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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

Old 18th Jan 2006, 10:06
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Originally Posted by WilliDeHavilland
It's great to know that cadets in NZ already have a dark and cold cockpit waiting for them that only needs to be flown ! I wonder who buys all these brand new 737's and sits them in a hangar waiting for CTC cadets to fly them ! LOL :-)
So far its Easyjet, Thomas Cook, Monarch, Thomsonfly, First Choice, Britsh Airways and Jet2.

I was originally White Tailed for about the first year of my training. Was looking at the possibility of going into the hold pool. When I got back to the UK was informed was going to one of the above airlines! Smiles all round. One thing you need to remember is that CTC's customers are the airlines and NOT the cadets. CTC therefore cannot make a profit until they have placed a cadet with an airline. Its in their best interests to find you employment therefore. This is the biggest difference between CTC and any other training provider.

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Old 18th Jan 2006, 16:30
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stage 3 on 25th jan 06

hi guys and girls,

just wondering if anyone is heading down for stage 3 on 25th jan?

if anyone has been recently could you shed some light on the group excercises? what kind of things did you have to do?

my numeracy result was just below the cut-off so i have to do that again at stage 3! anyone else in this position? i'v done maths to a-level standard but not done that kind of maths since GCSE!! i scored in the high 30% for my aptitude tests, presume thats why they've given me another chance at the numeracy one. anyone know where i can get good example questions? been practicing but hard to find relevant example questions.


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Old 18th Jan 2006, 16:56
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stage 3 25th jan

hi your in exactly the same position as me, i ws in the middle 40% for some stuff then for workload etc high 30% wot about u, it also sed medium to low risk but for specific pilot tasks average to low representing a potential training weakness. forward ur success email to me ill have a read, ill do the same if u wnt. i also failed maths, lol but got an a-level, please let me know, if you find a website. dont no wot i will do without it. wen did you go for stage 2. email bak or add me on msn its [email protected]. also what re you researching for ur interview

good luk
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Old 18th Jan 2006, 17:35
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....thank god there's only a numeracy test, not a literacy one ! LOL :-)
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Old 22nd Jan 2006, 19:40
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CTC Stage 2

Hi, i'm heading down to Bournemouth on 31st for the Stage 2 assessment day. Does anyone know what the success rate is for this part of the selection process? Is there anything in particular I should be brushing up on for the tests? Just looking for a bit of advice!
Good luck to everyone who is in the same situation!
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Old 22nd Jan 2006, 22:16
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Stage 2 info

Hi there,
There is quite a bit of Stage 2 info a few pages back, but mainly just go down and have a good day. If you try to enjoy yourself you will do a lot better, and try not to let nerves get the better of you.
There is not much you can prepare for the Pilapt tests, you will either have the skills or you won't. Group discussion, is just a chance for them to make sure you are able to hold a discussion in a normal manner.
You could brush up on your GCSE math skills for the 15 maths questions in 15minutes, but thats about it.
If you make it through to stage 3 then more to prepare but posts on this above.
I was told that of the group at each stage 2 around top 30% make it to stage 3 as an average. Then it is top 50% of them get through to stage 4.
Hope this answers your questions, and all the best for you day.

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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 04:34
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Originally Posted by garyogilvie
Then it is top 50% of them get through to stage 4.
As far as I'm aware it's not the 'top' 50% that get through, more like 50% of Stage 3 'on average' get through to Stage 4... difference is that you're not competing against each other, but against the CTC standard... anyone care to confirm this? Fat Boy Tim? Busz?

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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 07:12
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spot on monarch 'zenden' 330 ('look at me, look at me, i've got epaulettes'),

if you reach the standard your in - so it doesn't really matter what the pass rate is - for any week it could be 100% or 0%! As for the average success rates, i think both 2 and 3 were fairly low(20-40%) and stage 4 80%. overall it's 2.8% from writing your name on the application form to flight SQ285/321 to sunny(well...kinda) Auckland.

as gary said, theres not much to be done for stage 2 - just try ensure you perform on the day - smile and be positive(easier said than done i know!!)

best of luck folks
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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 11:10
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Donna M - Check your PMs in a couple of minutes!
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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 11:15
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from what I remember (and I took stage 2 a hell of a long time ago) you dont compete with eachother as such during any part of the selection, things may have changed, however I was told "back in the day" that they could take everyone in the room, if everyone met the standards.

I think the only competition is, as you said, competing against the high standards CTC set, if you meet them at any stage of selection, you move on to the next stage. I know that at stages 2 and 3 it seems like a competition because there is more interaction between applicants, and at stage 4 it is just you and the aircraft, but I think generally speaking, the selection emphasis is on meeting the required grade, not filling a pre-set number of available spaces.

I could be wrong, it was nearly 2 years ago to the day that I went to stage 2!
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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 15:35
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Stage 3

Hi everyone,
Found out that i've got through Stage 2 so naturally pretty excited! Just wondering who else made it through from 17th of January, and whether anyone's going to Stage 3 on the 22nd of March? Be good to recognise a face etc!!


