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crewbus 14th Nov 2007 08:23

Sydney base is getting up and running in Feb next year, according to an unplugged session a couple of months back. Though it is a base to be built up slowly, so dont expect any massive recruitment drives to fill up the Sydney base.

As for the CS who has been flying all of a year, please dont patronise us in briefing by talking about what to do in a rejected take off or such scenarios unless you are able to tell us what you would do - and I mean tell us what you would do in your own words, not word for word from the manual. Being able to think outside the square should be the main critieria observed when selecting a CS.

DJCCGuy 27th Nov 2007 04:44

So we've been sent two emails now telling us that stage 1 of the new bidding system will be in place for bidding on the January roster, and that we should only bid for what we want, as the new system will do everything it can to make sure we get what we want... Do we think it's going to actually work? Lets hope so! Does anyone know what the extra bidding options are going to be that will be released with the next stage?

Oh and our new cabin bags have arrived...it's always fun to get something new! Now we need a whole new uniform to go with it! There's been lots of talk online about this...anyone know if it's actually going to happen?

sinala1 27th Nov 2007 10:52

Originally Posted by DJCCGuy
Oh and our new cabin bags have arrived

Unfortunately not! Another email came out today saying that they are further delayed... I wonder whats happened?

dj_candidate 27th Nov 2007 12:55

Originally posted by Sinala1
... I wonder whats happened?
Galley-FM reports that the bags are unable to stand up once they have any contents...

Anyone want 1500+ wheelie bags with balance problems? - going cheap!

DJCCGuy 28th Nov 2007 08:05

Galley-FM reports that the bags are unable to stand up once they have any contents...

Anyone want 1500+ wheelie bags with balance problems? - going cheap!
Thats so typical of the company! These bags were being trialled online by a number of crew for months...and they still can't get it right!

Big Hairy Potatoes 28th Nov 2007 11:55

Thats so typical of the company! These bags were being trialled online by a number of crew for months...and they still can't get it right!
Ahem. The decision on the bags would have hinged a great deal on the feedback and critique of the bags by the crew in question. If the trial was conducted by crew for months and this has happened (if it is true) then the feedback on the bags must have been inaccurate. It astounds and annoys me that fellow crew bitch and moan about decisions that they had been involved in. Crew meals is another that comes to mind.

sinala1 28th Nov 2007 12:03

Lets also not forget that it is possible that the bags have been not quite manufactured to the specifications given...

Either way its disappointing :(

Crew meals - I eat them! And I don't piss, moan or bitch about them...

wirgin blew 30th Nov 2007 01:18

Bags returned to manufacturer I believe as the stand on the bottom wasnt far enough forward to keep them up. The bags arent as big as I expected but at least we can walk along with one wheelie bag in either hand with our chests out. :O
Meals are still under discussion whether they stay or go with managment blaming the tax office and our allowances as the reason behind this. I know we get paid a DTA for that but we cant be expected to buy a sandwich off the cart everyday and I am sure some crew wouldnt even bother buying them if you know what I mean.
Good news is the payrise backdated to the 1st of Sept. A little bonus for us all before XMas.


DJ_Fly_Boi 30th Nov 2007 20:45

We will be wearing the current uniform for years to come. - That was straight from the Horses mouth - so to speak.

The uniform may have its flaws - but its part of the branding - there have been some subtle changes to it over the past 7 years - but we wont be getting a new uniform anytime soon. The cost of designing and implenting a complete new uniform for over 2000 staff is just way to expensive, and could be deemed a waste of money.

Although some crew dont think we look professional - therefore dont think we act professional - I think looking professional is a state of mind, think back to training - we're professionally trained - it cant be too hard to act that way.

QF skywalker 1st Dec 2007 00:18

From an outsiders point of view I have always liked the DJ uniform. The colours and design are great. It's not always so great wearing a scarf/tie everyday !

The only thing I would change about the DJ uniform is possibly the day bag/shoulder bag. It looks very 'uni student ' and perhaps a more professional image could be achieved with solid bag with the DJ logo.

Do the new wheelie bags have the DJ logo on them ? What colour are they and what do they look like ?

Safe landings guys ;)

DJCCGuy 1st Dec 2007 04:33

The new wheelie bags are black, with a smallish Virgin Blue logo on the front.

