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Anybody got a job recently?

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Anybody got a job recently?

Old 25th Nov 2008, 10:30
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Title of the thread is "has anybody got a job recently".... the silence is deafening.... Charlie Lima maybe that answers the question... there are no jobs at the moment...
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 10:36
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got a job with XL about a year ago with about 150 hours....
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 23:14
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A lot can change in a year, a lot can change in a matter of days!

I've completed all my training, got roughly 270 hours, circulated my CV round and out of the handful of replies i've had there are no jobs.

I even said i'd pay for the type rating if there would be a promise of a job at the end of it, but i guess different companys have different views on that.

Best advise i was given is to stay current on your ratings and just keep sending your Cv out with follow up calls etc. You've got to be patient
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 09:39
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Title of the thread is "has anybody got a job recently".... the silence is deafening.... Charlie Lima maybe that answers the question... there are no jobs at the moment...
LOL TRUE TRUE thought of that a second after my rant, murphys law.
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 10:44
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I got an FO job.

Keep the chin up and look everywhere.

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Old 26th Nov 2008, 17:26
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As WWW mentioned earlier the cold chill has indeed arrived throughout the aviation community with few if any regions of the globe unaffected. I can't understand why after so many signs and voices that forewarned of this difficult time people ignored it and even now the penny still hasn't dropped. Going for a FI ticket just means you're making a smaller mistake than the price you paid for basic training but another mistake nevertheless.

How long would the Flight INstructor's course really take? Once there are signs of a recovery you can rush out and get the rating thus safeguarding your invetsment. To throw money on it at present is just silly. Recall that the newly acquired rating means you're already at or near test standard rather than decaying over months possibly years and then finding yourself out of standard and emotionally demotivated. Come on give yourself a break and stop being your own worst enemy.

Flying is not exempt from social and economic realities the airline heads are very integrated with the economic landscape and aren't distracted by the whole 'naive dream' side of aviation. You need to get a firmer understanding of that aspect rather than ratings for now. Even if you get a job now how long will you keep it before being let go...? Remember the airline operator might already realise that they need someone for a couple of months and "oh well we can dump them at the end of that, who's knows but it sure won't be our problem", that's how they see it. You have got yourselves sucked into a poverty situation and the way things are going the options to make a living in alternative industries is slowly evaporating too. The issue of recruitment shouldn't be first on your list (after all if the employment activity is geared in the opposite direction then why are you expending such efforts to follow it).
This indeed is difficult reading and I take no joy from that at all, if anything I would dearly love to hear that my peers have all got jobs or at least some hope of something aviation related in the pipeline but alas that's not necessarily true at present.

"Get in from the cold before you freeze".... Remember how you were taught to avoid aviation gremlins and pitfalls during training. What about the bad weather issues of just calm down and wait for the weather to clear and then go, no good up there wishing to be on the ground? That is no different from the job hunt, we can't control the weather it happens to us but we can control how best to handle it and thus reduce the damage upon ourselves, our finances and families.

There should be no-one who claims that post training they'll never fly again because you all will, at least privately and with your quality of training you can step up to some exotic machinery that's for sure along with a logbook full of decent hours and alot of respectable experience. However the issue of employment well that's another matter but after all it's just a job, don't kill yourself over it. Come on chaps and chapesses a touch discipline please.
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 19:05
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The responses-to-views ratio of this thread speaks volumes. (25:4213 as of this posting)
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 19:14
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Whilst there may still be a few jobs around, they are few and far between. Don't forget Excel etc put over 200 experienced and rated jet pilots on to the market, many of whom are still looking for work. I have recently been threatened with redundancy and started to look for work just in case. Not one reply yet, (I have over 2000hrs, 1800 on jet) Whilst I havent applied to TP operators, these may be a better bet for low hour guys. They may be more reluctant to take on experienced jet guys who will leave as soon as there is an upturn. My advice would be to take ANYTHING you can. It took me 2 years to get a flying job post 9/11. In the meantime I dispatched for circusair and worked in ops for a major airline. It helps with contact and you learn stuff too!

