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james2k7 26th Jan 2007 08:45

well done
Hey well done!

I have an interview on Feb 8th so am in the same boat!. Im pretty nervous myself as well, but also doing alot of reaserch etc and know what to expect (thanks to this site mainly!), which alot of people wont..

Please write up your thoughts etc after the interview and good luck!


johnezy 26th Jan 2007 17:24

hi cheers will do, good luck to you too also if you haven't there is a site wich is mainly for virgin passengers who love them! but it give a really good insight as to how virgin operate and what they are like from a pax piont of view http://www.v-flyer.com/ :ok:

Jenn 27th Jan 2007 08:19

Yipppeeeee Interview!!
Hi Guys,

I also have an interview on the 9th Feb - im so excited!!

I sent me application off tuesday & recevied an invitation to the interview weds - crazy!!

Does any one have any idea about the format of the interview or any pointers etc etc?

Im surprised to have got this far and dnt want to mess things up on the day!!

Only 2 wks to wait!! Any feedbk wld be much appreciated!


mamficat 28th Jan 2007 16:57

Hi Jenn

I had a virgin interview about 2 wks ago and it really is nothing to worry about.

When you first get there the assessors are waiting to greet you by the lift as you get out, just smile and be friendly.

They do sometimes ask the reception staff what they thought of you aswell so smile and be nice to them aswell.

You are taken to a waiting area in the crew room to meet the other candidates, so again be friendly and interact as you are also being watched by the crews waiting to go for their flights in the crew room.

You are all taken into a room and each person has to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about what they are doing at the moment, hobbies etc.

you are then all given a card to read out and then you are split into groups for the group exercise.
You are given a list of ten things that passengers have said about virgin and have to discuss it with your group and decide in what order of importance that they should go before presenting it to them in no longer than 2 mins (there are no right or wrong answers, they just want to see you interacting)

After the group session you are given a maths test which is just basic stuff but does include working out time differences and also a memory test so make sure you remember names, dates,times, colours etc.. this is multiple choice. you are on a time limit for both test, i think it was around nine minutes for each and the pass mark was 50%.

Once you get through all of that you have your 2-1 where you will get all your competency question such as how do you have fun at work, give an example of when you have given good customer service, had to deal with a difficult passenger etc.. Just have some different answers to the ones you gave on your application form as you cant use those again.

It sound like a lot but they are really nice and it is a really fun day so just enjoy it.

james2k7 29th Jan 2007 08:52

well done
Hey mamficat..

Well done for getting through it all, keep us posted on how you got on!

I have my interview day on the 8th Feb

Was wondering roughly how many people got through to the 2:1 interview? and also, what would you say the average age of the people there was?..

Also, im worried about the Maths test, is it really nothing to worry about and just simple maths?

Anyway all the best!

Nath x

mamficat 29th Jan 2007 13:43

Hi james2k7

Unfortunately I didnt get the job but hay it was good interview experience.
Everyone in my group got through to the 2-1 and my understanding is that if you passed the maths and memory test then you got an interview but dont quote me on that.

The maths test really was just simple stuff, adding up, multiplying and division and you can do all your workings out on the answer sheet.
I would say that the ages on my assessment ranged from 19-40.

Please dont worry too much and good luck

lil_tinkabell 29th Jan 2007 14:49

5th march
hey sumeya
congrats on getting the job! i start my trainning for virgin atlantic on the the 5th march also. cant wait!what dya did ya have ur interview?just wondering if we were there on the same day?
Have ya found anywhere to live yet close by? im just looking ta the moment.

sumeya 29th Jan 2007 15:50

Originally Posted by lil_tinkabell (Post 3095873)
hey sumeya
congrats on getting the job! i start my trainning for virgin atlantic on the the 5th march also. cant wait!what dya did ya have ur interview?just wondering if we were there on the same day?
Have ya found anywhere to live yet close by? im just looking ta the moment.

Hi Dannie!

Congratulations!!! Thats awesome! For a moment myself and a friend thought we were the only two people on the course starting the 5th of march! I had my interview on the 4th of January so probably a lil sooner than u had ur interview.

Not found anything yet ;( I'm looking for something that'll just cover me for the training period and gonna try commuting from the midlands after that. What are your plans? you going to relocate completely or just for the training period and where abouts are u from?


mamficat 29th Jan 2007 17:19

Hi Jenn,

They will let you know approx 7-10 days after your interview although I know of people who have had a phone call the next day.

They will tell you the course date when you get there, I think that they are running them all the time.

