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sumeya 15th Jan 2007 14:33


I got it!


Florida 15th Jan 2007 14:35

Thx, smell the coffe. I totally agree. How do these ppl go shopping? Do they never count their change?
I think people fail the test just because of nervousness.
And what should I do about the English test? It's not my first language. But failing it, would just mean I have to practise more.

Good luck!:)

captainyonder 15th Jan 2007 16:10

Congratulations sumeya! My flat mate just heard he's got it as well! He starts on the 19th, when do you start?

GatwickGirlie 15th Jan 2007 17:31

Hi guys! :)

I take it there's still a 5'2" height restriction with Virgin? I'd love to apply, but as I'm just under 5ft, I feel I'd be wasting my time! :( It's the only thing holding me back, as I feel I fit their other requirements! Are they really strict on the height thing at the moment?? :(

Cheers! xxx

Head_in_clouds 15th Jan 2007 19:58

Yes you get measured at the interview. Its really important that you meet the heights as the safety equipment is high and for safety reasons. I can't think of an airline without the height requirements:confused:

Emmy Lou 15th Jan 2007 20:42

Well done!
:D Well done Sumeya!!! I have been following your posts as I posted to you a while back re. where to stay when attending your interview. I was interviewed on 4th Jan and got the job as Inflight Beauty Therapist, so we could be on some flights together later this year!!!

Emmy Lou X

sugarplum fairy 16th Jan 2007 08:17

Well done sumeya! ive been reading your posts too, so im really pleased for you! i bet you o n top of the world!

Well done :D !

Tulip2007 17th Jan 2007 12:13

CONGRATULATIONS Sam! That's amazing news! Bet you are dead excited!

See you in the air soon! :D

Christine x

sumeya 17th Jan 2007 16:01

Hi guys!

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting me during my dreadful wait! (It was well worth it tho!) I start on the 5th of March and can't wait! I can't believe it! Everythings happened so quick and it seems like a dream!

Look forward to seeing u guys around at the training centre and those of you who are still in the application process- best of luck!

leeUK 18th Jan 2007 05:43

Have been following your Virgin saga and just wanted to say many congratulations and all the best for your new career!! :ok:

N Byrne 18th Jan 2007 09:51

Virgin Telephone Interview
I have a telephone interview tonight !!! Help!! I need some ideas about what sort of questions they are going to ask!!!


vodkaholic 18th Jan 2007 12:06

didn't realise virgin did telephone interviews...have they changed their process yet again?

I Just Want To Fly 18th Jan 2007 17:26

Virgin likes to keep people guessing, by varying there recruitment processes, and waiting times.

Three weeks after I applied, I had a phone interview. Then two weeks later, I was invited to attend the interview.

It tooks 5 days to find out after the interview.

Good luck to all...!!!

Questions on the phone interview are basic examples of dealing with customers and problems and teamwork.

flyin bird 21st Jan 2007 09:22

Find me a home
Hit there, could anyone help with any cheap and cheerful accomadation inthe area, Im due to start training with Virgin 25th Feb???

NickyMcC 21st Jan 2007 16:51

Interview tips for IFBT?
Hi Guys...

Just trying to fathom out how this system works??
Anyway, anyone got any tips for interview process for inflight beauty therapists?
Just trying to gauge what you are required to do on the day with regards trades tests and written papers?

Many Thanks xxx

AP 22nd Jan 2007 12:10

Hi Bexter...in regards to training i may be wrong but i was told that you can't push the training date back. You have to tell them at your interview if you can't make the training date they tell you at the beginning of your interview, which is what i had to do.
Once your contract has been issued with your start date you can't change it.
First flight is generally 2 days after your wings ceremony which is when your training finishes. My friend started on the 8th jan and they have already got their rosters for Feb and most of them have flights 2 days after wings.

AP 22nd Jan 2007 13:58

when you go for your assesment they tell you at the beginning of the day what date your training will start. Then when you have your 2-1 interview, tell them then that you can't make that date for whatever reason and they'l tell you the other dates that courses are starting. Thats what i did.
At the moment for the time being i think there are courses starting every week or every couple of weeks.:ok:

james2k7 25th Jan 2007 08:33

Hey peeps,

well excited.. got a letter through this morning and have an interview day of FEB 8th!

Any one else?!



shaun ryder 25th Jan 2007 13:05

virgin returners
hi guys , i left virgin a junior in july to pursue a career in short haul which to my dismay was harder work and paid less.

has anyone done the returners course lately ? know of any accomadation in crawley for the two weeks this takes ??


johnezy 25th Jan 2007 16:43

hi i have an iterview with virgin on the 31st Jan, can't believe it!! :D really nervous about the day, anyone else have an interview on this day?

i really want to work for them, currently i work for easyjet and would love the travel you get with virgin, everytime i do a flight i just really want to get off the plane and explore, bit difficult with 20 min turnarounds lol

just so hope i get it! i have been doing loads of research on the company, so i can be as prepared as possible!:8

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