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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 23:17
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Just enjoyed reading through the full 25 pages of this (half of it on works time, oops!). Some very intresting stuff

One thing I would like to know - if you show superb aptitude and a talent for maths, but aren't as confident as say a standup comedian in the intreviews are you destined for the bin?

I have a natural talent in maths (apparently!) and I do not feel I would struggle with the aptitude tests, however, I am not the most confident person in the world when it comes to interviews. Don't get me wrong, I am no recluse I just cannot stand the atmosphere that always occurs - it always unsettles me.

Is the answer just to apply for lots and lots of random jobs to get into the intreviews and have that kind of situation as a second home?

(Please excuse my spelling, been working on the car since 8am and hands are in tatters!)
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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 23:29
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"I have a natural tallent in maths (apparently!) and I do not feel I would struggle with the aptitude tests"

Doesnt sound like you will have any confidence problems my friend!

They look for the confidence side of things not only from your interview, but from your group excersizes, if you aim to get along with the people in the group and give suggestions as well as taking suggestions, this would take on a 'team player' feel. You dont have to be super confident to be a Pilot, in fact you need to have a balance, confidence enough in your decision making skills whilst being open to criticism. Over confidence is one of the worst attributes a pilot, and indeed any person, can have. It leads to arrogance and, believe me, no-one wants to multi crew with an arrogant power-mad Pilot. It leads to a cavalier attitude and ultimately accidents.

I think if you went into your interview and kicked back, bragging about how wonderful you are, you would be out of the door much quicker than someone who had the necessary skills and talent, but was a little less assertive than the others.

Best bit of advice, as I always say, is BE YOURSELF. Then you will know for sure whether or not this job is right for you.

Good luck

(ps. dont underestimate those aptitude tests, they are pure evil and I would never want to do them ever again.

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Old 24th Jan 2006, 13:22
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hi there,

a couple of months have passed since my application to the CTC Wings Scheme and I have passed the 1st stage and I could have gone to the 2nd stage since late october last year.
I am still a bit undetermined as to whether it is reasonable to go there.
There are a few things that hold me back, the costs of the selection process being the least. May be I'm just afraid of failing the process although I don't have much reason to think so.
I'm from germany and I know that there is a german guy down in NZ right now. I dreamed of passing the selection process for the partially funded Lufthansa Pilot Training which I unfortunately failed like about 97% of the applicants do. I passed the aptitude test though, so I am at least one of those few.

After forging an "emergency plan b" in no time I am now a university student of general engineering science with the option to specialize on aircraft systems engineering. Now I'm planning to get the ATPL in modular steps to make it as cheap as possible.

The CTC selection process seems to be very tough too, but as I'd like to grab every opportunity I'd like to give it a shot.
Somewhere in this thread I've read that someone failed the interview because he was a university student and he was told something like he'd better finish university first. Now I don't see why, but is that really a reason to fail the interview?
As for me I never wanted to be a uni student, but I feel forced to because of the apparent situation concerning wannabe pilots.
I don't think much about the fact that I'm not a native english speaker, which I hope you agree isn't such a problem.
Now what should I do? Travel to the UK and give it a shot? I know, actually trying is all you can do.

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Old 24th Jan 2006, 20:12
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Just a quickie everyone, and I apologise if this has already been covered, but are there any Physics related questions on the Stage 2 tests

Cheers all

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Old 25th Jan 2006, 06:56
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Originally Posted by Vale Warrior
Just a quickie everyone, and I apologise if this has already been covered, but are there any Physics related questions on the Stage 2 tests

Cheers all

No. Simple maths test, 15 questions and the PILAPT.
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Old 25th Jan 2006, 12:46
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Hi I am wondering if any one could shed some more light on stage 3. I have read through the last 25 pages and all there seems to be a group exercise involving lego. Can anyone pm me / post in more detail what the group exercise involves. Also including how the day is set up and possibly some of the interview questions. Much appreicated. Thanks.
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Old 25th Jan 2006, 23:03
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Whats in Phase 3?

Hello all,

I have Phase 3 of the Wings ATP coming along very soon. I ve trawled through all 26 pages of this tread and havnt found out alot about whats involved. Can anyone out there give me an idea of what is asked at the interview? Any thoery questions or is it the usual HR stuff that you would get at any job interview?

and also what kind of group exercises are set? (are they just a discussion as in phase 2). Think i read somewhere that lego might be involved!!

Thanks for your help......

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Old 25th Jan 2006, 23:51
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Stage 3 will involve two group excercises and an individual interview. One excercise will involve using a lego style kit to create some masterpiece and the other excercise will involve yourself and your team mates deciding how to survive a given scenario, for example being stuck on a dessert island. Then there's the interview, I think typical questions have being given throughout this thread, you'll need to show you know what's going on with the airline industry and who a bit about the airlines CTC supplies cadets to. Basically what they are trying to determine is how much you want to be a pilot, whether you've bothered to do any research and then the rest is pretty much about yourself. When have you demonstrated your abilities as a team player/ leader/ responsible person? That sort of thing.

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Old 26th Jan 2006, 00:21
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careful not to get the wings course and the ATP course mixed up, not sure if they have the same selection process or not.

For example, I doubt you would be asked about motivation if you are at the stage of doing the ATP course.
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