selection.
The day looks exactly as described here in pprune:
0800 come in, 0830 computer presentation about the 5 star airline, little break, 50 multiple choice questions in an hour which is time enough if youíre prepared by questions below and Ace. Then everybody wait and will be called in for the result. If you didnít make it, go and chill out by the pool, your day is over.
Then they give everybody a time to appear for the interview.
At 12:00 there is a lunch, which is a little buffet. Interviewers were not present and is good to talk to the other guys who want the job.

There were no technical questions asked during the interview for none off the guys. They worked through a standard list of questions which was the same for everybody. They marked on their papers a number and I donít know where it stand for.

After the interview you can go to the pool and chill out. Later during the day there will be the letter under your door with the result and if itís good you can continue to the sim. If itís ok go to bed and rest, cause the sim is at night. If itís not ok go back to the pool and order a gin tonic and look at it as a holyday.

Sim pickup 21:45. They brief you when you get there, show an airbus 330 and tell you how to fly it. The instructor was a really nice guy. He tells you who will be at what time. Make sure youíre not last, do this by sitting in the middle, since he will just number you down the line. After youíre finished you can call Marriot and request them to pick you up if you want.

Sim was relatively easy. 330 flies like itís on auto pilot and the joystick is like control wheel stearing it temporarily declutches. Itís the basic pitch flying. Set a pitch and the A/C will keep it, same for bank. If itís not good change it. Let the A/C fly donít try to do this yourself, since the A/C can do it better. If it flies level and bank ok, release the stick if it doesnít fly good release it. Try to touch it as little as possible.
Sim profile: LHR 27R ( like the briefing pack you get before this time, apparently they sometimes change it to another airport) Made up departure straight ahead. Duringclimb a turn and level off. Radar circuit back to ILS, shoot it and land (landing does not count, but is easy; flare a litte at 40 ft and retard when it tell you to). If you are not stable do a G/A always.
Then again same thing, but do it better now. Then you get a fire on the A/C, ask for memory items. Request mayday, Do the after T/O checklist, ask for rest of checklist. Let him Inform cc + packs, quickly back request short vectors and fire guys to be ready when you land. Do a briefing about evacuation etc. Be aware for GS intercept by the way, since you might approach at a lower alt for the ILS. That's it. Only about 1/2 hour.

I have bundled all the questions I found on pprune:

Qatar written test from pprune:

Altimeter settings and how weather affects it.
ICAO Holding Speeds.
Describe what is a dutch roll.
what makes a good captain, good F/O
When do you use anti-ice
what is the sqawk code for threat in the airplane.
Basic aerodynamics
3rd segment climb
Effect of forward c.g.
Lapse rate
Effect of speed brakes and ailerons simulteneous input
Missed approoach after circle to land
What happens to IAS if the pitot tube is blocked at the start of the descend
What happens to airspeed if the static vent is blocked?
Wet Rwy?
Contaminated Rwy?
Holding speeds?
How long to evacuate an aircraft with more than 44 seats?
Certification purposes, aircraft needs to be evacuated in less than 90 sec through half of the available exits
Type of cloud with virga?
Holding pattern entries?
Interprate TAF, i.e. what will the wind be when you arrive?
Emergency descent first action?
Gliding distance and how is it affected by weight?
What happens to LSS or TAS if one increases or the other decreases?
Lift/Drag/dynamic pressure formulas?
Where does DER or MORA stand for?
What is the aquwk for airplane threat?
MTOM. MLM: what type of limitations are these?
Are standard holdings with left or right turns?
Swept back wings, why?
if you need to turn and maintain same speed and altitude what do you have to do
increase AoA and add power
the fix distance markings on a rwy are at what distance"?
The Fixed distance markings start at 300m from the RWY threshold
what would be the ISA deviation with a given temp. at acertain FL
how to calculate true altitude of an airport

Questions I got which I didnít knew from pprune:
Bomb a board, what do you do?
Apparently good answer is: Landing gear down + flaps, level off at the altitude cabin is at the moment .
In a flare Aircraft will float, why?
Using to high AoA, height A/C is Ĺ wingspan? And some other answers

Qatar interview questions from pprune:

What are your Future Plans for QATAR AIRWAYS GROUP
Why Should We Hire You Over The Others Waiting To Be Interviewed
Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?
What goals do you have in your career
Briefly describe your ideal job?

What is loop or pigtail in an impulse line?


pigtail is also called syphon.It is used to reduce
temperature of fluid like steam before enter in to the
Pressure gauge or Presssure Transmitter for measurement

What is maintenance planning
how control valve works? I think they mean describe outflow valves
What did you dislike about your last job? Why did you leave your last job?
Do you have a bond with your current employer?
Why Qatar?
On T/O and high speed you realize your tires are deflated. What do you do and how does it affect the braking performance?

If you have a bomb on the airplane, what do you do?
Do you have a bomb immediate action in your current company?

