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Prostate cancer

Old 4th Apr 2018, 19:41
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Just an update on my use of Contiflo which was prescribed last week. Six days in and no noticeable change in frequency ( early days I know ) but the side effects are taking their toll. Feeling knackered, aches and pains, headache, feeling dizzy and nauseous. I think for the time being I may put up with 1-2 nightime visits and feeling well rather than this little lot.
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Old 6th Apr 2018, 16:59
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Hi Beamer,

Who would have thought we'd wind up chatting here instead of our old airline forum. Hope you are well despite your issues.

Contiflo/Tamsulosin seems to be very popular with the quacks to promote a good flow rate and seems to get good reviews for that. However, like you I found it did nothing for my frequency issues and just left me feeling nauseous and unwell. Luckily I only had to take it for the fortnight surrounding my TP biopsy.

Have you considered trying Urostemol? It's a herbal preparation containing Pumpkin seeds and Saw Palmetto oil. Boots and Sainsburys sell it in capsule form. If you find it works for you then you can always do your own thing with herbal supply shops which cuts the cost down. It does seem to get good internet reviews for those seeking to reduce their frequency. I've been taking it for a year or so and found it helps a little although cutting back on the caffeine and alcohol helps too.

Funnily enough if I'm planning a day out where finding a loo might be an issue a bacon butty has an almost miraculous effect, transforming what is normally an hourly visitation rate in the mornings to three hours or so. Must be something to do with salt intake I suppose. Either that or the brown sauce has miracle properties... ;-)

Good Luck.
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Old 6th Apr 2018, 19:12
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Hi All,

I've been out of the flying business since 2010 but have been in the prostate cancer business !

I won't bore you with the details, other than to say I have been cancer free for over four years, but will recommend an essential read to those of you who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and are trying to decide on what type of treatment will work best for you and your family.

Dr. John McHugh is a urologist from the USA who was diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago. After completing his chosen treatment he wrote a book about the experience. It was not so much about the cancer itself but was very focused on the procedure he used to reach a decision regarding the type of treatment he would undergo.

He called his book 'The Decision'. After my wife and I read his book we used his decision process to make a choice for treatment that met our needs. We opted for robotic laproscopic removal of my prostate.

There is so much information available for the newly diagnosed man regarding treatment options that things can get overwhelming very quickly. Dr McHugh's book will lead you through the decision making process to reach a decision that takes into account the type of prostate cancer you have, any underlying medical issues you have and what you and your significant other want to see happen at the end of this journey.

Here is a link to his book;

And here is a link to his website;

The Decision: Your prostate biopsy shows cancer. Now what?

best regards,

Bruce Waddington
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Hi BB !

I gave up on Contiflo as, like you, it made me feel unwell and nauseous and within 3-4 days I was back to normal.

You mentioned Urostemol, well I tried that and it did not seem to make a great deal of difference to frequency so I also had a run with the stuff from Holland and Barrett which seemed to have a small beneficial effect so I may go back to that. I guess you have to give any of these 'remedies' a suitable period of time to achieve some benefit and not expect immediate results - one thing is for sure, Contiflo is in the bin having looked at the manufacturers list of side effects almost all of which were not mentioned by my GP.

I think the reduced caffeine plan works well but I will have to make more effort with the bacon butty and brown sauce remedy !

Hope things settle down for you

All the best

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Psychophysiological entity
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I feel I shouldn't try to bear influence but after all, you're all intelligent people and my experience is just another set of facts.

You CAN NOT have the prostate removed after Brachytherapy.

My Brachytherapy was a walk in the park. That is why I have rarely entered into the 'Buggah, I've got cancer' thread in JB. I had almost no side effects except rectal warning signals that can cause alarm.*

I don't think I bled much more than when I had the biopsy. In fact, the added fluid made me feel quite youthful. But of course, I didn't . . . you know.

After the main seeds insertion procedure, I had a snooze, was scanned with a Geiger counter and went home. That was it, apart from sending in my PSA's. I had to keep away from the g-kids - as in not cuddle them - and not be cremated for a year.

So where to go for reliable information when it's a make or break decision?

I found this page just now, but I haven't checked each site to see how up to date they are. Some would clearly be biased.

*bowl issues - even though often there's no need to rush. Once a week, or once a month. That's it, and it seems I'm one in 500 that gets this. I have to say, I thought the surgeon plucked that figure out of the air. I'm also suspicious that it may be nothing to do with the Brachytherapy as I'm troubled with distressing immune reaction issues which have been going on for years. 'Mr Muscle' nearly killed me when cleaning the bath. One of the main symptoms was severe tummy cramps and ensuing Picolax-type reaction. I've resisted all temptation to use the product as a laxative.
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I would be going to the loo on multiple occasions through the night neighbor seems to have found a solution to that. Low dose Gabapentin 300mg an hour before more urges. Gabo is such a benign drug that it might not hurt to give it a try...
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Old 16th Apr 2018, 15:06
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Blimey. Have you Googled that stuff ?

