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Stage 2 info

Hi there,
There is quite a bit of Stage 2 info a few pages back, but mainly just go down and have a good day. If you try to enjoy yourself you will do a lot better, and try not to let nerves get the better of you.
There is not much you can prepare for the Pilapt tests, you will either have the skills or you won't. Group discussion, is just a chance for them to make sure you are able to hold a discussion in a normal manner.
You could brush up on your GCSE math skills for the 15 maths questions in 15minutes, but thats about it.
If you make it through to stage 3 then more to prepare but posts on this above.
I was told that of the group at each stage 2 around top 30% make it to stage 3 as an average. Then it is top 50% of them get through to stage 4.
Hope this answers your questions, and all the best for you day.

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