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Jobs in the region (Merged ad nauseam)

The Caribbean and Latin America Aviation has been around South America and the Caribbean since the early days. A forum for aviators from that part of the world.

Jobs in the region (Merged ad nauseam)

Old 21st Dec 2004, 05:44
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Location: Bahamas
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work permit???

I been on the bahamas waiting for a company to start up for 6 months now. I am starting to look elsewhere for a job. After reading alot of forums I won't ask stupid questions like where and who will hire me, I know those answers myself.....anywhere and nowhere.....
What I would like to know is what countries in the carribean/latin-A./south A. is it easy or possible to get a work-permit. I would be very thankfull for information like; in the bahamas it is relativly easy, but you have to pay a fee ranging from 3-7 thousand US dollars and it would most likely be subtractet from your pay-check(and som companies don't care if you have a work-permit).

All info about this would be very helpfull.

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Old 4th Jan 2005, 18:50
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Check open Pilot positions posted Jan-04-2005

Hi guys, our Company based in the Caribbean, today
( Jan-4-2005 ) posted Captain openings for C-208B. Good luck.
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Old 10th Jan 2005, 15:45
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Heading South

As a female Canadain/EU resident, and Canadain Multi IFR'd pilot with an Islander PPC, is going and knocking on companies door in Carribean or Central America a good idea? I am thinking of doing in the next year and i am just wondering what time of year is the best time to go? , and what countries/operators would you reccomend?
Thanks for the tips!
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Old 10th Jan 2005, 17:10
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In the first place, I'd recommend doing a little research. So you could always start by finding out what has already been asked and answered in this forum before instead of being lazy.
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Old 11th Jan 2005, 19:57
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Work down south for a low-timer

Anyone know of companies in the Caribbean that hire lowtimers? I have a rotary and fixedwing canadian CPL and willing to travel anywhere. Do not want to pay for a PPC but training bond is A-OK

Always wanted to work down there. I don't like -40 celsius
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Old 12th Jan 2005, 04:24
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Sounds like Captain Stable will have to repeat himself

Do a search on this forum; generally speaking, the grass is always greener on the other side. The chances are limited, even when you overcome the work authorization/language barries.

Good luck!
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Old 12th Jan 2005, 19:15
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Canada
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yes silly me spoke without searching. I read Captain Stable's post very closely. Any Canadian's here working in T & C?
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Old 16th Jan 2005, 03:22
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Bahamas
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Unhappy Tips to fly by in the caribbean

To Armac and Kerosen dreams.

I went down to the caribbean to knock on doors and try to get a job. The plan was to start north and go south all the way down to trinidad and tobago.
Well, I started in Nassau, Bahamas ( because that was the cheapest ticket from London....) and I did not get any further.
The first company I contacted said that if I paid my own type-rating they GUARANTEED me a paid position as a F/O.
I got my type-rating(be-1900,$15000), and returned, I had kept in touch with the chief-pilot the month I was doing the training telling him when I would be back, so they would not forget me.
When I got back they told me they did not need pilots anymore and showed me the door.......but maybe they would need me in one month, so I waited one month, then one more, then one more, then one more......I came to the Bahamas in june 2004 and I left just before christmas.
Since I spent all my money on the type-rating my caribbean adventure did not go any further.
I was in thouch with other companies, only one thing to say, alot of promises, not alot of action....
Alltogether I spent somewhere around $30000 on the whole thing without getting paid one dollar back.

And for you Armac, my girlfriend was travelling with me, and as a woman in the Bahamas she won't recommend it. They will always try to hit on you saying things that can not be mentioned here, BUT IT'S NOT NICE. And very few will respect you as a woman.

As for the rest of the caribbean I don't know, this list contains info on most airlines/charter companies down there; http://www.caribbeanaviation.com/airlines.htm

If you check out my other posting on this thread you will find some info about work-permit to.
And one more thing, living-expenses on the bahamas is something like ca. $1000 for rent, $500 for food(per person) and beer $3-6 per bottle in a bar.

Good luck.....
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Old 16th Jan 2005, 07:43
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Thank you jonas_tind, your information helps me out alot.
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Old 8th Feb 2005, 20:08
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does anybody knows or heard
something about recruiting in CopaAirlines
in Panama
since they're gonna receive 30 EMB190
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Old 28th Feb 2005, 22:26
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Those asking about jobs in Caribbean.
Here is a link to some of the larger outfits.
However,be advised that there are a lot of furloughs still waiting to get back in.

(look under hiring requirements)

The smaller operators do hire non-nationals from time to time when in a bind, and that is where your best bets are.
In terms of licences, preferences vary but generally JAR has least conversion hassle, then Canadian, then FAA.
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Old 22nd Apr 2005, 00:22
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Canadian in Trinidad & Tobago

Hello, I'm just wondering if it is possible for a born Canadian, with no family ties to Trinidad, to work as a pilot there. I have a good friend playing around with the idea starting a very small charter down there. Just wondering if I could fly for him.

thanks alot
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Old 24th Apr 2005, 10:49
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Stumbling blocks

If you don't have a TT license then you'll not be able to fly a TT registered aircraft. Unless that is you have a foreign ATP upon which they will validate a TT CPL.