Good luck guys,

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Old 26th Nov 2008, 19:22
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Originally Posted by SKYWRITER1
In the meantime I dispatched for circusair
- was there really an airline called circusair?
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 20:24
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Nick name for Servisair
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 22:32
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qualified in June 07, accepted into a major airline hold pool in the sept (still in it), since then I have become well educated on the building site! Sent out cv's to other airlines but no luck. Trained at Oxford, integrated course and £80k in debt. Know two other guys in the same position. It has been depressing at times but I'm not giving up. Just happened to be at the wrong time. Will need to do the ir again next year in the a/c so another ££££ will be calling. And I thought the ir was the hardest thing I'll ever do!
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 22:59
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Nervousair is just as appropriate!!!
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Old 27th Nov 2008, 16:22
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Slight thread creep, but to help keep the costs down, you can renew your IR in the sim. You will lose your twin rating, but you only need the IR bit to start a type rating. Much cheaper, and you can say your IR current. Oh, renewals are (normally) much easier!

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Old 27th Nov 2008, 16:48
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Finished my training April, 250+ hours (UK) Modular, self funded, full time job held

CV's sent out.

Interview August (only one of two that I got offered)

Started New Job November on training course now, TR course starts next month to fly airbus. (paid for by company but bonded, i don't care)

There are jobs out there,
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Old 27th Nov 2008, 17:32
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I agree there are jobs out there, but obviously fewer than 6-12 months ago!

f/ATPL, 700+hours, SSTR. Recently hired shortly after completion on type.

Stay positive!
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Old 27th Nov 2008, 22:31
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just got a job at Swissport Manchester in Dispatch. plus setting up a company selling products what ive been developing for the last 3 years,

god it a long road to the right seat!

good luck guys..
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Old 28th Nov 2008, 13:34
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I don't buy it. There are jobs out there but they don't come to you.

Finished modular training myself in August without MCC. Want a company to pay for it, not me. Currently flying freelance C172, 430 TT. Scraping by. Literally. That being said, however, presently in selection process with European regional and invitation to second selection, also regional. Both would pay for MCC and TR IF I get through which still is a looong road, not anywhere just yet. But, there is light.

Buddy of mine, who did groundschooling with, also in selection process with a European airline. The situation is certainly not great either over in continental Europe but I'd say for sure not as grim as in the UK. Be PROACTIVE and prepared to explore all directions. Aaaand, be very patient and try to not lose your flying skills. Join a gliding club, join a flying club, ask people for a free ride. Make contacts and be a nice guy, someone others want to hang out with in the cockpit for eight hours and drink the obligatory pint after.

A corporate pilot I know said to me the other day that he had been knocking on doors for two years after training, that was back in the 90s. He recommended to be patient but persistent. Another one said, only those who give up will not end up in the right seat. The others will. For some, it will be straight after training, for some it will happen years later.

Good luck!
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Old 28th Nov 2008, 14:29
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I just became an expat in Africa in order to keep flying. The pay isn't great and the living conditions are poor but at least I'm flying and gaining hours hopefully to return to the UK in a stronger position then I left.

Before I left other, more experienced pilots told me I was crazy to consider flying in Africa and now I'm here I can see why, the admin side of things is agonising and dealing with the culture shock takes time there are however, some positives. The flying is challenging but rewarding (its certainly not ILS to ILS) and its on brand new equipment, the roster is intense but thatís why I'm here, not to go seeing sights of on my days off and thereís a nice expat community developing and growing every week.

I know itís not everyoneís cup of tea and if I had a choice I wouldn't be here but with training loans, a mortgage to pay and a 737 rating to maintain itís a short term solution that allows one to weather the current storm in European aviation.

Donít get me wrong I'm not saying this is the thing to do at all, itís a last resort, but I just want to say there is an option for sub 1000h airline people.

Truly the best of luck to everyone job hunting. Bad times.
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Old 20th Dec 2008, 15:06
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So, FI jobs are being badly affected?
Not true, I left my FI job over a year ago, I go back occasionally to keep current. But Im always getting phone calls asking if I can do extra days for them, they are turning students away as they done have enough instructors and have just bought 2 new a/c.
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Old 27th Dec 2008, 11:11
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job market

I have over 900 hours with public transport experince, Have FAA & JAA licence, I have not been able to find any work for over 4 months let alone flying work. with crazy amount of debt as direct result of flight training.

I am now thinking of finding myself a new career.

Its very frustrating to be in this position but in order to be successful in this game as well as getting through all the hoops you need lots of luck and perhaps friends in high places.

I wish everyone in similar position best of luck. There are jobs out there you just have to be the one they are looking for.

All the Best
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