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CTC Qatar Wings

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Hi guys and girls,

Just to do a little myth busting.

The initial employment is as a second officer until you complete the line training etc whereupon you will be employed as a first officer.

At the moment courses are starting the line training around 2 months after finishing at CTC. There are some minor delays in the line training phase, mainly due to training captains doing conversion course, but nothing unusual.

At the moment there are around 15 pilots from the first few courses flying the line and several others enjoying the line training.
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Old 19th Sep 2016, 22:38
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Please read if you are considering the qatar airways mpl programme:

Please read if you are considering the qatar airways mpl programme:
You are being issued with a QCAA MPL not an EASA MPL.

I started with CTC Aviation’s Qatar Airways MPL program in January 2016 and was in Hamilton, NZ to do my ground school and flight training. A few months in we were told that if, after our initial time at Qatar, we wanted to return to Europe then we’d need to redo all 14 ATPL exams as well as obtain a CPL because the license we get issued is a Qatari one, not an EASA license (even though we were doing EASA theory exams).

Fortunately a couple weeks later the Head of Training (UK) came out to NZ to view the facilities and hold a Q&A session. I asked him about the license issue and he said point blank that this is true.

If you want to come back to Europe then you will have to redo ALL 14 ATPL exams and obtain a CPL.

He explained that this was because the validity of your EASA examinations is only 3 years and our initial time with Qatar Airways is longer than this.
We had 3 stages of assessment to get onto the course and at no point was this mentioned, and not only that but none of the other Qatar Courses knew about this. We spoke to people who had finished their time in NZ and were returning to the UK to start their sim training, they didn’t know about it. No one on my course knew about it and we had two new courses started whilst I was out there, and they were coming up to us because they didn’t know about this.

CTC have not told any cadets about the license issue.

I consulted with the CAA who confirmed to me there is also no conversion in place at present to convert from a QCAA License to an EASA License
One particularly interesting point was that whilst I was in NZ, applications for the Qatar MPL opened twice. I decided to look on the CTC page about the Qatar Course. The first time, around June 2016, under the “what’s included” subsection it stated: “EASA MPL License Issue” the second opening, around July 2016 this had been changed to “QCAA MPL License Issue”.
CTC had been advertising the course as an EASA MPL license issue.
I have screenshots of both these pages if anyone would like to see.

To conclude:

You will be issued with a QCAA MPL, this is NOT valid in Europe and there is not conversion course at present. Think long and hard about applying for this course. Unless you are willing to redo your 14 ATPL exams and obtain a CPL your entire flying career will be in Qatar. You may love it there but if you don’t, you are extremely limited in where you can go (I’ve also heard that Emirates and Qatar have a no poaching policy). I wanted to highlight this to people because neither I nor anyone else on any Qatar Course knew about this. You need to make an informed decision and cannot do that without all the information.

The best advice would be to obtain an EASA License and then after an initial stint at a European Carrier move out there, because all you have to do is a sim check every 6 months to keep your license current.

Any questions, please feel free to ask
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Old 17th Oct 2016, 17:32
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Anyone have an update to next selection dates? CTC's process sure is a long one, including the application window!

Also, if these 737 MAX a/c intentions are turned into deliveries one day, i wouldn't be surprised if CTC starts a 737 training program with Qatar!

Qatar Airways Places Big Boeing Order - WSJ
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Old 24th Nov 2017, 11:17
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Do you have more questions like this I can prepare for or is there any website I can refer. ?
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Omg! So glad I came across this post. Seems getting an EASA license is much better rather than being stuck with limited choices apart from the high cost fee. I also heard theres literally nothing to do in Doha and everyone can't wait to finish their bond and leave...

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I'd be interested to know if this licence issue is spelled out in black and white now by L3 as quite frankly it's outrageous that a school that claims to be industry leading managed to hide that (Someone surely knew...)

Worth saying as well that Qatar are still deep in political fiasco and are set to make losses this year, with aircraft laid up and 11% of it's network wiped out, it's certainly one of the most dubious and risky paths to take at the present time, even before you consider licence issues. For now...enter if you dare methinks...

Belated thanks MidlandPilot.
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