What is the definition of safe T/O distance?
What can you bring to the company?
Does the mrs. Approve of your job in Qatar?
What is MNPS?
Alt limits
What does the take over button on the Airbus on the side stick do?
How many % to be runway contaminated?
Gradient climb?
Tell me about segments on T/O
T/O in windshear
Have you flown with a demanding captain and give an example?
Have you have had someone misenterpreting you and give an example?
Any time a captain or F/O disagreed with you and give an example?
How many degrees of pitch would you fly with an engine faile wright after T/O?
What would you see on the PFD?
What is you company procedure forÖ.and what do you think about it?
W/S recognize and avodance?
Technical questions about your current A/C?
CAT1/2/3 regulations?
Low vis OPS?
Circling approaches?
Stabilized approach scenario?
What makes a good/bad F/O or captain?
IFR rules
Pyrotehcnic lights/flashes from tower?
Altimeter settings and how wheater affects it?
Describe Dutch roll
When do you use anti ice?

if you are climbing at 270KTS/.80 and then you increase your speed to 290KTS/.80 are you going to reach the .80 mach earlier or later?

"what is a barrette"?
three or more groundlights closely spaced together to appear as a set of a bar of lights / lightings at Holding Point CAT 3 lightings at Holding Point CAT 3

What do you know about Qatar Airways
Easy since you have just seen the video, which tell everything. This video is also on youtube.

Questions not known before from pprune:
Tell us about yourself
Tell us when you didnít understand your somebody, doesnít have to be about flying
What is you notice period?

In a few days you get the result. They need pilots on very short notice and you could be there in a month.

Good luck to who is going
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Old 14th Nov 2009, 11:06
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Mighty Duck - Awesome post! All the information you need. Nice to hear some positive information about the process and not only about a Skipper who once drank a bottle of water, etc.

Can I just ask Mighty Duck when he/she submitted the application (was it via internet or post) and how long did it take til invited for interview. Good luck all in these crappy times.

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Old 14th Nov 2009, 11:53
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Jaa Atpl Books

O.K Guys and Girls

I tried to send those ATPL books over skype but it takes forever. Here is the link right to it so you can load it at your own pace:
Oxford ATPL Books - Download from rapidshare.com - Filestube.com

For those of you not familiar with Rapidshare, here is how it works. There are two options, either premium or free user. You can still get the files as a free user but with some limitations. Go to the link and open the page, click on the first file(dowload), it takes you to rapidshare page. Click FREE USER, or premium if you are one, download, you're done. If you're free user, here are the limitations:
1. You can only load 1 file at the time
2. You will wait up to 15 minutes before it let's you load the next file
That's all folks.
You must have all 23 files loaded before extraction. Hope it helps
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Old 15th Nov 2009, 16:28
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Mightyduck: That was BRILLIANT!!!

I have done several interview reports, as you have, and have helped a number of other pilots get jobs. It is nice to help someone out!

That is very, very helpful, and many people appreciate it!!!

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Old 15th Nov 2009, 16:52
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The tech quiz is pretty easy - I did very minimal prep for it, and we all passed; most having not used their native tongue.

Be aware, if you are not current on any type, (even if you were current when you applied) you are wasting your time, as we discovered in the course of my interview; Not that I was complaining as I subsequently lounged by the pool at their expense. All round, we were very well looked after indeed, and whatever the merits or otherwise of QR, the selection process leaves a good impression.
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Old 15th Nov 2009, 17:31
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Anyone any photos of what the company accommodation is like?
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Old 15th Nov 2009, 21:05
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time between application and interview

It took about 3 months between application and interview.

Nice to share the Oxford files, good stuff. But it only says premium members can download.
Also when it would be possible it would take very long.
Is it possible you make it share via a torrent file or another way to make it easier?
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Old 16th Nov 2009, 03:48
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Why would it matter if you are current or not? Many of us are laid off and spending a small fortune to get re-current is not possible. If one gets a sim ride, and you do well, I would have thought that would show that you are a more than competent pilot. Surely this is why the interview includes a simulator ride? I wish logic played a part in these companies selection process, rather then uptight, failed, less than competent pilots in positions of power playing games with peoples hopes.
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Old 16th Nov 2009, 08:46
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Schneider - many, many, many EK 777 F/Os went from R to L on 777.. Just wanted to clarify that! And the 330/340 F/Os upgrade on 330 and then 6 months later requalify for 340 - and that's the minimum wait for CCQ requirements..

In fact it's been known for 330 F/Os to do transition upgrade onto 777 and the other way around depending on the company requirements...
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Old 16th Nov 2009, 11:48
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Aircraft currency

Time Traveller

When you said one has to be current on type, does that mean they want 3 bounces and a fresh PC or what? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

For those who were unable to download JAA ATPL stuff, I am currently working on putting it online as a torrent file. It should be ready tomorrow morning. GMT (-5)
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Old 17th Nov 2009, 07:48
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MAny thanks for the torent, all knowledge is good! Looks like it'll take a while to download. Cheers. JD
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Old 17th Nov 2009, 08:36
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LOL.. this torrent link is Blocked by our beloved Q-Tel server here in Qatar.. and yes, the censor pork police strike again. might just as well live in China.
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