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hi there,

a couple of months have passed since my application to the CTC Wings Scheme and I have passed the 1st stage and I could have gone to the 2nd stage since late october last year.
I am still a bit undetermined as to whether it is reasonable to go there.
There are a few things that hold me back, the costs of the selection process being the least. May be I'm just afraid of failing the process although I don't have much reason to think so.
I'm from germany and I know that there is a german guy down in NZ right now. I dreamed of passing the selection process for the partially funded Lufthansa Pilot Training which I unfortunately failed like about 97% of the applicants do. I passed the aptitude test though, so I am at least one of those few.

After forging an "emergency plan b" in no time I am now a university student of general engineering science with the option to specialize on aircraft systems engineering. Now I'm planning to get the ATPL in modular steps to make it as cheap as possible.

The CTC selection process seems to be very tough too, but as I'd like to grab every opportunity I'd like to give it a shot.
Somewhere in this thread I've read that someone failed the interview because he was a university student and he was told something like he'd better finish university first. Now I don't see why, but is that really a reason to fail the interview?
As for me I never wanted to be a uni student, but I feel forced to because of the apparent situation concerning wannabe pilots.
I don't think much about the fact that I'm not a native english speaker, which I hope you agree isn't such a problem.
Now what should I do? Travel to the UK and give it a shot? I know, actually trying is all you can do.

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