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Great, so anybody got some positive view on the Etihad setup. I think we could rename this website the pissed off pilots rumours network.
Exactly! Some of my colleagues here are really pi$$ing ME off!
With all the problems and troubles we all have to face here every day, most of those comments usually posted here are just spamming up an otherwise interesting thread.

Whenever somebody comes up with a simple question about Etihad/Emirates/Qatari/Oman/GulfAir/Whatever else, all he gets is a load of the ever-same postings by always the same people: "Don't come!", "stupid management", "third world country", "this company is sure going down", "everybody's leaving", and so on.

Anybody posting a question on this forum is lucky to get a sensible answer at least occasionally.

To all these spammers: Are you possibly just trying to discourage other people from joining, in order to improve your own value to the company? The less applicants, the better for you guys...?

I guess if you were as committed to studying, as you are to ranting and complaining on this forum, your opinion would probably be taken much more serious.

Maybe if you'd at least give some proper information (if you have any at all), and choose your words more wisely instead of this pub-talk, somebody reading it could actually think about it. But just spitting and flaming away is as much a waste of time to read, as it is for you to write.

And NO, I'm not from management, YES, I've been here for a few years.

Now go on, do your worst!

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