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transcontinentalcc 11th Dec 2007 12:25

indamiddle... how did you come up with that figure of $7000 for overtime?

transcontinentalcc 11th Dec 2007 12:30

PS indamiddle... thanks for your input... what's your thoughts on the conditions for those wanting to join QF on the 'b' scale?

indamiddle 12th Dec 2007 21:39

the $7000 figure was provided by the union.
the overtime figure is apparently based on double time where duty exceeds 12 hours, this would be on both lax sectors with syd, currently 15:35 to lax,16:00 back to syd. double time and a half after 14 hours, 7-8 trips to lax per 8 week roster for 10 and a half months, 6 weeks leave, i'll let u figure out the maths...good luck.
as far as 'b' scale goes the A380 flying is the way to go, less allowances, overtime etc on the 747,767,A330 as "b' scale get the remainder of whatever flying left over after 'a' scale have had their pick at it which means lots of perth returns on the 747-300. that flying really sucks. next most likely trips u would get is j'burg, max time zone change of any trip on our rosters, poor allowances, work your ring off.
'a' scale rostered up to 200 hours, 'b' scale rostered 220-240, there is an element of burn out here but that would depend on the individual.
have not heard yet if 'b' could transfer to shorthaul after 2 years, if so and on full s/h pay and conditions would be the way to go. doubt the company will allow this back door to stay open if it isn't already shut. hope this helps

indamiddle 14th Dec 2007 04:41

made a mistake in my calculations
approx $8000 a year meal allowances on A380, cash in hand, not $16000
my apologies to all
significantly less than $8000 on 747/767/330 due perth returns and jo'burgs

DJCCGuy 14th Dec 2007 07:16

So do we think it would be worth hanging around and waiting for V Australia or trying our luck with QF Long Haul?? I know we don't know details of V yet, but financially etc do yu think it would be a step backwards going to QF?

transcontinentalcc 14th Dec 2007 11:12

Well the company is saying February recruitment for V Australia... as such I'd say the basic conditions/pay would be outlined then. QF are looking for crew for a June start, so at this stage I think they'll both recruit at the same time... they are accepting interest online. Alot of VB crew are talking about this QF opportunity as well so seems like a bit of interest.

If you're Melbourne based, those overtime allowances increase to in excess of $12k for A380 LA runs based on a 16.15hr duty MEL-LAX and 17.25hr duty LAX-MEL and brings an overall gross earning to nearly $60K which is what current DJ CC would be getting on the domestic network. Double time and a half kicks in for hours worked in excess of 14hrs. In addition, at QF you're eligible for free home transport to and from work for duties in excess of 14 hours which makes it an attractive package.

I guess only time will tell... anyone know anymore about V Australia, I presume a similar structure to QF long haul in terms of crew structure on board, Manager, Supervisor then Crew. I would also say looking at JQI pay rates... you wouldn't be getting anymore than what are now... if not less.

PS... what is happening with the crew bags... and the Xmas present for that fact? :)

gigs 14th Dec 2007 12:34

indamiddle, $8000 slip money does not sound a lot. i made near $15000 last year flying qf short haul. maybe the pay here is not as good as it sounds? cheers and thanks for the info. gigs

wirgin blew 14th Dec 2007 23:24

gigs I think I got just over $9k in overnights last year as DJ CC. Thats over 100 overnights being paid at the $90-95 rate which is laid down by the ATO. Does your amount include the TAFB pay that you recieve at QF?
Anyway this financial year I am averaging about $4400 per month clear with an average of 9 overnights. So I am happy to stay SH unless that amount were to rise to say $5000-6000 clear per month as LH.
I am sure QF will get people for there LH CC project but I doubt people who are looking for more money will jump ship. When you realise you are working as hard as the person on the other end of the cart but for half the pay other jobs will look more appealing.
As far as the transport to and from the airport I would say that V would have to do that to keep the OH&S people happy. It would be hard to explain why you lost a crew member to fatigue when QF LH looks after there crew in this way.

Gone U/S 14th Dec 2007 23:35

Transport Issue
Just a suggestion about the transport idea that has been brought up in discussions...

QF LH get provided with transport after certain sectors

Based on th OH&S rationale that has been brought up what happens to the poor JQ International crew that still operate a back of clock Denpasar return and have to drive home afterwards?

