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LindbergB767 20th Jul 2005 14:15

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know
I am an Expat since 12 years and considering to join Ethiad. Anybody there who can get me some informations about the airlines. I understand that some peoples there are not happy with the managements but it seems it is a common problem with many others airlines
Thank s

gccpro 31st Aug 2005 21:02

Welcome to Dubious Dhabi, haha! fun place to be doobie doobie doo!Dadadada, Dodobie do dada!

tinamdfaa 1st Sep 2005 10:32

......including himself!

Welcome to the new QR, improved this time!!!

Flynbyu, wish you'd stop pretending its all fine, whether the Sheikh wields the stick or not is not going to make it anydifferent far below where everyone sits waiting for providence in the form of good management that seems to be late in coming.

What will it take for things to move forward?

All I see now is heading select to catastrophy!

Wake up!

Jack D 1st Sep 2005 13:36

Shame about all this infighting. The task of creating a serious Airline from scratch is a mighty one and as long as management positions are filled from overly ambitious people with little or no background or education for the role , the project is doomed to failure.

Popularity alone doesn,t cut it , transient alliegances , back stabbing , and office politics of the worse kind are not proper grounds for promotion. Real experience , a suitable education ,
and a thorough selection procedure , including psychometrics is the only way forward. That means recruit the best to be found from outside , avoiding the ridiculous mistakes of the past, and clean out Flt Ops immediately.

The money is there , unlike so many other companies, the desire and will amongst the crews and others is there , for the moment ,
but the longer this goes on , coupled with expansion on this scale , the harder it will be to clean up the mess

Gendec 2nd Sep 2005 11:40

Full of heads, but I wonder what head means at the end of the day, can't see anyone making a viable decision that will change this saga into the wonderfull adventure it was deemed to be when they started.

If they cannot manage with less than 1000 crew, how will they manage with the 3000 projected and the 30 or so planes on their way?

There is only one way out and if I am right, most of EY employees will be knocking on the doors elswhere to find a job.

The moral is that when the cheese is in your mouth and you are the crow perched high on the tree, when the fox sings your praise below, he is doing it for two reasons:

1st for the cheese because he knows that you are going to crow back about how good you are going to be.

2nd for your feathers if you dare fly down the cheese you have just dropped.

Everyone sang for EY, but instead of getting down to business and putting the structure together, they all became cocky. And this is where they are now!

There is an expression that says: Money, cannot and will never get you everything, and I believe its true.

doniacleavage 3rd Sep 2005 03:58

Hi everyone how are you?

I am just back from IBIZA, please tell me if I have to go to the catering unit or if the unit will come to me.

Also I need some information for my tailor for the belly dancing suit, does it have to be Red and gold? I just brought back with me from Egypt a fake Pierre Cardin one in emerald green.
For the cake, is it airconditionned?

And the sands, shou? they are not tired of the same place all the time? Why we don't have the party at le Meridian it's much nicer we can have it on the fourth floor, in the VIP club, all my habibis go there.

Yani you decide, but call me anyway after three today and before nine.

timnfaya 3rd Sep 2005 13:19

JD - you are spot on mate.

It's time this company recognised the potential of so many of staff that it was lucky enough to attract but have been left in chains and considered threats to the ex and now again present regime.

What a fantastic opportunity to join such a young company in such a strong financial position and with brand new aircraft on the way. But that's exactly what EY is, a company and not what a few want it to be - the flying club.

CC presented such an opportunity for us to move forward. Sure you may not all like him and nobody is perfect but at least he is approachable and heard everyone's ideas. You can hardly call him a bully or accuse him of treating the company like his playground. The fact that he seems to have a professional good and strong relationship with RS can only be good too.

As far as the in-fighting goes, considering we almost double in size by th end of this year all you back office staff have far too much time on your hands and it really is time to shut up, gather the facts and move on - YOU'RE DRAGGING US ALL DOWN.

fullforward 3rd Sep 2005 16:06

Check you PM, please.

doniacleavage 4th Sep 2005 12:48

Please Tina Canon, I never said I would accept it was only suggested by Ahmed last night.

