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CTC Qatar Wings

Old 3rd Jun 2015, 21:09
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Hi, found your post in the forum about your joining to Qatar wings. I am going to do the same, but I am hesitating. Can you share your opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of the program.
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Old 13th Jun 2015, 10:21
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I'm surprised and concerned that many of those here claiming to have committed to this course are brand new to PPRuNe. Perhaps you prefer to read rather than post (good habit) but have you done due diligence either about expat life in ME and Qatar specifically, and also about P2F generally? There can be serious pitfalls on both counts and you are being asked to commit a very large sum.
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Old 14th Jun 2015, 09:44
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hi all
i will have my assessments on 28-7 but i need to know which accommodation should i reserve for that day also how can i go to ctc from heathrow airport ??
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Old 14th Jun 2015, 19:33
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Not assuming anything midland, just taking people's posts entirely at face value For instance one gentleman's 1000 for a ticket to the interview is clearly a big issue(yes it is!)...yet you're all considering paying over 100 times that with no certainty of any return?
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Old 14th Jun 2015, 20:48
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I completely agree with ShotOne here. Not only do so many people seem to be going for this with surprisingly little knowledge of the course/airline, but the number of people applying who don't seem to be able to research simple things like the website of CTC or of a taxi company to get a price from Heathrow to Southampton - both of which would have been solved with a simple google search! There are also many pages of information on selection/the course here and people are STILL posting questions with the basic information. You are applying to a course to be professional pilots. Perhaps doing some basic research online would be good initiative! Of course if you have a genuine question that hasn't been answered then feel free to post - PPRuNe CAN at times be a great source of information.

On an aside, AFAIK, not one single course is actually flying on the line yet with Qatar from the MPL. The first course went out around the start of the year and have done some jumpseating on the line but unless I am mistaken they haven't completed base training or started line flying yet.
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Old 14th Jun 2015, 23:43
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ShotOne very few cadets start their training with any contract for airline jobs.

The MPL scheme that qatar run gives an in card to one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, with around $50 billion usd worth of orders currently. Guys are paying the same amount for wings/integrated courses (when you include MCC/JOC and type rating) with an even smaller chance of airline placement.

Planedrive FYI the first course headed out in May and I am led to believe they are currently line training.
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Old 24th Jun 2015, 15:29
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IELTS certificate (if a non native English speaker)

Hello fellow PPRuNe-ers,

I would like seek advice on the IELTS certificate.
I just got passed Phase 1 for the CTC Qatar MPL program.
I was informed that I would need to bring a IELTS certificate (if a non native English speaker) .
However, I would like to know who is considered as a non native English speaker.
English is my first language and I am from Singapore and I was wondering if I would require to produce the certificate.
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Old 25th Jun 2015, 07:27
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From what I know, even the local Singaporeans are required to do the IELTs exam.

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Old 25th Jun 2015, 15:09
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Thank you for your reply. I emailed directly to selection team to get a sure answer. Thank you
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Old 25th Jun 2015, 15:35
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Wow never seen such a frenzy to sign up to a scheme.

The guys i know who went to qatar are happy to have left.

Your passport is held by the chief pilot when you get there so you cannot leave anywhere.

The airline has access to your bank account and can freeze the assets to prevent you taking any money ... and yes it has happened pilots handed in their notice and then went to empty the account only to find out that the airline had frozen the account.

A country which treats people with little or no respect and guys are lining up for this pay 100k wow CTC have done a brilliant marketing scheme and really pulled in a lot profit.
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Old 29th Jun 2015, 11:47
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go.around, cmon man what else do we aspiring pilots have to look forward to other than this. The airline scenario today for me as an indian is very dim. Pilots in India are paid almost half of what they were paid 5 years ago. Most of the airlines are going down in loss and except for this ( qatar ctc ) i don't think any other airlines offer cadet programs to international students that are online now. i totally agree that the price of the course and the living conditions (qatar ) for that matter are demotivating but on the bright side if selected by qatar airways (and i say "if" because i know even that is a risk ) the basic starting pay is 2 times of what experienced pilots get in India . Plus, i know qatar has a reputation of being an extremely strict airline but it also is one of the best airlines if not the best.

