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Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Old 16th Feb 2011, 12:22
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Pilotuser789, for a new PPruner, you certainly having a hard time.

I didnt say everything here is rubbish. But a lot is.

If you want facts.... In 2.5 years...

I have never had a day off taken off me.
I have never had any arguments with crewing, nor worked days off or accepted 'unacceptable' roster changes.
I have never heard of anyone having UAE specific health issues.
The housing/allowance is fine if you are realistic.

The only people I have worked with, who have had issues with this company seem to have had issues with most previous conpanies too...

The vast majority have had few suprises since arriving, and are happy to endure the 'negatives' to enjoy warm weather and tax-free salary.

I am reasonably happy with the job/airline, not because its is perfect, (or mud) but because I have worked long enough in avaition to have most of the issues elsewhere before. EY is not that much different to any other airline. Especially EK.

As for the country issues. Yes, it is rather unusual. Anyone coming here to work, does so with NO protection. No democratic government, means no rights. I knew it before I came, so should have you.

Many have said here about PPRuNe.... never post when you are drunk or angry.

It just seems to ME, too many have/do on this thread.
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Old 16th Feb 2011, 12:52
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Hello outofsync,
May I ask what fleet are you on?
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Old 17th Feb 2011, 09:00
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Command & Fleet Transfers

What is the current time to command on 777 fleet and also the A320 fleet in EY? I heard a very unreliable rumour that it was current 5 years on the 777 and 3 years on the A320 (subject to number of DEC)...that sound about right??

Also say for example you join on the 777 then decide you want to go for command, are you able to apply for command A320 positions if they come up earlier than the 777 i.e. fleet move?

( I know some will think "why would you want to go to the 320 from the 777, but it's just for a bit of research before I apply)

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Old 17th Feb 2011, 14:25
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Now I see the A320 crew supply for Etihad!

Please read carefully the page 2 and 5:


While listening the following Etihad commercial:

YouTube - Etihad Airways Corporate Publicity

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Old 17th Feb 2011, 16:38
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Hmmm...all sounds a bit scary!
I suppose it is pointless bidding for the A320 commands then as they are just filling them up with DEC's? Or what are the chances of putting in a successful bid at present once online on a 777? (I'm 737 rated at the mo so if I was successful I presume I would start on 777)...

Whilst I appreciate that the figures I mentioned above are rumour, has anyone else got a more accurate prediction from a more accurate source than I did? Also, are there plans to stop DEC in the near future like EK did or are they just hammering it out? How many FO's are actually getting upgraded each month?

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Old 18th Feb 2011, 16:49
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Saviboy, I am on 320 soon 330.

And for the previos poster asking about night duties etc, some months I only get 3 or 4. Other months 5 or 6 but is not as bad as it was now they have the India layovers.

SSEVP you sound so angry and agitated. I do feel sorry for you!

However I dont believe anyone is missing out on commands through DEC's. They are trying to upgrade as many as possible, but any training system does have its limits. EY couldnt upgrade 100 pilots in a year because they dont have the sim-time or instructors... which I agree, they do waste like water. The training planning department seems to do no planning at all!

Less DEC's would mean more 330 Captains being forced back to 320...
Do you think they would agree with you?
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Old 18th Feb 2011, 23:37
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outofsynch, you ve been here long enough to know how bad the rosters were and can get at ey. complete disregard for safety and any sort of social life is the name of the game in this company.
you are the living proof that people have different levels of tolerance for the kinds of rosters Etihad made us fly. It s entirely up to you if you want to accept them. personally, like many of my colleagues, I will not accept to be treated that way. And like many of my colleagues, I will be taking the first good opportunity that will allow me to get out of this company.

regarding what you say about DEC's, and DEFO's not impacting our time to upgrade, could you please share with me how that is not the case.
An Ey pilot from management explained the following to me: for one internal upgrade to DEC, the company has to train two pilots:
the first officer being upgraded, and a new hire FO to replace the newly promoted captain.

With a DEC you only have to train one guy since no resource is taken from the right seat. doesn t that prove the point that upgrade time is delayed?

additionally you mentioned that "They are trying to upgrade as many as possible, but any training system does have its limits"
that s true, except any company capable of a minimum amount of planning will out source their training. not a novel idea at all. ek does it. they send their new hires to toulouse. even ey does it in bahrein. why can t they do it to train their own captains and instructors from within?

you are allowed your own opinion but i find it devastating when a pilot accepts that and even find excuses when his company delays his own career progression.

lastly, nobody should have to say they have to go "down" to the 320 or "up" to the 330. it s just a damn airplane. best rosters I ever had and probably will ever have in my career were when I was flying a 319. if you are not comfortable flying a small airplane you have self esteem issues.
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Old 19th Feb 2011, 06:18
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DEC have to be level 5 now.
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Old 19th Feb 2011, 06:27
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It's not in the OM-A.