And besides I know nonthing about performance and operations and even less about finance beyond the 120 ks my Echo can deliver on the way to the airport.

Ostazbahram 5th Sep 2005 15:26


Special appearance of Tina from commercial, who comes to declare her ever unphased love to you know who!!!! Apparently a very romantic and touching scene as she lands in transformed
AUH int'l and arrives at EY HQ unexpected with a bouquet of orchids...

Then her husband appears, (He was in the new wing visiting AY, but knew nothing of Tina visiting) somehow a wee larger than the pretender she came to declare too, but this time there is no escape and no jumping out of windows......

Security gets involved and Abu Agla comes to the rescue and so does facilities maintenance (Who drill out a new window and door, for effect), Of course there is a scene and everyone is hanging at the few words of defiance coming out of the loved one's mouth.

I bet that Donia will also make a special apearance on this one with her friends. This will be the artsy bit of the show.

How would you rate this thrill wise?


Ostazbahram 5th Sep 2005 15:40

Once the airline starts the way it has, there is no way going back.

The proof is in the pudding, any pro that ever did work for them left.

The rest speaks for itself. All profiteers on comission.

Whatever happens from now on, is just dribble in the face of a doomed corporate entity, pretending but unable to move even the most compassionate, an airline that will never be able to adjust to today's market allbeit with strokes of millions, as though this was the solution to any problem.

But that is still ok in comparaison to the worst that this organisation is headed for and that is disorder and disculpability, a scene from not so long ago under the same managment not to far away, and what happened will remain logged in history as the darkest days of an airline and if not enough perhaps a city, a state and its people.

Where I come from we learnt that the hard way!

Ostazbahram 7th Sep 2005 20:04

Before modern technology
Has anyone ever wondered hwat education level this guy aqeel is, if I remember correctly he did not complete primary school...

It says a lot for a VP finance for an International airline!

The other one from Oman learned English when he was posted in London after he broke his back.

It says it all does it not?

fullforward 7th Sep 2005 20:17

Dear Osta and Mustapha
Sorry, but would please enlighten better your points?
Are you EY staff, crew or management? Were you rejected?
I really couldn't get what are you trying to say!...do you mean the airline you supposedly work for is run by a handfull of morons?
What's really going on whithin EY?

Earl Hadlea 8th Sep 2005 07:06

"..............What's really going on whithin EY?"

Obviously not a lot, judging by the reported standards of some of their so called "management" team.

Maybe EK is not so bad after all. :E

Ostazbahram 9th Sep 2005 08:28


You could not be closer to the truth. Don't know what EK is like but no one in their right mind should seek employment with these tossers at EY, if only you knew what I know about what they were upto in their previous carrier........ Even their friends many of whom are now with EK are avoiding them, ask around...

I am surprised this lot are even employed and not in Jail, for all they stole from their previous employer.

fullforward 9th Sep 2005 20:59

Osta and Mustafa
Check your PM, please.

Mustapha Rex 23rd Sep 2005 07:36

It is no matter; let no images
Be hung with Caesar's trophies. I'll about,
And drive away the vulgar from the streets:
So do you too, where you perceive them thick.
These growing feathers pluck'd from Caesar's wing
Will make him fly an ordinary pitch,
Who else would soar above the view of men
And keep us all in servile fearfulness.

Lethalfart 23rd Sep 2005 13:51

So when are the 777's coming? I understand that they won't be here til Jan 2006!

Another challenge for the mentally challenged but what equipment will they use to get to their destinations? Are they not set to operate to Toronto soon?

SunnySideUp99 26th Sep 2005 07:54

The whole Etihad Management Saga seems to have gone very quiet!!

Is this good news? Are people too frightened to say anything? Is it still continuing? Whats happened to all the people previously mentioned?

If so what was the final outcome? / What is the current situation?

Are people happier now??


SunnySideUp99 28th Sep 2005 16:28

So I take things are Fine and Dandy in the puzzle that is Etihad??

Or are people too afraid to talk?


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