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johnezy 1st Feb 2007 17:29

hi Jenn thanx new you'ld understand lol :ok:
i forgot to say that we started off with 10 i think we were the 4th group of the day we were 6 by the interview stage they seemed to do the "no" after your tests (wich are very easy really, don't know why i was so worried about them) then you get your interview i was the last to be interviewed. I started at 11:30 am and was all done by 15:30 so quite a fast day comared to other airline interviews i've done in the past.

Princessjalee 1st Feb 2007 22:30

Hi all,
After a little advice! Arent we all! hehe!
When i first decided that i want to go into this line of work the only company i wanted to work for were virgin. So i was a bit disheartened when six months ago i applied and never even got an interview (Think i tried too hard maybe!)
So in the meantime i went to my first interview with a charter airline.....i got the job....and i am due to start on march 6th (if not just to get exp for virgin!). However still dream of working for virgin! So two days ago filled in another application and today heard i have an interview on feb 21st!!!!!
From what i have seen on some of these forums virgin can take as much as 2 weeks to get back to u which would lead me right up to march 6th not knowing what im doing!
I really dont want to miss this oppourtunity but im also worried about the possibility of - if i get virgin - letting this other company down right at the 11th hour. Plus if ive signed a contract am i tied down?
Any advice welcomed! Sorry its a bit of a rant, just in mixed emotions! :rolleyes: lol!
Jade x

Airlinegirl 2nd Feb 2007 05:48

Hi Jade

Why dont you try ringing Virgin to change the date of your interview to the beginning of next week? They will do that.. i did it this time.. and see what happens.. i think thats the only thing you can do!!!

Hope that helps!! :)

Princessjalee 2nd Feb 2007 08:23

Hi airline girl,

Thanks. I did think about doing that but thought it might look a bit cheeky.

Did you get the job?

I want this so bad that i dont really want to do anything to jepordise it or put a black mark next to my name!!!

Thanks again - Jade x

bcf&gloves 2nd Feb 2007 13:34

Hi Jamesfly

The on-line is a new feature as I had never come accross it before with VS.
I applied last Friday afternoon, and received and e-mail on Monday morning inviting me to an assessment day on the 15th Feb!

Having read all the posts on here, looking forward to the day. Fingers crossed all goes well!

Good luck with you application!:ok:

Princessjalee 2nd Feb 2007 14:28

To let you know i rang virgin and the only other date they could give me was the 19th 2 days earlier - had already booked a room for the night before the 21st though so seemed silly to lose that money for the sake of 2 days - if it was sooner i would have done!

Just have to hope it works out i guess!

So guys - what are the tips for the interview? What preperation do i need to do? What sort of q's?

Every little helps!

Ta xx

johnezy 2nd Feb 2007 15:58

hi all well it's friday and i have heard....nothing!! my phone rang today about 12ish i got really excited and my heart was bounding when i answered and a voice said is this john? i answered and really did think it was virgin :ooh: but it turned out to be my dentist reminding me of a check up on monday!! :( lol so i suppose i will have to wait out the weekend now and hopefully get a call on monday, or a turn down letter. i really hate all this waiting i just want to know now either way so i can get on with things. :ugh: Oh well i suppose i better just learn to be patient :)

Princessjalee 2nd Feb 2007 16:40

John, ruubish that you have to wait! They should just tell you the next day.....im sure it doesnt take THAT long to decide! lol!

How was the interview anyways? Take your mind off it and help me out! hehe!

Jade x

Airlinegirl 2nd Feb 2007 16:43

The waiting
Oh bless John.. i know the waiting is awful.. I wish they would just ring you the next day even if you havent got it.. it would save so much stress.. I was a mess at work today.. but its the weekend now so ill try and forget about it although it will be hard!! I really hope ive got it.. i certainly dont want to have to go through it again.. twice is enough!!

johnezy 2nd Feb 2007 16:48

yeah i know what you mean it was a great experience but i dont think i can go through all this again and on top of it have to wait 6 months to re-aply!!! thanks for everyones support i just hope i get it, otherwise i'll be doomed to wonder the ailse of 737's dressed in orange forever!!!:rolleyes:

I Just Want To Fly 3rd Feb 2007 14:31

Hi John, Good luck! I really hope you get it! I had to wait about 5 working days for my contract. They are still much better than many airlines.

I used to be with EZY too, at LGW. It seems that Virgin really likes EZY crew, we are safety oriented and hard working!

Training is much harder at Virgin, so be prepared for a lot of hard work!!! I'm half way through SEP and am so mentally drained!

Good luck to all!

TightSlot 4th Feb 2007 16:24

Posts deleted again today on this thread due to the use of Nokia Speak - save it for text messages - in here, we post in English. Think of it as training for the interview...

kmp1 4th Feb 2007 17:14

LOL ! Thanks tightslot! It was getting really annoying!! :ugh:

awesome1 4th Feb 2007 22:28

Qantas E.P Training
What are your Thought's?

GTCrew 4th Feb 2007 23:03

VS Cabin Crew Interview
I have an interview this friday for the position of Cabin Crew with Virgin Atlantic... however, and eventhough I believe my english level is very good, I donīt live in an english speaking country... do you think an accent could be a problem? Is it necessary to bring a printed CV with you to the interview? Also... any suggestions on how to behave during the interview... what to wear and what to expect in order to be better prepared, and last... do they actually hire male flight attendats? I'm starting to realize I've never actually seen a male cabin crew member on any Virgin flight...

johnezy 5th Feb 2007 12:17

well it monday and still nothing! oh well any day now, i suppose like everyone says on here no news is good news! hopfully i should hear this week.

GTCrew: wait till you get there you will see loads of male cabin crew working for virgin and some of them will no doubt not be from the UK. wear a clean smart suit and ensure you are clean shaven, be polite to EVERYBODY and smile loads. You don't need to take a CV, and remember if they didn't want to hire you, you wouldn't be invited to an interview!!!
best of luck :ok: :ok:

GTCrew 5th Feb 2007 17:12

Thanks for the advise johnezy! Wish me luck! :uhoh:

flytrompy 6th Feb 2007 07:58

interview on the 7th
Hi everybody !!!!!!!!!!!

I have my interview with VA tomorrow and I am wondering if is anybody here who can help me with some advices and maybe some information about the group activities, tests and 1:2 interview.

Thank you a lot.


Airhostessdream 6th Feb 2007 10:40

Ground staff jobs?
Hi Everyone!

As my post keeps getting suddenly deleted, yet for the third time, Can anybody help me with any information or advice regarding working as ground staff for Virgin Atlantic. I would be extremly grateful If anyone who has done the job or is in the position now could please private message me.

johnezy 6th Feb 2007 12:12

hi well just to keep you all informed i haven't heard anything as yet, but its only 4 working days so i'll just try and stay patient, wounder how long it takes them to send out rejection letters?!

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