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Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.


Old 16th Apr 2012, 19:32
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....European sector, return ticket with LH, 4.20 eur for "my id travel fees".
That's what it says on the ticket printout.
Unbelievable !
......And they now call it concession ticket like it's a concession and not us paying for otherwise empty, non revenue ticket.
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Old 17th Apr 2012, 15:36
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It was just a normal J Class standby ticket. If it had been FOC I would have had higher priority but been in EY anyway. I bought J because I figure it gives you two chances to get on now that you can't buy both, and also hopefully keep me out of those spine bending EY seats! But I didn't count on a little Southern European lady arbitrarily upgrading two pax at her whim whilst telling me from the very start that ...and I quote...... "definitely wouldn't be going business"!!!
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 00:48
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Well that is what their rule book says get yourself a black book and write down the names of the staff that treat you like a pleb. One day they are going to be asking you for help and you can say...do you remember back in time to...well you are most definetly not coming with!!!

I've got to a point that I don't use stby tickes any longer. I use my FOC 's once a year asia miles around Asia and air Asia for the rest!

Just bought tickes for October to krabi on air ASIA for the family including taxes hkd5000

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Old 18th Apr 2012, 08:28
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my wife spent a day and half trying to list, but the system kept crashing at the final stage, she emailed benifits to ask for help, but they refused, she ended up missing the flight as she could not list and had to travel a day late. Now i have to wonder what would happen to you if you missed a duty due this kind of failure in the system.
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 10:49
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Correct me if Iím wrong but are the check in staff required to upgrade other pax if there are seats open and you are holding a J class ticket? I donít know I rarely use the staff travel system.

If not, I suggest you talk to your Chief Pilot or Deputy (if they are approachable) or speak to someone in Operations. You have to go higher up the food chain if you want to get results.

Find out from your CP or Operations as who is in charge of the airport staff and then ask them to look into it.

Speaking to BN is like pi$$ing into the wind at best.

Should be taken further if the check in staff violated any rules. If not, it will continue to happen.
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 12:35
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You're absolutely right. Emailed BN.....surprise surprise, no reply.
Maybe will contact JHB Station Manager....it certainly didn't seem right on the day!
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 13:33
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I donít think you will get much satisfaction with the Station Manager as they will protect their own people and then it may reflect poorly on them. BN is concentrating on telling you the price of tea in China, he will take a couple of weeks for that.

I think you have to find out who is in charge of the Station Manager, who is his/her Superior (preferably someone in Hong Kong). I donít know the hierarchy of the Station Staff but someone has to bring this to their attention.

Someone in Flight Ops i.e. CP, DCP, Ops should know who to go to in this case.
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 15:15
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Good point. Normally hate complaining as there are always two sides, but this really p....d me off!!
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 15:47
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Don't mean to teach you to suck eggs but... If you have a name (above or below works if you don't know the individual's name) put it into the people search in intraCX then hit the org chart on the right. That'll give you their immediate superior and so on up or down the chain.
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 19:25
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ON Virgin America on staff travel, treated like a king at check in. Sent to gate.. no loitering around the check in counter, given FIRST CLASS seat, and now using wifi in flight drinking Margaritas on the way to Cancun...

Very different from my Cathay flight that took me to LA to catch this..
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Old 19th Apr 2012, 04:17
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Thanks, Loopdeloop, I'll do that!
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Old 19th Apr 2012, 11:57
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Thanks Loopdeloop,

Didn't know you could do that.
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Old 20th Apr 2012, 06:09
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This is what our passengers will see today when they try to book online with CX.


We apologise the page that you requested is not available at the moment. Please click here to go to our home page. If you need further assistance, please contact our eService Centre at + 852 2747-2200 , or send us an email at [email protected].
No surprise then that the staff travel system is a total nightmare.

Sometimes I think we do well not because we are the best, we are just less worse than the competition.
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Old 20th Apr 2012, 07:20
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The majority of locals will live in a shoebox yet drive a BMW/Merc, for the same reason they fly CX it's a status thing especially with mainlanders, worst part is prospective pilots fall for the same magic show as the punters
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Old 25th Apr 2012, 22:40
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Here is what a friend at another airline can see on her iPhone/iPad regarding standby flying on HER airline. This information is available to ALL employees of the airline.

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Old 26th Apr 2012, 00:24
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Thumbs up

Great layout.

Clear, logical, detailed & all on one page. No need to press a million buttons for useless pop up screens.

Leaves the CX system for dead.
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Old 26th Apr 2012, 02:13
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Yes, what's so difficult about setting something up like that?
We need heads to roll and another complete overhaul.
Old 26th Apr 2012, 08:48
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Bert Nippleless would just deny this existed. It's simply not feasible that other airlines actually have a clue, or have a better system than his.
He was actually at the Staff Counter HIMSELF the other night and witnessed firsthand the fiasco of pax being left behind (London) whilst the aircraft departed with 9 empty seats. But do you think the useless $%#@ will do anything about it? Of course not. Why do your job when you can get away with walking pompously around the Benefits Centre with a phone glued to your head and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?!!
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Old 24th May 2012, 01:30
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I cannotJourney

This was recently shown on the ijourney weekly update site.

Flight Predictability display
A popular feature in the old TravelDesk was the information display showing overall flight status and how many ID travellers were already listed. As the iflySTAFF system is a commercial product there were limitations on the amount of customisation we could include in time for the roll-out with PSS. However, Iím pleased to advise that we are re-building and enhancing the predictability feature and aim to introduce it in the next few months.
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Old 24th May 2012, 14:18
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Am I missing something?

My first experience with iNotflytoday and just wondering if I'm missing something. Make booking for HKG-LON (pri 26, J class, availability green), check-in/register online (noting SBY reference #), arrive at airport and wait at staff travel counter at ETD-60. Lots of people called up for LON and given boarding passes but not me. Counter now getting busy with other flights so at T-35, I approach the desk and ask if LON is closed. I am rudely told that if I haven't been called, I'm not getting on. I explain that there were 15+ seats in J and ask for an explanation as to why I'm the only one left who didn't get on. Asks for my passport, and explains that they didn't know I was at the airport. Claims I should have approached the desk at least 90m prior to register. WTF? What is the point of registering online??
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