Originally Posted by Etihad Career Website
- Current on A320. Requirement of at least 10 flown sectors within the last 6 months
- Unrestricted, current Class 1 medical.
- Maximum age limit is 56 years old.
- English Language Fluency ( written and verbal ) Level 5
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Old 19th Feb 2011, 15:17
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Dude, easy on the Empire, not everyone from the Empire supports these policies, let's no judge people on nationality or race, actions are not dictated by either thing, all countries have idiots!!
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Old 20th Feb 2011, 00:42
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Come on Dudes, how difficult is it to score a 5 anyway..?
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Old 20th Feb 2011, 16:56
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Hi all,

So many of you seem so angry and yet your facts are not correct. I know this is the rumor network but you guys are either so gullible or just like making more rumors.
The number of DEC that were brought in were 24 in the last three months.I flew with the guy from recruitment and he said these were the first DECs in over 2 years. He also said no plans are there for any more for this year and the reason i know is i have a mate who is a captain and i asked what his chances are and he told me sorry no more DECs this year on any fleet. As for the 4 upgrades per month you are either not in the company or again like to spread rumors, in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan there were 8 upgrades per month and as i am a FO i do follow and ask. There are also another 4 this month on my dear 320 fleet plus another 4 on B777. so your rumor of only 4 per month are wrong, plus when the DECs were announced by company emial the upgrades increased from the planned 4 to 8?
I agree that senior management has lots to account for and work on but show me one company were management are a line pilots best friend so dont kid yourself. The rosters have improved with less night flights and more layovers but the requests CRS are still on luck i would say as i have only got my request in Dec and nothing else.
We are all pilots and know the market is opening up so as i have mentioned in other posts if i get so unhappy as you guys then i would leave but why complain and do nothing about it. Either have the guts to leave or accept that is the way in nearly every airline.
I leave you with the latest rumor i heard which is two more layovers on the 320 including cabin crew and the possibility of 2 more B777 to come at the end of the year.

Safe flying
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Old 20th Feb 2011, 17:40
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Hi MEF, just look at the seniority list and see when and how many joined!
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Old 21st Feb 2011, 22:51
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wow! only 24 DEC in the last 3 months!? that is just awesome!
and no more this year?!..what a let down!
... again MEF, if you dont have a problem with that, good for you. Since you seem to think they don t delay your command.
and we would have Two more layovers?!! WITH THE CABIN CREW??!! that s unbelievable!! what a privilege!!

Why do people bitch here? some need to vent. some feel like they need to share some valuable info with the rest of the pilot community.
regarding your comment about people bitching and doing nothing about it, it clearly shows your level of immaturity. It s not that easy to find other opportunities. believe me I m working on it and so are many other guys I fly with. but not everybody is able nor wants to go to a much lower paying job.
so yes EY stinks beyond belief but it still gives me a great salary. some of us left a very comfortable position to come to this airline. So it s not that easy to jump on the first crappy job just because it will bring you back home.
I m exploring many possibilities but couldn t go back to my previous company with the seniority I had. Because unlike EY, this airline has proper ethics and wouldnt hire me over more senior pilots.

A few guys (mostly 320 fo's what a surprise) managed to slip through the cracks and get hired to EK. When EY realized that they were facing a massive exodus, they created a rule stating that we have to stay 24 months before switching to EK. a proper company in a country with a proper legal system could/ would have never done that. If EY wants to retain their employees they should treat them well and they ll stay.
So dont tell me we don t have guts. some of us here might just be bitching on PPRuNe but others are trying. and EY is trying harder to enslave us.
It s not a question of if but when will I be leaving.

I wouldn t recommend this job to my worst enemy. you seem to be content. potential candidates should be able to hear everybody's opinion. Which I will galdly respect if you dont imply I have no guts.
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Old 22nd Feb 2011, 20:58
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Don t worry they are adding two more layovers... With the cabin crew!
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Old 26th Feb 2011, 06:59
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You need to cheer up and have a bit of fun, will yah..?

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Old 26th Feb 2011, 08:57
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Etihad Interview

Ladies and Gentleman,

I have an assessment coming up and was wondering what I need to prepare on. I'm aware that I need to prepare general Jepp, CRM, RVSM, and group exercise.

But could someone in detail PM me some of the questions asked from Jee and RVSM. Also what kind of group exercise is it. To clarify I'm rated on Airbus 320 with experience.

thank you
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Old 26th Feb 2011, 19:00
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Out of interest has DEC recruitment replaced the amount of captains who have resigned? Previously it was mainly 320 pilots leaving but lately it seems that the wide body Airbus has had more than its share of resignations, mainly about quality of life plus the fact the company is , to be gentle, has no soul.
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Old 27th Feb 2011, 15:44
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Etihad Interview

Hi to all, I have an interview with Etihad on March as DEC on the A320 and I would appreciate your help if you have any info with regards to the interview process.
Is the assesment straight forward and what material shall I study for the written tests?
Your help will be much appreciated!
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Old 1st Mar 2011, 20:06
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Can any body please help me with a comming assesment in March for type rated FO A-320. I need the tech exam for rated guys and more info on inteview

Please PM me

Thanks in advance


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