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TightSlot 9th Jan 2007 09:54

Virgin UK - Wannabees & Recruitment
Virgin UK thread for those with questions about the recruitment process

sumeya 9th Jan 2007 15:13

This has got to be the most traumatising feeling ever! One of the blokes on my assessment day just found out he got the job so I rang them up and asked them if they could tell me the outcome of my interview and they said my application is still active- nothings been posted out yet so they couldn't tell me anything! I'm just thinking thats got to be a bad sign coz surely they wouldn't mind giving u good news over the phone but not bad news!

Has anyone else out there had an interview recently and heard anything yet?


Emmy Lou 9th Jan 2007 17:01

Hi All - this is an ecstatic Emmy Lou,

:O Have found out today that I have got the job of In-flight Beauty Therapist!!!!!

Am soooo happy and excited!!!!!

Training is due to start on the 26th Feb - anyone else starting training then? :O

captainyonder 9th Jan 2007 17:35

Congratulations guys! I have a friend who was on the selection on the 2nd of Jan, he hasn't heard yet. When did you guys do your selection?

Virgin Boi 9th Jan 2007 21:31


In response to your question on the Virgin general thread, you asked "Do Virgin only hire ex- VB crew?"

I take it you mean Virgin Blue, and when you consider that V/Atlantic have in the region of 4000 cabin crew, and have been operating for nearly 22 years, perhaps a little research is required about the company you'd like to join!? :ugh:

sumeya 10th Jan 2007 12:17

Originally Posted by captainyonder (Post 3059192)
Congratulations guys! I have a friend who was on the selection on the 2nd of Jan, he hasn't heard yet. When did you guys do your selection?

I had my interview on the 4th of Jan. Still haven't heard anything yet! People who had their interview on the 8th have heard as well..... this wait isn't good for my health! Ive been comfort eating and I'm sure I must have put on about half a stone in the last 4 days!

Ground Bound 10th Jan 2007 12:29

Don't hege your bets,guys. Virgin have a bad reputation for firing peoplre at the ned of their probation if their face doesn't fit

I Just Want To Fly 10th Jan 2007 12:39

Ground Bound what exactly do you mean by this? Please elaborate...

sumeya 10th Jan 2007 14:45

Originally Posted by Ground Bound (Post 3060667)
Don't hege your bets,guys. Virgin have a bad reputation for firing peoplre at the ned of their probation if their face doesn't fit

When u say ''if their face doesn't fit'' what do u mean?

Any reputable company would have the sense to initially hire you on a probationary period to see how you work. If you don't work hard and tend to have a demotivated attitude to work its only natural for them to not want to keep you on. If u ask me, you've got to be a fool to mess up and if u do then the job really isn't for you!

lollypop 10th Jan 2007 18:06

E-Learning Tests
Does anyone know if you only get once chance to take and pass the Knowledge tests of each section in E-Learning?
Or are you able to take the tests as many times as you like until you pass? :confused:

skyboy1919 10th Jan 2007 23:28

Hi everyone

I wanted to ask a couple of questions relating to Virgin, I was wondering if someone could let me know if...

Do junior crew train on both airbus and boeing aircraft and operate all routes stright away?

Roughly how much is the take home pay monthly?

How many sectors/nights away a month?

Does Virgin like "old crew", previous flying experience/not far off 30 here!

Do you still fly out of both LHR & LGW?

Can you request routes ?

I have not flown for a couple of years but am thinking of manking a return at the end of the summer, always quite liked the idea of Virgin but know things change in this industry all the time so would be greatful for some information.

Thanks in advance.

MzGuilty 11th Jan 2007 10:30

Firstly, as for the precourse e-learning, you can take the modules as many times as you want, the important thing is you have to achieve the pass mark and finish them all.

Yes, crew are trained on both Boeing and Airbus, and yes you fly out of both LHR and LGW. Please note you only get one parking pass now, so have to catch the Virgin bus between airports if you fly from the one you don't have a parking pass for. This adds a lot of time to an already long day.

Can't really comment on takehome pay, as I have pension etc deducted, but the gross pay for the first year is about 10,500. You get allowances on top of this which vary from very low to OK, and are paid in local currency downroute. SFO is one of the higher allowances, MCO one of the lower.