Less serious side effects of Gabapentin may include:

dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, tired feeling;
nausea, diarrhea, constipation;
blurred vision;
breast swelling;
dry mouth; or.
loss of balance or coordination.
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Está servira para distraerle.
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The way forward is Prostate Artery Embolisation and that way at least, when the dissolved remainders of your mortal remains intermingle with that great heaving mass of plastic in the Pacific, your ecological soul will feel comfortable as part of the environmental proportionate scenery.
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Old 27th Apr 2018, 13:47
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Just a little note to say that you don't have to consider your world at an end because of PCa. I got my Class 2 medical back this week after four weeks of hormone therapy and am good to chug around in my PA28 until I start Radio Therapy in a few months time. Another four to six weeks post radio and I can have my medical back permanently. If I had still been working I am told the same would apply but the process is handled by the CAA rather than by my AME.

Just needed to follow the protocol listed on the CAA site and provide a pre-treatment PSA and one at four weeks which showed that mine had halved in a month. The figures aren't significant so long as they show the treatment is working.
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Excellent news!
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Old 28th Apr 2018, 01:34
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BoeingBoy, I'm just finishing up my five weeks of beam radiation treatment (one treatment left on Monday). The treatment itself is pretty much a non-event - basically laying still on a table for ~10 minutes (there's not physical sensation associated with the treatment). But there are side effects. Based on my conversations with the doctor mine sound pretty typical - annoying but not horrible. Most noticeable (and annoying) is that I need to pee and poop a lot - roughly twice what was normal pre-treatment. Apparently the treatment irritates things and they don't work as well, plus the bladder becomes more sensitive (good news is that if a bathroom wasn't convenient, holding it was still possible - just unpleasant). If you have issues with constipation, you won't during the treatment... Also a definite lack of energy and a general achy feeling.
I get a month off, then they'll implant the radioactive seeds in early June.
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Thanks td,

I wish you well in your Brachy course and hope the side effects clear up soon after completion. I used to suffer from Ulcerative Colitis in the seventies through to the nineties so I know what it's like to have a need of a bathroom in a hurry.

I was offered Brachy and RT but interestingly they were the other way around. HDSR followed by fifteen fractions of RT or twenty fractions of RT. I opted for the latter as I reckoned that by the time I'd driven the fifty mile round trip every day for three weeks I might have got used it and one more week would be less hassle than a surgical procedure.

Good luck anyway.
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Is it usual to have a slight climb in PSA once HT is stopped? Dad finished his Zoladex injections in September 2017. PSA in February - 0.17 Latest result - 0.72 He tells me his doctor says that’s satisfactory and no further action required.

i assume this is as a result of the male hormones settling down to their natural level after the withdrawal of androgen deprivation?
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If your Dad has been on HT the chances are he had Radio or Brachytherapy. It's quite usual for the PSA to rise post treatment, anything up to two years is not unknown, but it's more to do with the good cells in the Prostate regenerating having been zapped along with the cancerous ones during treatment. As long as it stabilises there's no cause for concern.

A lot of good information is here:

Prostate Cancer UK
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Good Evening Boys!
About a month ago I read this entire thread , and was much inspired.
An odd thing I suppose.
But after an odd summer starting with seeing my dear cousin of on his final journey at age 58 after 8 years of struggle with Prostate cancer, I got tested.
All good and nothing to worry about said my Dr.
Breast and Ovarian cancer runs in my Momms family and Prostate in my Dads and Father in law , so I shall brief my children on the importance of early discovery.

I would like to thank You all for very intimate and informative information on Prostate cancer.
I wish You all best recovery and health, and hope to see You all for a long time in different discussions on PPRuNe in the future.

Yours Sincerely
Cpt B
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Following a trebling of my PSA level from 2.7 to 9 (I have just turned 68) I have had a bladder flow and scan. Subsequently I have had an MRI SCAN which apparently shows an anomaly so this week I am due to have a biopsy.

I have the usual waterworks issues but nothing too problematic.

Fingers crossed the biopsy will reveal no problems.
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Any news on your results Buster?
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Originally Posted by BehindBlueEyes View Post
Any news on your results Buster?
Wow. I really didn't expect anyone to ask so I appreciate your response.

The answer is no not yet. I had the biopsy on 19/10 and was told I would have an appointment in 10 to 12 days. As it is now over 3 weeks I will speak with the GP tomorrow.

I was wondering whether anyone else could tell me how long they had to wait for their results, where they were given a Gleason score.
Many thanks.
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My experience........

First specialist appointment 15 Feb 2016, MRI scan 18 Feb, Biopsy 12 March, Biopsy result and Gleason score 1 April, CT scan 6 April, Bone scan 26 April, finally, prostrate removal by robotic keyhole procedure. Gleason score increased ( very aggressive cancer in 3 places) after pathology examination of removed prostrate and seminal vesicles. Just as well I had it removed......
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Things are really slow over there. We get blood test results and Biopsy results in two days. Couldn't think of things much worse than hanging for weeks for biopsy results...
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