I suggest you search for any info you may need on previous posts here.

Hope that helps
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Old 20th May 2005, 08:00
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Jobs in Belize-GuatemalaCA


I know it might seems I am asking a place in the sun... but....

I'll be in Belize next week ,I am FAA-JAA pilot, 600tt 200 on the caravan,
do You know if there are some possibilityes to get a job or youe to build up time around those places?

Thanks a lot,

all advices will be well accapted....

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Old 20th May 2005, 10:20
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Foreign pilots are unwelcome in Guatemala as well as most Central American countries and Mexico-- the laws make it so. The exception is Belize, where carriers like Tropic Air and Maya-Island Air frecuently hire foreign pilots when the local talent is not available (both of these carriers use Cessna Caravans). There are also a few smaller charter operators at the downtown airstrip in Belize City (not the International airport you will probably fly into). I don't know what competitive qualifications are or what time of the year your chances are at their best, however, consider doing a "search" on this forum using the word "Belize" . . . . much has been written in the past including by pilots who have worked there or who currently work there.

Good luck.
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Old 20th May 2005, 16:24
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600TT with 200 CE208?
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Old 21st May 2005, 14:39
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Yes, 600 tt, 200 on ce 208a,55 multy, ATPL frozen jaa, Cpl ir me FAA.JAA, MCC on be200 ,bush flight training in Brasil,FI theory,

I'll be in Belize 30 th May, and I desperatly need a job or to build up flight time ................

Any suggestions will be really appreciated "Crack up"!!!!
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Old 8th Jun 2005, 17:37
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Location: "como todo buen piloto... mujeriego y borracho"
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Not sure either if it goes against forum policy, but it sure makes my little heart glow. . . . pilot wants job-- willing to pay for lead . . . will also pay for training . . . willing to work for nothing.

Here in this part of the world, we would really like to see the piss-poor pilot salaries go up. I don't think I like people like you.
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Old 8th Jun 2005, 19:16
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Maybe it's time to face the reality Panama Jack...To built future you have to invest in yourself or maybe reconsider your target. Maybe you should invest some time in finding out what the fundamental reasons are why the salaries are so low in this industry. Especially in the time building part of it.

Let's face this. When I decided to follow my dream at the age of 30, I had a salary I'm not going to make in 10 years. I've sold everything to start building on a new carreer. Now I'm on the beginning of something I always have wanted to become and I knew from the very beginning it would be hard to succeed. I also knew that 'just getting my license' was just the beginning of the negative cashflow.There are people who want to invest in a type rating and spend 30-40k of euro's. I don't blame them because this is how it's going to be for the future. Within 5 years our MCC made place for a type rating. Don't forget that the aviation industry is one of the youngest industries in the world. The industry is still unfolding and has a lot of 'child diseases'. Ask your local greengrocer if he's able to cope the competition with the big supermarkets in his neighbourhood. Is it fair? NO! Is it reality? YES!

Maybe one day I will touch the buttons of a real FMS. Maybe I'll greet the 420 passengers after a flight under my command, but it has never been my primary objective when I started pilot school. I've met a lot of collegae students who did and I hope they don't end up frustrated like you. Because that's what you are Panama Jack. Frustrated because you are still flying a plane which didn't appear in your dreams the night before your first flight in flight school.

Maybe I convinced you of spending some time to find out something about world economics. I know. It's not in the jaa atpl syllabus, but it's called basic general knowlegde. 'Google' it. Maybe you can find something about 'respect' as well. After all if you don't like me just because of my post you really have a shortness in your social skills. If you ask me not really an advantage to spend 11 hrs with somebody like you in your dreamliner...

Ciao for now
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Old 8th Jun 2005, 21:25
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In general, Dimiair, airlines will value you according to what you cost them, and how you value yourself.

IMO, the main reason pilot salaries are so low now compared to, say, 10-20 years ago is that pilots have been busily undercutting each other in the effort to find a job.

Let's face it - we're pilots because we love it. But airlines are now exploiting that, and us, to their own benefit. The tide is turning, however, and I strongly suggest that you go with it. Paying for training, for type ratings etc. is, I think, on the way out. Airlines are beginning to realise that they need to recruit the best people, not those most able to pay for training.

You need to take a reality check. Firstly, there are a lot of pilots out there younger than you and more experienced than you. That is what people are going to look at first. At your age, you are unlikely to find your way into a command of a piece of sexy, heavy machinery. You need to be prepared for meeting a lot of disappointments along the way. I think you need to lower your sights considerably.

If you want to fly in the Carib/LatAm region, you will find no shortage of people willing to steal the shirt off your back and then sell it back to you. They don't need any encouragement from you to do so.

I strongly suggest, without wishing to sound (or be) insulting, that you don't make a prostitute of yourself. Go for it, but don't ever sell yourself (or your colleagues) cheaply.
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