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Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Old 13th Jul 2010, 13:20
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if you are interviewing for a 320 position....well how could i say that?.... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!

seriously, apart from the salary which allows some of us to save money, there is nothing very positive about the 320 at EY.
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Old 13th Jul 2010, 13:37
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Wow tell me more Pls.
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Old 13th Jul 2010, 15:15
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Do they hire only type rated pilots ?

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Old 13th Jul 2010, 15:55
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Only type rated and experienced.
Old 13th Jul 2010, 18:54
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Thx for the answer, hope for the best for all of us.
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Old 18th Jul 2010, 14:18
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Stay Away

guys if you have a job ,at least you can continue .
Circus management is only killing pilots with 320 rosters, and shagging the benefits, besides covering management pilot 320 tech, wrongly doings .
They enjoy the power ,
F...... the rest , would feel really sorry for you if u decide to come now .
wait till the clowns leave if they ever do!!!!!!
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Old 19th Jul 2010, 00:43
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Etihad Selection

Hi guys,

Anyone got any info on the tech tests at etihad etc??
Any help would be a great help.

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Old 21st Jul 2010, 18:05
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Looking for any information regarding assessment/interview for long haul fleet?


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Old 21st Jul 2010, 18:26
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They will lie, they will cheat you and in the end they will make your life miserable. It all sounds great till you get there sign the contract then once that formality is done standby for the disappointment. The best bit is that if you do get a better offer later, they will refuse to accept your resignation!
As whistleblower said you have been warned!
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Old 21st Jul 2010, 19:20
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Great, so anybody got some positive view on the Etihad setup. I think we could rename this website the pissed off pilots rumours network. Are there any genuine guys who are actually happy with their lot in Etihad. Im starting to think that anybody content in their job dont dare joining or getting involved with PPRuNe.
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Old 21st Jul 2010, 19:58
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Lie, cheat and make your life miserable. That's pretty much every airline at the mo, especially the one that I work for...and that's based in the UK...worked flat out, manipulated and exploited when it suits the management...it ain't no picnic here either.... All the objections and points are duely noted.....so does any one have info on the assessment?

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Old 23rd Jul 2010, 08:16
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Completed my A330 CCQ a few months ago, but have been flat out flying A320 and doing 1 x A330 flight per month to keep me sane... usually a European layover, so not too bad, something to look forward to.... but definitely not keeping in the spirit of full MFF. It's hard, but I have had worse.
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Old 23rd Jul 2010, 13:51
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afternoon Long Flare - quick question about the MMF at EY? Are you a FO or skipper? And are they MMF most of the Flight deck from 320 to 330. So many questions. thanks again.

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Old 23rd Jul 2010, 18:32
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Great, so anybody got some positive view on the Etihad setup. I think we could rename this website the pissed off pilots rumours network.
Exactly! Some of my colleagues here are really pi$$ing ME off!
With all the problems and troubles we all have to face here every day, most of those comments usually posted here are just spamming up an otherwise interesting thread.

Whenever somebody comes up with a simple question about Etihad/Emirates/Qatari/Oman/GulfAir/Whatever else, all he gets is a load of the ever-same postings by always the same people: "Don't come!", "stupid management", "third world country", "this company is sure going down", "everybody's leaving", and so on.

Anybody posting a question on this forum is lucky to get a sensible answer at least occasionally.

To all these spammers: Are you possibly just trying to discourage other people from joining, in order to improve your own value to the company? The less applicants, the better for you guys...?

I guess if you were as committed to studying, as you are to ranting and complaining on this forum, your opinion would probably be taken much more serious.

Maybe if you'd at least give some proper information (if you have any at all), and choose your words more wisely instead of this pub-talk, somebody reading it could actually think about it. But just spitting and flaming away is as much a waste of time to read, as it is for you to write.

And NO, I'm not from management, YES, I've been here for a few years.

Now go on, do your worst!

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Old 23rd Jul 2010, 22:28
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738Aviator, itís a big call there man Ö you should not pass judgment unless youíve walked in the shoes of those making the comments you refer to.
Iím sure there are people content with their jobs and those people are also on these forums problem is, the management at EY has let a lot of these people (let me rephrase) has let all of the 320 guys down and since you may not be aware of the treatment these fellow pilots have received I think you need to cool the remarks a little.

