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BA Cadet Programme

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Originally Posted by BravoAlphaWhiskey View Post
'Financial fitness' is not like medical fitness. It's more like 'financial privilege'. The average person cannot afford this, regardless of how much they want this or how much they've done. Even if they could find it maybe they wouldn't want to because it's unreasonably extortionate.

Big shame really.
did everyone get to fly the Concorde ? does everyone get to stay at Buckingham ?whoever said everything is meant for everyone ?
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Being an airline pilot must be of the only professional careers that is only accessible based on your ability to pay and nothing else like natural ability or desire.

I applied to the fully sponsored BA scheme in 2001 however 9/11 scuppered that for me. That is the type of scheme BA and others should be running opening the career up to everyone regardless of their or their families wealth or lack thereof. .

I believe that the industry can only suffer in the long run due to the trend for cadets to fully fund themselves. Imagine the same scenario for potential medical students etc. It can only be described as a disgrace and wholly unfair.
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Originally Posted by keeflyer View Post
Clearly we are from two different worlds as it most certainly is an insurmountable amount of money where I'm from.
Also, it doesn't cost 120k to get qualified. There are certain schools who charge that fee, but it certainly does not cost that.
Lastly, how does a 115k barrier to entry help filter things? Unless of course you think those with well of parents are all budding geniuses?
It does if you want to qualify from a programme that BA or EZY suggest. Of course you can do modular or use other schools but in this case it's applicable.

I doubt we come from that different a world. I would hazard I'm a bit older than you but through work and a few clever property moves and ultimately to be willing to sell up my home to fund it I'm most of the way there.

I didn't think it was possible til I put my mind to it and looked into what I could do that I started making inroads.

But if your 19 and haven't a decent paying job yet and just want to get straight into things it's not possible, but if your that person you are putting your own barrier up by not being willing to take the long way round.
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soooo utterly unreasonable finance barriers aside.. how are people finding the application process?
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Old 20th Oct 2017, 02:37
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I'm guessing most people are finding it fairly straight forward .... because of the utterly unreasonable finance barriers.

I know a gentleman would never ask, but to those who are considering this scheme. How exactly are you planning on funding it? Are there really people out there who can lay their hands on £115,000 just like that?

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Wasn't there a line in the recent Easyjet series where the under training F/O's Mum said to the training captain "when do I see a return on my investment ?" or something similar....

That's how some of the funding will be done...she obviously didn't see the deal as helping Bloggs achieve his dreams..........
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Originally Posted by jockey69 View Post
did everyone get to fly the Concorde ? does everyone get to stay at Buckingham ?whoever said everything is meant for everyone ?
A weird and incorrect analogy. everyone in BA could bid to fly Concorde in the same way as every other airplane
In the fleet. There was no financial test conducted to fly it.
I think I understand what you're trying to convey, that BA can charge more because of its past and its perceived prestige? However, your analogies about Concorde and FIRST are woeful.
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I think I understand what you're trying to convey, that BA can charge more because of its past and its perceived prestige?
Phew...I'm glad you worked it out because I sure was struggling......

At the moment I can sit in the LHS fairly secure in the knowledge that the man/woman in the RHS is best qualfied by virtue of ability/aptitude/ etc to catch my ups, make up for my deficiencies (including spelling) and if the hits the fin take over from me.....

In the future I guess those in the LHS ( I'll probably be gone by the time this iteration hits the line) will be able to sit there content in the knowledge that many of those perhaps best suited by means of ability, aptitude, education, to have been in the RHS have been "bumped" right from the get go by those who could pay more...

As you say 3Greens the "analogies about Concorde and FIRST are woeful".
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Nail on the head
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Joe Bloggs,

As plainly as can possibly be put, the current FPPs were chosen as the best out of all whom wanted to apply.
I am sorry mate, but this statement is simply a load of rubbish!

The FPP candidates were chosen from satisfying a certain criteria. There are plenty of people who I know who applied for the scheme who are very capable, not only academically, but also have the non technical skills to be excellent pilots. Be under no illusion that yourself and your colleagues are the 'best' pilots, because you are NOT. I have flown with plenty of your colleagues and there is a huge range of ability and more importantly attitude through the community of new FPP cadets, some very good and some with a lot to learn about themselves and the art of being a well rounded airline pilot.