All Cabin Crew have to give back their current shoulder bag before they will be given the new wheelie bag, so we will all soon be looking a little bit more professional with these new wheelie bags soon!

DJCCGuy 5th Dec 2007 05:57

Have you submitted Safety/Hazard reports to the safety dept yourself? Don't rely on CC Management saying they will submit it on your behalf as it just may not get done... Apart from that perhaps if you're a union member contact the FAAA for further advice if the company isn't supporting you any further...hunching over with your back touching the cieling in the galley is insane!

dyal1 6th Dec 2007 05:29

V Australia
hi everyone

it is good to hear that V Australia will be recruiting early next year. I attended a VRD in October for domestic and i didnt get through, so therefore i cannot reapply until next october. I was wondering whether this also includes applying for V Australia as well?

Thanks :)

sinala1 6th Dec 2007 06:14

I too am 193cm or there abouts, and so far am not having any major issues height wise on the E170... the flight deck is a totally different story though! Admittedly I don't spend an awful lot of time in the rear galley, but so far I have been quite happy and comfortable working on it. The fwd galley feels roomier to me than some of our B737's - although it does have a serious lack of storage space, as does the rear galley!

sharz87 8th Dec 2007 06:12

quick question
hi everyone! :)
just wondering with the large recruitment happening next year with the introduction of the Embraer E170/E190 ejets does anyone know which base will be expected to have the largest intake? I'm a Melbourne girl however i am happy to move 2 brissy or the new Syd base if necessary I'm just curious where the majority of cabin crew openings will be?

transcontinentalcc 9th Dec 2007 12:01

I'd say heavy recruitment would be for a SYD base... plus for both MEL and BNE for those who want to head over to long haul - if it gets offered of course.

On that note... anyone know any info on VAustralia base/routes/layovers/pay/training schedule as yet?

wirgin blew 9th Dec 2007 22:13

Still no official word on V other than recruitment for CC will be in the first half of 2008. All you can do is express your interest and keep it updated.
The rest is rumour.
Since AWA's are on the way out I wonder what they will be able to negotiate as an EBA. It certainly would have to be better than Jetstar International you would imagine. Perhaps they might even set up an external business like QF are doing for there LH Aussie CC.
I hope that we get an opportunity to do a 18 month transfer similar to the VA exchange. I like the idea of being able to try LH then being able to return to SH when I/my family are sick of me doing LH.
Either way 2008 is shaping up as an interesting year for VB.

transcontinentalcc 10th Dec 2007 13:01

Hmmm... I doubt whether an international secondment for 18 months would be financially unfeasible for start up for either company... and yes you would hope that the conditions would be good otherwise plenty of VB crew longing for a long haul career could jump ship to QF Long Haul for $35k plus allowances (which is almost the same base rate as domestic crew now) with full QF benefits.

No doubt V Australia would be a great product and work environment... but financial benefits certainly need to be good too, I mean at least what is getting paid domestically now!

I heard recruitment for CC in Feb... tech crew are being called now, at the moment SYD-LAX is being tossed around and individual AWA contracts offered (which are still legal until Rudd changes laws in parliament next year)... but as well all know VB is very good at keeping their cards close to their chest.

Let me know your thoughts...

indamiddle 11th Dec 2007 13:01

qf 'b' scale
$33475 p.a.
$7000 overtime (projected)
$16000 port allowances... based on 220-240 hours 8 week roster 7-8 lax trips on
the A380, operation to start 2nd half 2008.
no bid system
$2.60 per flying hour.
crew on A380 dedicated to that aircraft only
training pay $27810

non A380 flying expect less port allowances.
sick leave 10 days yr 1, 15 days yr 2

transcontinentalcc 11th Dec 2007 13:22

Hmmm.... looks a promising comparison for V Australia to base with.


You'll find the link to download the full EBA 8 proposal on the above link, or heading to the FAAA website and finding the link to the PDF. So the $2.60 per flying hour is similar to what the deal is at EK... and as such replaces the DTA that the current LHCC are entitled to. 6 weeks annual leave as well under this agreement... however nothing states whether staff travel benefits will actually exist for B scale crew?

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