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Prostate cancer


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BoeingBoy, I'm just finishing up my five weeks of beam radiation treatment (one treatment left on Monday). The treatment itself is pretty much a non-event - basically laying still on a table for ~10 minutes (there's not physical sensation associated with the treatment). But there are side effects. Based on my conversations with the doctor mine sound pretty typical - annoying but not horrible. Most noticeable (and annoying) is that I need to pee and poop a lot - roughly twice what was normal pre-treatment. Apparently the treatment irritates things and they don't work as well, plus the bladder becomes more sensitive (good news is that if a bathroom wasn't convenient, holding it was still possible - just unpleasant). If you have issues with constipation, you won't during the treatment... Also a definite lack of energy and a general achy feeling.
I get a month off, then they'll implant the radioactive seeds in early June.
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Thanks td,

I wish you well in your Brachy course and hope the side effects clear up soon after completion. I used to suffer from Ulcerative Colitis in the seventies through to the nineties so I know what it's like to have a need of a bathroom in a hurry.

I was offered Brachy and RT but interestingly they were the other way around. HDSR followed by fifteen fractions of RT or twenty fractions of RT. I opted for the latter as I reckoned that by the time I'd driven the fifty mile round trip every day for three weeks I might have got used it and one more week would be less hassle than a surgical procedure.

Good luck anyway.
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Is it usual to have a slight climb in PSA once HT is stopped? Dad finished his Zoladex injections in September 2017. PSA in February - 0.17 Latest result - 0.72 He tells me his doctor says that’s satisfactory and no further action required.

i assume this is as a result of the male hormones settling down to their natural level after the withdrawal of androgen deprivation?
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