I would like to see BA give opportunity to pilots from all different backgrounds, from integrated to modular, to give everyone a fair bite of the cherry. From current communications within the airline this may be on the cards and I really hope it comes to fruition.

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I hope you are right, some Modular cadets who passed APC's who are equally if not more prepared, the whole "Integrated is best" talk was all marketing to me. If they are an equal opportunities employer, this would be something positive to the industry.

In regards to Joe Bloggs post, I too thought it was a bit pretentious, wasn't sure if he mentioned "BA hiring the best" about five times, just to big himself up or am I just cynical? who knows.

Anyway, the question now is how many applicants everyone thinks they will get this time, in comparison to the old model?
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Hello to everybody!

I am trying to do the application online for this cadet program.
At the question: "current notice period" what should I put a date? and Salary Sought (£) it means by year or monthly?

Thanks so much for all of your advises !

Good luck to those who apply
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Notice period - do you have a current job that requires you work a number of weeks or months after you resign? If so put that.

Salary - put something reasonable, if it doesn’t specify monthly or annual then I would put annual.

Speaking of salary, does anyone know what pay would be for BA and EasyJet? Just gotta consider it all as part of the mighty debt repayments that I may be fortunate to take on!
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I do too, as there are so many pilots out there from many different backgrounds that are very able and will have a lot to give a lot of airlines not only British Airways.

Of course everyone has a different story to tell about how they got to the flight deck.

I was a modular student, and had been turned down by BA a number of times in the 1990s for sponsorship, being told I was not 'good enough', and followed my own self sponsored route, and 20 years later I find myself in BA as a Captain. So coming from a flying instructor background I have flown with guys from lots of different backgrounds, air force, integrated, modular, and to be honest, it doesn't really matter where these guys come from, its all about attitude. From my time in BA, its the same. I am not gods gift to aviation, however I feel I have the right attitude to the job. I have a lot of time for people with the right attitude. For people who turn up thinking they are gods gift with no respect or regard for the profession, sorry but I don't have much time for that.

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Bit of a different point to what’s been mentioned so far.
How comes the prices differ between this and the EZY courses?
EZY MPL = 109k EZY ATPL = 123k
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I've not noticed much publicity of this scheme by BA yet. None of their well-known (I think even company endorsed) pilots on Twitter have commented either. Does this perhaps point to internal discussions that are still ongoing? Or maybe it's just they know they can't defend the indefensible...

I notice L3 seemingly refuse point blank to justify or even reply to comments related to finance on their Facebook aswell....
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There has been some comment from a couple of the publicly endorsed pilots, who by the way I have great respect for and should be encouraged. But on their posts the mood was clear to see though from their followers replies, and one of the pilots even deleted their quite upbeat post about the programme, highlighting the embarrassment that this programme is and the need to read it up before commenting about it, it's not even being talked about internally inside the airline outside flight ops, while in the past FPP was shouted from the rooftops!

This is not like the programmes of the old days as a few long serving pilots have suggested elsewhere, this is not even FPP (hence the subtle programme name change to distance it). This is the true reality of our flag carrier today being shown for all, redundancies across the airline, degrading hard product, this style of scheme was only to be expected sadly and deserves all the criticism it is getting, not that it'll make much difference.
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Anybody know when this application closes? Can't do anything until wednesday!
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Originally Posted by A320ECAM View Post
BA, once a great airline, has tumbled down due to recent IT failures, scrapping their cadet program and having a Spanish CEO who wears a hi-vis jacket in an office environment!

Why anybody would want to pay this absurd amount when you can easily pay £40,000 for a full fATPL is outstanding!
Are you referring to the generic modular route? or a specific integrated route?

Is anyone aware of the closing date?

Many thanks.

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Originally Posted by WingsofRoffa View Post
Anybody know when this application closes? Can't do anything until wednesday!
It's an ongoing recruitment program so there is no deadline, the program will be pulled when the Airline deems fit, similar to Easyjet's program.
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