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COPA Airlines interviews

Old 10th Dec 2014, 06:30
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unfortunately the industry is full of ''intelligent'' people like him
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Lee_apromise I don't remember but a Australian pilot sent a Message to this troll requesting me advice... It was you?, Kindly I answered the message.
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Lee_apromise I don't remember but a Australian pilot sent a Message to this troll requesting me advice... It was you?, Kindly I answered the message.
Samca, here's the thing. I always believe a person is born with good nature and I always try to be as courteous as possible. I am sure deep down there, you are a nice person too but why did you say something so obnoxious pi$$ing everybody off?? Yes, you answered to me very kindly and I really appreciated it until I found your post very offensive towards those who have FAA certificates and I tell you what, my check-rides in the states were all done by FAA DPE who was a former seniority no.3 Northwest Airlines captain and I feel very proud to have been endorsed by this legend.

Why don't you put yourself into another person's shoe? For instance, I didn't have $hit load of money to burn in getting Australian CPL (but I do have Aust PPL), IR and ME ratings so I went to U.S to receive "inferior" training according to your standard. Even during my type rating in the states, I respected my instructors who were from diversified background such as ex-Centurion Air Cargo Chief Pilot, Captains from American Airlines, Atlas Air and Avianca and not a single one of them had a disrespectful and impolite behaviour like you demonstrated on this forum despite they have hell a lot of more experience than you. I remind you that all those instructors started with FAA syllabus and they are where they are now because of high training standards set by U.S FARs.

The company I used to work for went belly up so I'm looking for a new opportunity. Even if you don't know another person's circumstance, you never thought that you might have actually offended another person's emotion and pride? Just because you have JAA CPL (may be you might have JAA ATPL by now) doesn't give you a right to look down on other people. You just don't stereotype people.

I just don't understand why you don't get this fundamental basic ethics or manner!

In my engineering and pilot career, I do not dare to say such childish remarks towards those who have obtained their licenses in countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia or even Thailand because there will always be people out there from those countries whom I can learn a thing or two from.

I standby here to be corrected Samca. If you have any rebuttal against my humble opinion, you can write it here.

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No, It is ok lee_apromise. I'm gonna leave my discussion with you here. It is quite enough. I don't want to disturb people in this thread so let's speak about COPA.
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Old 12th Dec 2014, 16:00
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Stay as far as you can from COPA Airlines!

I had the misfortune to work for those crooks for 4 years, I wish I never had left the US to go fly for them. I ve never seen such unsafe operation in my life, horrible training, incompetent people in key positions topped with a crappy pay. Do yourself a favour do not apply there, if you go there you will regret it for the rest of your life. They have the highest number of pilots violations in US, most of them received by their check airmen, yes you heard right check airmen getting violated. Several safety issues were brought to managment attention by few good pilots, unfortunately managment has never been interested, their safety program is not even reactive, is pretty much inexistent. I am back in US now and it is nice to be back in a world where people follow rules and regulations.
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Old 13th Dec 2014, 18:53
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Thanks for your feedback @saraceno
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Old 15th Dec 2014, 09:36
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Does anyone have a direct emailling address of either DFO or B737 chiefpilot's?

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Old 16th Dec 2014, 20:14
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no standard procedure

there. You will be asked to send docs and docs and more docs, in an never ending process then you can expect to wait as much as 8 months to maybe get an answer.
These people are a complete mess. Never seen that...And I worked for some bad outfits. I just can not imagine going through training.
But again, look at the pedigree of their management from top to bottom. It is easy to figure it out ..
Funny enough, they do need pilots and are canceling vacations left and right.
Their turnover is one of the highest, all nationalities.... That says it all...
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This topic will never end to make me laugh. Samca this is especially for you, please listen up and try to understand my point. I am originally from Europe, I had the pleasure and honor to be naturalized in the US in 2006 after 13 being a resident in the States. I have an FAA atpl and a CFI, II, MEI instructor license, just recently I have converted my FAA atpl into CAA UK EASA ATPL. Here's the thing, the process was insane, hard, absurd and useless for about 80% of the material covered. In Europe we put more enphasis on the theory part, on the other end in US the FAA for each licence requires a limited knowledge that is required to exercise the privilege. Having said that, in US in order to get a job with an airline one needs to have a basic knowledge that goes far beyond the one required by the FAA to pass an ATP test.

In Europe the EASA ATPL is a finishing line, in US the ATP is a licence to learn. I worked in the States for 15 years and for my last 4 years I worked as captain at Copa, I ve flown with lots of spanish pilots, some of them good some of them ok, it is not the licence that makes you a good pilot, it is your attitude first and than all the rest.

Samca with your statement you are killing the spirit of aviation, try not to make such a statement regarding your fellows compadres being superiors to the rest of the community, it is not fair because in life you never know, since you re talking about the superiority of the spanish pilots you might wanna tell the story of the spanish pilot who got violated in Chicago for making a180 degrees turn instead of turnig to 180 heading after take off, was he calculating the wind trygonometry as he was flying? A great Italian scientist, Leonardo da Vinci once said" simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" americans are great because they embrace that principle, and don't forget the US landed on the moon before you were born.

Most of your country men learnt a lot not from their jaa licence, but from flying with a bunch of retired Southwest pilots for long time, that eperience was priceless. Please stop this non sense because in US a pilot with 1000 hours doesn't even serve coffee on an airliner.
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Saraceno you are not in the company now and I see what are you looking for here with your 'explanation' about the incident in Chicago. It is a poor and bad intentionated sentence and of course you are not explaining the history how it was, just the part you are interested people now. I know this FO he is an excellent chap and better pilot but we are humans and sometimes we make mistakes it is part of our job. I completely sure that it was not a issue of básic knowledge of aviation, it was a comunication problem with controller. Anyway your answer it is a little be cruel and it is not fair.
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Dear Samca, I would love to know your employee number at Copa so when I see you assigned to a flight on my GENDEC, I can tell you what an ignorant, arrogant, uneducated, impolite, racist and ungrateful individual you are.