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Old 29th Jun 2015, 21:42
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Phase 2 & 3


I would be going for phase 2 and 3 of the selection in October.
I understand there would be a series of test and also an afternoon interview.

Does anyone have any tips to the tests and interviews? If possible in detail?

And also what I could do to best prepare myself for them.
I have been using PAT to brush up my Mathematical and Sciences skills.
Also been doing background research about the company and practicing interviewing skills.

Any input would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!
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Old 29th Aug 2015, 15:53
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Hi! Anyone from the CTC Qatar MPL in Doha already? How was your joining process like? Would really appreciate your info. Pm me pls thanks!
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Old 12th Sep 2015, 11:55
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Assessment day Advices

Could you please share your Phase 2 assessment experience with us, along with vital areas that we should consider about when are preparing?
Thank you in advance !
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Old 12th Sep 2015, 12:06
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RE: Reassessment

Hi everyone,

I've gone through the Phase 2 and Phase 3 by last June.

As i wasn't performing well in the group assessment and interview, I was advised to be reassessed after 6 months.

Is anyone have any idea about the process that I have to follow, or anyone is going to be reassessed?

Thank you !
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Old 23rd Nov 2015, 21:18
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Re: Assessment

Me and my friends also had the same issue and was called back after 6 months.
I passed in PILAPT but unable to pass group discussion and interview.
I heard a about a course specifically designed to focus on group discussion and interview... If you have gone through the course kindly send me the detail...
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Old 13th Dec 2015, 00:25
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Hi all...

Just thought I'd get in on this chat

I recently got my start date for my CTC Qatar MPL course, unfortunately have to wait a bit until next year but hey ho. Plenty of paperwork to do in the meantime!

I wanted to answer to whoever it was above (I think it was ShotOne..?) asking whether those who are taking the CTC Qatar MPL Course have considered all the pitfalls etc...?

I can tell you as one of those taking this course that I have indeed. I have researched the company SO much in the past few months that my government are probably watching me right now wondering "what's this guy up to!?" I have read my fair share of good reviews and bad reviews, I will even go as far as saying some terrible ones BUT, I have also had the opportunity to speak to QA pilots who of course live in Doha. I'll admit, they worked for another airline before QA so they had experience that I won't have when I join, but they were very happy with their lives and I say this very honestly. They were both mid/long haul (OK, maybe short haul is not so good?) but they had a happy family life and they enjoyed Doha as a city and the culture they said is becoming more accepting, although us westerners may still find it very strict! However I am one for adapting to the culture I live in...quite frankly, it is their land, not mine. If people come to work in my country that's great, but I would FULLY 100% expect them to abide by OUR laws here. I would therefore reciprocate in the same manner.

So as for living in QA and working for the airline, I assure you I have pondered many nights over it all and I am still quite willing to do it! My BIGGEST concern is something I read recently that CTC QATAR MPL cadets who joined within the last few years have arrived in Doha after their CTC training only to find that they don't get to fly for god knows how long (sometimes up to a year!?!?!?). This is my single greatest worry and I am doing everything I can to get information on this. Even though the post I read was from 2013, there has been nothing recently to suggest the situation has improved, and as I would have a pretty hefty loan to start repaying, it would be nice to know in advance what the state of play will be like before going over there. I really hope it has improved because, to be honest, I have flying in my blood and I just want to be in the air.
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Old 16th Mar 2016, 06:38
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Yeah you usually end up in a holding pool usually 6 months+ (still getting paid) before you actually fly a bus but nevertheless the moment you get up in the air you'll see upgrades on the table before you know it
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Old 31st May 2016, 15:07
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Does anyone know if you come out of the MPL program as a First Officer or Second Officer? Stated on the CTC website is "Co-Pilot" which is vague. I would assume Second Officer.......
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Old 31st May 2016, 18:19
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What difference does it make ?

Answer is First Officer
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