Everyone at my assessment got through to the 2-1 interview and the maths test is not multiple choice but is really not that difficult and as i said before the pass mark is only 50%.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

johnezy 30th Jan 2007 15:39

hi i have my interview tomorrow 31st jan, does anyone else have one for this day? have been practicing my sums and reading up on them loads. really nervous :eek: but also looking forward to it at the same time, will be quite excited driving down to gatwick tomorrow. will let everyone know how i got on tomorrow when i get back. :ok:

Jenn 30th Jan 2007 16:09

Good Luck!!
Good Luck with ur interview 2moro - I hope it goes really well!!

Looking forward to hearing how it goes!!


sumeya 30th Jan 2007 17:06

best of luck with ur interview tomorrow john!

keep us posted on how u get on!

Airlinegirl 30th Jan 2007 19:59

Hi John

I have my interview tomorrow? What time is yours? I had to change mine tomorrow cause i couldnt make the original date! Mine is at 11.. so scared this is my second attempt at virgin and im really scared this time!!!:eek:

bcf&gloves 31st Jan 2007 15:18


Can I just ask those of you who have just recently been for interviews with Virgin are they being held at Concord House? Only I been invited but was a little confused when it said Concord House always thought they held interviews at The Base!

Stupid I know but would like to make sure I'm going to the right place on the 15th Feb @ 0930 if anyone else is going to be there!

jamesfly 31st Jan 2007 16:36

I applied today
Hi guys,

Well I have taken the plunge and applied (online) for Virgin Cabin Crew. I already work for an airline on the ground and feel its time to move on.

I thought about applying a year and a half ago to Virgin and then got a paper application form sent out to me, but the other airline offered better pay and it seemed like a good idea at the time (it was, but I want to move on)

This time round I completed the application online ( is this something new??) and emailed/sent it today. Fingers crossed

I just wondering, in anyone's experiance what happens next? Is there a long wait? Do they have a holding pool? Does everyone get an invite to an assessment centre?

Thanks in advance

Jenn 31st Jan 2007 17:08

App Process
Hi JamesFly,

I looked online today and saw that they had changed the process - how bizzare?! I only applied last wk and it was still paper based!!

I had to complete the paper app and send it bk which has hard work --- the boxes were FAR too small to write ur ans in!!

Basically I sent the app tues and had an invite for the ass day on the weds - im not sure that it ususally happens this quickly but i was vvvhappy!! I have an ass day nxt wk so again for me it has happened vvv quick!! Reading other ppls threads it sounds like they try to vary the app process to keep ppl guessing?!

Anyways a couple of the ppl on here had interviews today so hopefully they can give us some feedback - seems vvvscary!!

Jenn x

johnezy 31st Jan 2007 18:07

hi all!

well i had my interview today (31st jan) it was at concorde house which is the virgin crew room. The day was really good, the recruitment team did a fantastic job to try and ensure everyone felt welcomed and comfortable, they really eased my nerves. The day went very fast and i got through to the 2 to 1 interview at the end. My interview felt quite rushed and it kind of took me unaware but i think i managed to answer all the questions as best i could and i know full well that the recruitment team know exactly what they want to see and hear. It may even have been that they had already made their minds up.

the day was fantastic and nothing to be too worried about. all i have to do now is wait and see, this is the frustraiting bit!!! i'm so excited to hear how i did. as soon as i know i will let you all know. well done to everyone who had their interview today and those who are waiting, best of luck and don't worry too much about it, the team are very good and also want the day to be fun and i garuntee it will be !! lol :D

Jenn 31st Jan 2007 19:31


Can i ask what type of ques did they ask u in ur one to one? you say it seemed quite rushed why was that?

How many of you were there in total? Did many ppl leave after each stage? or all until the 2:1

Sry for the ques but as im sure u know im so intrigued!!


jamesfly 1st Feb 2007 10:46

Hi Jenn

Maybe they want people to apply online as it takes too long to do the paper based application?? I'm not sure.

I must admit the paper application seemed like a bit of a chore and the two boxes definately didn't seem like much!

I had a missed call on my mobile and home phone this morning...but no message left, maybe it was them....who knows.

I'm getting the impression that they are trying to get crew recruited quickly.

johnezy 1st Feb 2007 17:15

hi jenn

the queations they ask you are very standard interview questions im not going to list them as it would be unfair. but i will say that they want some good examples of customer service. My questions were fired at me lol thats why it seemed rushed and i was kind of cut short on my answers. but all in all a very good experience, wheather i get it or not. still nothing today i was secretly hoping to get a call today as i know from previous posts that people do hear quite quckly and then some people are left in the dark for a few days so will just have to wait and see. i do hate this waiting though :ugh:

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