As far as you Mr. Nightfire, you clearly donít fly the 320 at EY and if you do and your still making those comments I think youíve been in the sun too much today my friend. Furthermore I havenít seen you reply to the gentlemen questions either so what exactly are you doing on these forums? And please explain to me what possibly you are talking about when you say ďdiscourage other people from joining, in order to improve your own value to the company? ÖÖ.the less applicants the better for you guysÖ?Ē How does that work? Firstly who ever is already in the company would be more senior so what will a new joiner do to these guys and girls already at EY? Nothing! If anything increasing the amount of crew on the 320 would improve their rosters and allow more of them to CCQ on the 330, while preventing people in joining is detrimental to anyone currently on the fleet. Only DEC would affect 320 FOís at EY and itís my personal opinion and mine only that bringing DEC is professionally a failure from Management, clearly they should employ FOís with only one view and that they are future captains.
FOís should have been given the opportunity to upgrade for those having the requirements and Iím sure there are plenty. And your comment about studying! Are you one of those book worm who can quote the page and paragraph but in reality cannot fly simple stick and rudder? Just asking man because I usually donít make it a point to partake in bitching session, but for you I had to make an exemption because your comments are simply ridiculous and if it is such a waste of time to read peoples post, why are you taking the time to read them?

Postiverate you are probably right, itís the same shit all over, only different over in the sandpit they are in a league of their own.

Junglie-driver MFF 320/330 is a bit of a joke at EY and that goes for CPT and FO itís same same for both pretty crap.
CPT MFF is not really happening
FO has been two a month but once you MFF to the 330 youíll be quick back to the 320 for most of your roster for coverage on the fleet.

Assessment from what I hear is a 3 day affair
Last day medical
Second day SIM - which is pretty straight forward V1 cut clean up and come back for a single engine A/P off A/T off (depending how the examiner feels) and RAW data again see previous remark
First day Ė English testing psych testing group exercise and interview

Pretty relax I think, but that may have changed, sorry itís the best I can do.

But for those of you considering going to EY as a 320 driver especially, youíll do yourself a world of good to consider what everyone on these forums is saying because is not rumors but facts. Things are not in the best of shape and management has over promised and extremely under delivered and thatís why all this negativity is on these forums Ö. but take it as facts.

Safe flying

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Old 24th Jul 2010, 13:00
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Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to explain how things work at EY regarding fleet assignments so that you may all understand how the MFF works for EY.

The base aircraft in EY is the A330. The A320 and the A340 are offshoots from the A330.


Now here is how it works. When you join EY on the A330 you are a single rated pilot. Likewise when you join the A320 and the A340 you are also single rated pilots. A person with a single rating on the A330 is then given a CCQ to the fleet where the company feels that pilot is needed most and then that pilot will fly on that fleet predominantly. So in today's situation the pilot who joins on the A330 will probably be given a CCQ to the A320 and will then fly the A320 as if he or she were a single rated pilot and only fly the A330 to maintain currency for MFF. That means that this pilot will probably get one flight a month on the A330 or it could even be one flight on the A330 in 90 days.

Likewise if the pilot were to join on the A340, that pilot would then be given a CCQ to the A330 at some point. But once the CCQ is completed then he will end up flying the A340 as though he were a single rated pilot and only fly the A330 to maintain MFF currency.

An A320 pilot would go through the same thing. Once the CCQ is completed he will then return to flying the A320 as though he were single rated and only fly the A330 for MFF currency.

We will always have single rated pilots on the A330 and therefore whatevever flights on the A330 are not covered by these pilots will then be covered by those who are MFF on the A320 or the A340.

MFF in EY allows the company to have flexibility in the event that there is a change in fleet for a particular flight. That is to say that if your flight was originally assigned to the A320 and there was a change of aircraft type to the A330 and the pilot is MFF on A320/A330 then there is no need to look for crew replacement.

So get this straight. MFF allows for flexibilty and is not there for your lifestyle. This policy will never change. No matter how much you all bitch about it.