You should limit yourself to flying within Europe. I dislike complainers like you, and this should not even be a topic of conversation, FAA vs EASA, man, you sound like Kelly's "my milkshake brings out all the boys in the yard, and they're like it's better than yours, damn right, better than yours, I can teach you but I'd have to charge"...

There's a joke that goes like this, a US pilot will fly from point A to point B, and is not able to explain how he got there, a Spanish pilot will fly from point A to point B, crash somewhere in between at location C, and will give you all kinds of reasons and explanations as to why that happened.... it's not mine, I read it somewhere here on PPRuNe and it made me laugh.
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LOL, yes I second that, being an "estupido" Norteamericano flying here at Copa I too would like to know Samcas ID!!! There is a lot of diversity here but so far I have had zero problems, hopefully it stays that way!!!
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it is ok for my side stop discussion about the difference between EASA and FAA written exams because it seems to be that people here is so stupid that doesn't learned to read properly. I'm comparing the way of getting two diferent licences EASA and FAA and you are all the time speaking about formed proffesional pilots differences and creating a stupid 'polemica'. So it is like speak with a wall. Finish you win Bye
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The fact of the matter...

The fact of the matter is that what makes a good pilot, a good person, a good human being, is the willingness to never stop learning and also in our business in particular is a pilots attitude towards safety and towards getting the job done in a way in which passengers can go on to their destinations, plane can be reutilized, cargo can be offloaded and forwarded to destination, and the crew can go home.

For you to mention that A side is better than B side because one side has to do X amount of exams does not mean anything. 14 exams don't mean anything if you cheat on them. You seem to not value how much effort people on this side of the globe have to put into things.

As a human sitting on a cockpit with a mission of getting paid to get a plane with passengers from point A to point B, once you are there the job is to help the flight succeed. You don't criticize the guy sitting next to you for whatever lack of skill, knowledge he might seem to show on that particular point in time, just make the flight succeed and get on with it.

It really doesn't matter if they are from whatever place in the world or from Mars or Venus, what matters is the willingness to get the job done professionally.

Besides, regardless of your background once you get here, this is all standardized. The guy that came in with 250 hours straight out of flight school, the guy that came with 1000 but no jet time, the captain that flew a Twin Otter for 5000 hours, the ex military pilots, we all have to perform within certain published standards that are enforced by AAC, FAA and ICAO. Failure to perform up to the standard and the individual will not get the job. Many pilots come here to Panama to try their luck, many washout at different stages of training. So if you make the flight line you already passed many serious filters, you are operational.

Before you make claims like the ones you have made I suggest you post statistics and serious studies and references to what you claim to be fact. Over here on this side of the world we are taught something called critical thinking, you seem to lack that. What emanates from your posts is nothing but pure racism, ignorance and bigotry.

I would also strongly advise, and don't take me wrong, but please improve you English speaking/writing skills before the next time you fly into the USA you get involved in a serious violation. Besides a man of your caliber should not have the level of English of an elementary school child.

I thought schools in your side of the globe where first class. What happened you didn't get 14 exams to learn English? I'm not trying to be mean, but you started this.
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So, Anyway!!!

Has anyone in here been offered a Job with COPA and had to defer the start date to the Bridge Course?
If you did, were you contacted later or had a progressive exchange of emails with HR on plans toward the new start date?
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bonding contract and schedule


Going to start in Copa here end of january.

A few questions I could not find in the forum so far:

1) Is there a bonding for the training? If so, on how much, for how many years, and does it get less every year? Is it only signed after you pass the training?

2) The scedule. One said he average was flying about 80h 23 days a month, average leg 5 hours - so do you have plenty of time on outstations to do some sightseeing? Or is it just a quick night sleep (or day sleep), shower and early breakfast and then back home....? I am asking because I come from Europe, and Copa has a lot of exotic destinations I would like to experience - not only from the hotel window....

3) Any one had luck in bringing their girlfriend with them? Or is that only possible if you are married?? Is it possible for her to find a job in Panama as a Dental technician when she does not speak spanish - yet?

See you all soon
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COPA Airlines interviews

As for the dental technician part, I don't think it is possible, most medical professions in Panama are reserved for Panamanians only.
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Dct captain

Hi Guys, i d like to let you know that Now Copa don t accept Dc entry captain at all.
few days ago I called the HR ( I had a chat with someone in the recruitment) and he confirmed me that at the moment they do not need Captain.
Very sad for that!!!
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Prepare yourself for a culture shock!

As I said previously Copa is the worst place to work in the world, I was there for 4 years and besides Copa's crap, I was really tired of lackadaisical attitude of panamanians. If you have no other options and are low time piston I understand, but definitely leave your girlfriend in Denmark, don't take her there, I made the mistake to move my family and it almost cost me a divorce.
Copa stopped hiring captains not because they dont need them, but because they are upgrading lots of FO's, their new strategy is to hire low time piston pilots who cannot get a job anywhere else and upgrade their fo's in order to control the continuos loss of captains. Good luck to you and be very patient, I hope you have savings because the pay as fo is a misery.
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Go have fun get your time and go home or your next job. It's that simple

Don't go as an FO it will suck

I spend a little over 2 yrs as a Captain on the 73 and had a lot of fun and met great people.
Co pilots? You set the cockpit, they are good great and bad,,,,,I was lucky to have 99 percent great partners on that seat and that's what they are partners.

Currently flying for one of the top 3 airlines in the US for the record
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