Nights away? You are guaranteed nine days off per month, the rest of the days you work. I usually get about 11 days off per month. Trips vary in length from two days (JFK) to nine days (KHG-SYD)

Yes they are taking on a lot more mature crew nowadays, there's no longer that age limit.

You can bid for trips after a year, but there's no guarantee you'll get them.

If you want more info on the allowances, please PM me. Virgin is like all other airlines nowadays, with cutbacks and getting you to work more. Having said that, I've worked for a few airlines and Virgin is definitely the one I'm happiest at. Good luck :ok:

sumeya 11th Jan 2007 17:26

Originally Posted by Bexter (Post 3062918)
Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum! My application form to Virgin is in the post and I am tres excited about the prospect of sending it off and hopefully securing an interview! I'm in the midst of a career re-direction and wondered if anyone could tell me if Virgin look sympathetically on those who have been working in other fields (in my case PR). I am a graduate with some limited customer service expereince and was a member of the RAF at uni which I loved. My father is a pilot and I am well travelled having lived across 4 countries including the Middle East which makes me very understanding of other people's cultures. For some reason i'm just very worried that I won't even be invited for interview as it seems so competitive. I really want to do this but worry that because I haven't been working directly with face-to-face customer service roles in the past 5 years that they won't be interested. Don't client servicing count? :O


As long as you can turn it around and draw on any customer service examples you should be fine. I know a few people who have been successful even though they haven't been in face to face customer service roles. Like you say you're well travelled and have a broad insight of different cultures etc.

You'll be fine mate! best of luck!

by the way guys...... its been 8 days now and still not heard anything! :ugh:

captainyonder 11th Jan 2007 18:06

Don't worry sumeya, talking to my friend who did his interview on the 2nd he still hasn't heard back although most of the people he did the selection with have been turned away. I'm sitting here with him now and he's a heap of nerves!! I keep on having to tell him no news is usually good news. Keep us informed.

crewbus 12th Jan 2007 08:27

Sumeya, have you heard anything yet?

sumeya 12th Jan 2007 09:56

nothing yet guys! absolutely nothing! thats pants! Mind you the post hasn't arrived yet for today so i got my fingers crossed there will be a big A4 size envelope in it for me! :hmm:

Bexter, don't send a photo coz they don't ask for one. They don't judge you by looks- unless of course you weigh 18 stone and theres no way u'll fit down the aisle! so I really don't think u got anything to worry about. In regards to helpful hints and tips.... they will ask you two main questions in the application form in regards to your customer service experience. They asked for an example of when I gave excellent customer service to someone and how I went that extra mile and secondly, how I dealt with an irate customer. So just think long and hard befpre you put pen to paper because this will be your only chance to sell yourself for an interview with them!

Head_in_clouds 12th Jan 2007 13:19

VS recruit all year round and they have plans for more routes this year

yachtno1 12th Jan 2007 16:02

Bexter. they look for the "Virgin Flair" ...:)

sumeya 12th Jan 2007 16:33

they certainly do look for the virgin flair coz that was one of the questions in my interview. Also, if you try your best and give your application form the thought its worth then your application will stand out like a sore thumb amongst the rest!

p.s. 9 days now and still nothing! I'm thinking now they may have meant 7-10 working days. How am I gonna get through the weekend guys?! Sob Sob :(

sumeya 12th Jan 2007 17:33

Originally Posted by Bexter (Post 3064843)
Well good luck to you! It must be awful waiting to hear for so long. Often no news is good news though...

I've heard about this infamous 'Virgin Flair'?! Some have suggested that it is a trick question because Virgin are trying to get away from their previous elitist image of skinny, good looking blondes etc.

Also some have suggested its a genuine question about innovation and fun?!

Which one is it? I think if I was a recruiter its the kind of question you ask to see how prepared someone is to kiss serious a*se! Its not really a genuine question is it? Or am I reading too much into it?:bored:

hah hah! u don't wanna know what i said! well they kind of rephrased it to me... they asked ''how would virgin customers remember you?'' to which I replied after a small pause ''my beautiful smile!'' followed by a giggle. how cheesy! so yeah i did kiss arse but i did add i have a bubbly and friendly personality, i'm the sort of girl who will make conversation with a granny at a bus stop. also i have exceptional customer service skills and looking for a new challenge! (deep breath)

** I feel like I'm reliving my traumatising interview again!

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