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Just enjoyed reading through the full 25 pages of this (half of it on works time, oops!). Some very intresting stuff

One thing I would like to know - if you show superb aptitude and a talent for maths, but aren't as confident as say a standup comedian in the intreviews are you destined for the bin?

I have a natural talent in maths (apparently!) and I do not feel I would struggle with the aptitude tests, however, I am not the most confident person in the world when it comes to interviews. Don't get me wrong, I am no recluse I just cannot stand the atmosphere that always occurs - it always unsettles me.

Is the answer just to apply for lots and lots of random jobs to get into the intreviews and have that kind of situation as a second home?

(Please excuse my spelling, been working on the car since 8am and hands are in tatters!)
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