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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 27th Nov 2011, 21:34
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Hi Guys, I have received an email from HR Recruitment 2 weeks ago saying that they have done an initial assessment on my resume and found it to be a good match for the second officer fast track position. We would request you to please provide the following information so we can take your candidature forward:

Please send copy of ATPL exam results.

And the second day they sent me the same email asking me for the MCC.

I have sent them both documents.

]My question is how long it will take them to get back to me....Does this mean that I have been shortlisted?

Am I going to be called out for the interview after a while, or they are still checking out my application?

Waiting to hear back from someone who have been through this before Thanks
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Old 27th Nov 2011, 21:37
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They wouldnt waste their time emailing you for details if they were not considering you for an interview shortly. No-one here really can answer your question, but if you read back through the thread, you will find it can take 1 - 2 months to be called for an interview. If I were you I would start reading this thread to find details to study.
Good luck!
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Old 27th Nov 2011, 21:43
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Thanks a lot jibba_jabba, I have actually read the whole thread here, but i just wanted to confirm that as it wasnt very clear...
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Old 28th Nov 2011, 06:45
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In the exact same situation as you Airbus. Been now almost 6 weeks waiting for an Interview date. Still nothing. Patience is the key element !
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Old 28th Nov 2011, 14:22
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5 weeks have passed from the interview and no news yet. What could this mean? Anyone has any idea?Thanks!
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Old 28th Nov 2011, 18:52
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Thanks for the quick response jibba jabba....does anybody have any idea what the exact list of airlines is which are part of this 'gentlemans' agreement not to poach one anothers pilots? (I mean only in the ME)
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Old 28th Nov 2011, 22:15
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Same situation as u mtr !
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 08:30
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....Seems we need to have PATIENCE Victor..... I am just thinking that bad news would have come earlier...
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 09:14
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For the guys that are waiting and have been waiting a while, don't worry, they haven't forgotten about you, and it is probably 99% good news if you've waited that long.
It's just a waiting game, and some get luckier than others in that they get hired quicker.

For the guys waiting for interviews, QR are literally conducting interviews on a weekly basis and they have lots of people short listed already from the past, your turn will come.
I know guys that have had to wait for 10 months, though it won't be the case with you guys as things are moving faster now.

For the guys that have already interviewed, just stay patient and they will get back to you guys. Try calling HR every other week and see what is going on .
The next email will tell you that you are successful and will get your fleet allocation and an official offer of employment in a maximum of 4 weeks.
It takes some guys 1 week, some guys even more than 4 weeks to get the news after that.

Once that is done, you will start VERY soon after.

Good Luck to all.
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 09:26
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Many Thanks gcc!!
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 10:52
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Is it true, at the time of joining, first I have to resign from my present company, than I could be failed on medical exam of QA? If I pass the medical they may change my fleet. Anybody sucked this?
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 15:41
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What did you guys wear during the sim assessment? Did you still wear your suit or something a little less formal?
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 16:09
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My advise is wear formal suit with tie. Some weirdos came with their uniform...
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 19:21
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Certainly suit (black - blueblack) with tie!
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 19:31
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regarding the family I guess you can bring them right away no need to wait until you join first and after you bring them ? am I correct.

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Old 29th Nov 2011, 23:06
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This is an assesment for a high profile airline not some fly-by-night charter outfit, formal suite and tie is standard and expected, anything less would not be a good idea.

a good example: its a company requirement that all airline staff entering the company property for any reason MUST follow a strictly adheard to dress code.
The dress code shall be national dress or trousers, collared shirts and shoes. No shorts, jeans, sandals or slippers are permitted while on company property.
When Travelling :
When a crew member travels in First / Business class shall observe the following dress code.

Male crew member :
National dress or slacks, collared shirt or polo shirt and dress shoes.
Female crew member :
National dress or pantsuit, dress, business suit or blouse and skirt combination.
Note: Jeans are not allowed to be worn.
so, having said that and given that the airline has a strict policy on how we should behave and look. It would be a wise idea to make a first impression that reflects the airlines policies.
it's also company policy for all pilots to attend simulator training in full uniform, but NOT during your interview please.. although it is good for a laugh
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Old 29th Nov 2011, 23:54
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23rd Feb 2010

It depends on why you were rejected. I'm assuming the sim assessment did you in as they would not have let you get that far if everything else wasn't in order.

I would try again, if you are still interested.

Good Luck!

Captain Oryx
On 23rd Feb 2010 you posted a message on PPRuNe Forums encouraging me to give it another try
……..wishing me luck…….. with a happy face.

It all worked out. I gave it another shot, and I was successful. I am set to join at the end of Dec on the triple seven.

I did not forget ….

My sincere appreciation.

Thanks! ☺
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Old 30th Nov 2011, 00:42
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Thanks for the replies guys, pretty much what I expected but I have been at other sim assessments and felt overdressed in a suit so wanted to be sure.

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Old 30th Nov 2011, 01:34
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I would rather be over dressed than under dressed...

everyone in my group wore the suit.

I guess it is what image you want to project.
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Old 30th Nov 2011, 06:31
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Phone call

Is there a kiwi or Australian working for QR that I can ring on the phone to have a chat with. Things at Air NZ are not moving and conditions getting worse.

I'm very interested in QR but have a wife and 3 kids 4, 7 and 11 years old.

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