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teen wanabee crew 5th Aug 2007 10:47

Thanks again tea or coffee. :)
I've gone off the idea of going back to 'school' for another 2 years.
I think i'm going to try and get an apprenticeship in a customer service role, maybe a travel agents.

Teen :ok:

Kristina1980 7th Aug 2007 12:11

Oh no am i really all alone for my interview on the 17th????

Ok well maybe someone can help with my next question......i want to stay close to the base on Thursday night before my interview, just so i'm not rushing or in a panic about traffic etc. Can anybody advise me on where is best to stay, i know there have been other posts on this but which would be closest to the base making it minimum hassle to get to in the morning.

Also i was due to go on holiday this day but have decided to get a later flight as i really don't want to miss this opportunity, does anyone know the approx latest time i would finish?

Thanks again, hope i get a reply to this one.

emerald_aisle 7th Aug 2007 17:18

VS Training 22nd October
Hi Guys! Finally, I signed my contract with VS and manage to send it to them. I'm so happy but Just a bit worried with my refs. Is anyone starting on the 22nd October?. :) Hope to hear from anyone... Good Luck to everyone whose having their interview with Virgin. :)

Zoomboi 9th Aug 2007 19:01

December start
Hi guys, so excited found out a few weeks ago I got Virgin!! yey! is anyone waiting for a course date nov/dec?

chelsey_coventrygirl 9th Aug 2007 22:58

Hey everyone. I'm hoping to work for virgin atlantic when i'm older :), can someone tell me how old you have to be to work for them?

paulaAEU 10th Aug 2007 10:15

Start date!
hi zoomboi.... I had my interview on 26th july and found out that I got the job...but still not heard anything re a start date yet. When was your interview? do you think it'll be nov/dec before we start? paula

SD83 10th Aug 2007 13:52

Application Done
Hi All

I have recently completed my VA application and very excited about this. I was wondering how long it usually takes for them to send you notification to whether you application has been succefull or not & To when the interview might be.

Thanks For you help on this :ok:


paulaAEU 10th Aug 2007 15:41

Hi sd83...
I found out a few days after I sent my application that i had an interview scheduled for 1 and a half weeks later! So it is all very quick! best of luck...paula:)

Kristina1980 10th Aug 2007 16:08

SD, i sent my application 18th July, took 2 weeks and 1 day to hear i have interview for 17th Aug (one week today arghhh). So although some do hear quickly mine was a fortnight.x

redgirlcrew 10th Aug 2007 20:32

If you have any concerns re refs then call HR. I was very worried as I start 8th October but cannot hand notice in at job until 23rd Aug, so last thing I need is work getting asked for a ref before I have told them. Need every penny I can earn before training. Was also concerned re a ref that I may have an issue getting. HR were very helpful and put my mind at rest.

Good luck.

redgirlcrew 10th Aug 2007 20:40

:eek: Can anybody tell me about the 25m swim?
Is there a time limit? Does it matter how you swim it? front, back, etc.
Not the best swimmer in the world, better when I have my scuba gear on....ha ha ha
Do you have to tread water for a time?


emerald_aisle 11th Aug 2007 17:46

Redcrewgirl, how many weeks notice will you give your current employer?. Do you think it's right to give 2 months notice as I've already signed the contract with Virgin?.:bored:

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