Have a good day.
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Old 24th Jul 2010, 15:08
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Poison that is a load of [email protected]#LS$%T which, you clearly know and your insulting ones intelligent by writing that crap.
You show on this forum when have you seen a 330 joiner get CCQ to the 320 at EY? Never! They couldnít even get the 330 captains to MFF to the 320 since the fleet is so desperate and they had to wait till all new upgraded CPT complete their 500 hours on the 330 before been sent to the 320. Iím sure no one is blaming the 330 skippers for saying no because they know the hard work and poor lifestyle as well has less money they will get by going down to the 320. What you speak of has nothing to do with the true sense of MFF and just to put a further hole in your ridiculous theory explain why the 330 / 340 FO that are upgrading to the left seat and subsequently sent to the 320 left seat donít fly predominantly the 330 (since is their base fleet at joining EY) the practices adopted here at EY are unsafe. You have a pilot flying the 320 for up to almost 3 months doing enormous amounts of sectors intra-gulf and to the subcontinent and than you put them into the 330 for a night flight in some god forsaken country with shitty controllers, shitty weather and poor English and you call that safe? Since you seem to know so much explain to us all what your take on safety is?
You are correct in one thing only and that is MFF gives the company greater flexibility but MFF works when the number of crew that are partaking in the MFF program is much more than the piss poor effort on the EY 320/330 and that would give the company even greater flexibility having most or all of the individual fleets MFF to their respective higher type.
If you have the required amount of crew that will guarantee a better and more evenly allocated spread of flights to ensure SAFETY (read that word carefully and if you donít understand the meaning look it up) safety is at the forefront of our industry operation because at the end of the day, pilots are paid to ensure the travelling public, crew and those poor people sleeping comfortably at night in their beds donít wake up with a plane up their ASS because you thought flying a 330 once every 90 days was ok.
Furthermore I donít believe EY agreement with the UAE civil aviation regarding 320 / 330 MFF was based on a once per 90 days and Iím sure they would not look down too favorably at EY if they really started to find out what is going on and how the safety of the NATIONAL AIRLINE is been put on the backburner just to accommodate individual agendas. Finally let me tell you I have friends at EY doing MFF 330/340 and their roster are far more balanced than what you claim they are, given on a month to month basis things would slightly vary but at no time EVER you see a 330 pilot flying one 340 flight every 90 days and the rest on 330 and vice versa.
So do us a favor and stop talking crap, you have educated and intelligent people reading these post and your S&^T just isnít flying our friendly skies

Safe flying

P.S. one final thought for you poison, would you like to be sleeping at the back of one of these 330 cabin or having your family on that A/C knowing that the guy in charge of your safety is tired overworked and for no fault of his/her on is now gonna take you to your destination having seen the cockpit of a 330 once in the last 170 days and the last flight 90 days ago was a short trip to DOH with no wind and 10 KM VIS?
The only reason why nothing bad has yet occured is because of the profesional people that are put in charge of these A/C and to be honest they obey by the most simple of human instict ..... survival
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Old 25th Jul 2010, 12:08
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MFF ??

Red z3 & Mahiew; I could never agree more with u guys and I wish u guys are management Perhaps a chief pilot position ? That's exactly our reality at this airline !! As for poison, thanks for the explanation but I think if somebody was planning to apply for EY....... NOT anymore. Safety?? If u have that concept clear, try to tell your buddis in HQ; we need a big change in crew control, upgrade policy, direct entries, fleet transitions, etc, etc. ... before a serious inccident occurs . Same picture as G A as I been told. By the way, sorry for the guys waiting for an upgrade since we will see more DEC in the following months; the only way we avoid parking 320's.
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Old 25th Jul 2010, 12:37
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My hat off, one of the best posts I've read in PPRuNe for years

Your sense of responsibility and accountability honour you. I look forward to flying with you and people alike in the course of my career.

Safe flying

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Old 31st Jul 2010, 14:29
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I surely hope that if you join EY on the A330/340 fleet (I have an A330 rating), you won't do MFF A320/330 , even if I do have that rating on my licence too.

Can somebody who has done the interview recently, send me a message with details of the 'general knowledge Test', interview, etc PLEASE !
Very much appreciated.

btw If you get your CCQ on the A340, do you get a bond ?

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