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COPA Airlines interviews

Old 2nd Nov 2014, 01:31
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The salary is a joke for Captains!Disgrace for our profession. For F/O s even worst because they have to pay for the conversion of the ATP and during the Infamous BRIDGE course they earn penuts .(I guess is the worst salary in the world for a B737NG pilot)No house allowance anymore LOL. BUT IF YOU r single and JOBLESS and live in latin/central america or US (flying Regionals)without a jet > 50 tons type rating Maybe is a choice. The funny thing is the poligraph test. I guess they ask if you will leave after 500 hs LOL. COPA - Centre Of Pilot Assessments .

If u don't have any jet type rating other choice is to try HK express in Hong Kong ,at least they pay you more and the 320 open more doors.

Good luck!
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Old 3rd Nov 2014, 08:19
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Because type rating an employee should be part of the operating cost of the Company . It is due to your and your ilk why when you do finally break through the glass ceiling, all you find is splinters instead of crystal !! But you can't wait , so accept the crap that comes with it .

Pay for the rating , pay them for 500 hours in the right seat .Pay them for your upgrade . Hell , fly for free ! As long as you get to fly jets ...right ?
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Old 3rd Nov 2014, 12:44
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I´m receiving e-mails from COPA almost every week

They´re inviting my to the screening wich I don´t want to join anymore

Low salary and bad rosters are the main problems in my point of view.

We cannot fly for free never and we need to prove our value to the market.

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Old 4th Nov 2014, 08:56
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Darn PeopleSoft

How did you folks get past that blasted Peoplesoft website to submit your info to COPA? I can't get it to do Crap-all!
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Old 5th Nov 2014, 12:47
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what it is

I agree with NOSEGEARS.
I have almost 2 years as NG FO and looking to move on to a place where you get a decent salary , terms and conditions and where scheduling actually works and lets bidding system do its job.
Two years ago they stopped giving housing to expats ( even thought by government law you are supposed to have) and now rumours are that along with the "union" they are trying to stop paying to those who came in with housing as part of their contract. Yeah , those 800 dollars worth of housing are BEFORE taxes . They do not allow the bidding system to work ( they take around 14 days to release your schedule after the bidding period. Does it sound safe to have 2 consecutive 3 day long and late night ( or early morning ) departures ?
Crew meals are less than desireable. You need anything whatsoever from admin ( letters for a bank , etc ) plan on playing the waiting game.
Plan also on being treated rude , Panama will suck patience out of anyone.
My best advice is to build up time somewhere else.
I was fooled , they do have nice and new planes , but that is it.
Hope my feedback helps , do not be fooled by PCC hiring ad. Copa has bren hiring continously for the last 8 years because AN AVERAGE OF 10-15 pilots leave each month.
1700 bucks base salary before taxes along with flight hours and per diem is not enough for living but for surviving. Groceries , apartments (buy or rent) , partying is all expensive , Panama has a high cost of living
Blue skies to everyone
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Old 5th Nov 2014, 22:50
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I agree with you Enrique too

As a current NG FO you know better than I what you are saying.

Try to join FlyDubai or a company where you can find a promotion soon

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Old 13th Nov 2014, 06:46
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Application Status

Hello guys,

Has anyone heard from HR lately? I have applied and kept updating my application for the last 3 month, but still no contact from COPA...

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Old 13th Nov 2014, 09:20
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Applied on Oct 17th, heard back from them on Oct 22nd. Sent those required documents on 28th, still waiting.
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Old 13th Nov 2014, 09:23
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thanks lee a promise for the info...I wonder what is wrong with my application, I double checked and filled it correctly, status still says ''Applied''...i meet all requirements, speak spanish....

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Old 15th Nov 2014, 06:59
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Hello guys, how is the average time to get promoted to the letf seat in COPA?
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Old 15th Nov 2014, 11:23
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Upgrade to Captain

According to the MOV (Flight Operations Manual), you need 4,000 hours and the ATP rating, plus other additional qualifications.
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Old 16th Nov 2014, 01:54
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Plus 1000 on the NG
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Old 27th Nov 2014, 21:11
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Anything new?
Interviews are happening?
I know that for captains they stopped.
And for co-pilot?
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Old 29th Nov 2014, 13:13
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They stopped captains becouse they are going to focus in upgrades all 2015. Cheaper and Easy.
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Old 29th Nov 2014, 17:49
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Upgrading FO's

Correct, they will upgrade FO's throughout 2015, they're not interviewing captains.
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Old 30th Nov 2014, 02:15
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Copa is still calling me almost every week

Too many options of date, but most of them Im flying in my current job.
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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 09:18
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How does Copa select their guys?
I have been sending my details for a year and nothing.

B737 rated, 2600TT ( 2000 on heavy turboprop), JAA CPL, FAA ATP.
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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 11:29
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Too much credentials

Copa does not Interview nor hire FOs with B737-NG Type Rating. If you are lucky for an interview, they wont hire you anyway.

You are too smart for the position. As soon as you see their operations and mentality, you will split.
FO Non type raters, are usually dumb and egotistical about their first jet. So they end up swallowing all the BS until they have enough Jet time to make it to the big leagues. By that time you have already returned Copa's investment.

Captain recruitment have stopped.

Its as simple as that.
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Old 4th Dec 2014, 17:37
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So it is DE captains anymore?

Upgrades I assume? So it looks like a good time,for FO's.

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Old 4th Dec 2014, 17:41
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not DEC anymore no, for the moment just 2015. Rgds
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