Would be very interesting to see what V Australia does? I wonder if UA crew would get taxis to their home after the flights ex SYD or would they have to drive to their residence aswell. Same principle for NZ crew on arrival back home from Canada and US, do they get taxi's as well?

transcontinentalcc 15th Dec 2007 09:23

A UA CC friend is not entitled or offered for that matter any home transport, and I would highly doubt V Australia would do this, if they have to, then MEL based DJ CC should get it after the 9.45hr duty red eye PER-SYD-MEL and the PER-SYD-BNE for that matter.

In terms of slip allowances, at QF you'd be looking at about 47 MEL-LAX returns in a 12 month period based on A380 only runs, at US$117 per slip, or AU$139 per slip times by 2 slips per trip times by 47 trips equals AU$13,066, without factoring 6 weeks leaves, so minus 12.5% for the year based on no allowances during leave would give you the figure of $11,433.

Wirginblew... bear in mind BNE based crew must be getting alot more overnights than MEL, you'd be lucky to clear $2200 a f/n down here, average anywhere between $1800-$2000. Face it, the pay and conditions at the moment at VB are very good, there's no chance you'll make the equivalent as B scale QF crew of V Australia crew for that fact. You might as an InFlight Manager or InFlight Supervisor at V, but no way for InFlight Crew.

Based on calculations I pulled straight from the EBA, here is what QF LH CC on a B scale have the potential of earning as a MEL based crew member on the A380 utilising all 6 weeks annual leave. This pay rate is also based on a report time of -90mins before flight time and an automatic sign off time of 30 mins after chocks on, on arrival. Of course if report time is set at -75 before departure then overtime rates will be slightly affected by about gross $700 a year.

Based on 17/DEC/2008 wages (this includes a 3% inflation increase on the incidentals allowance):

SALARY $34479
PORT A/L $10482


The total would be almost dollar for dollar for a MEL based VB CC member, obviously more overnights in BNE would mean less money, but bear in mind that JQI earn slightly less than VB S/H crew... who's not to say that after this precident has been set that V Australia wont do the same, I mean after all they need to be profitable as well.

As well with the QF transport offer, MEL based crew doing these LA runs would be eligible on all trips based on the duty hours and the requirements set out in the eligibility section of the new, QF EBA, which based on $120 return in cab fars based on a city destination could really add up in a crew member's favour, and considering the price of fuel, a guarenteed home transport option for the next 5 years based on the validity of this EBA could be really attractive to potential candidates.

Just my thoughts anyway, nothing gospel! :)

PS. Any rumours about the B777 doing SYD-LAX-SYD then a SYD-PER-SYD to make full utilisation of the aircraft aren't possible due to size restrictions on the VB side of the domestic PER terminal.

Happly flying!

DJCCGuy 15th Dec 2007 11:27

Thanks for all the info transcontinentalcc........you've been most helpfull!!!!!

sinala1 15th Dec 2007 18:59

Originally Posted by transcontinentalcc
Any rumours about the B777 doing SYD-LAX-SYD then a SYD-PER-SYD to make full utilisation of the aircraft aren't possible due to size restrictions on the VB side of the domestic PER terminal.

Not necessarily... it could easily be sold as a continuation of SYD-LAX-SYD operating out of international terminals at both airports - and I believe it could still carry domestic pax too (eg QF51 SYD-BNE-SIN used to/still does(?) carry domestic pax SYD-BNE, operating out of international terminals at both airports).

transcontinentalcc 15th Dec 2007 22:49

Yeah good point Sinala... mind you, you would hope they didn't do a SYD-PER run as that would reduce your layover in LAX I would suppose... 4 QF 744's spend the day in LAX at the moment just to operate the return flight home, you would hope for layover's sake V Australia would do the same!

transcontinentalcc 15th Dec 2007 22:54

And - do you really want to be doing SYD-PER-SYD returns!!

DJCCGuy 16th Dec 2007 00:39

2 months to go til Feb when they plan to start selling seats...can't wait to find out the product details...it's very secretive...the people working in long haul wont disclose even the tiniest little detail even to staff!!

sinala1 16th Dec 2007 02:53

If you check Wikipedia, it lists the destinations that V Australia has applied for:

The airline has also expressed interest in flying to Japan. Since then, Virgin Blue have applied to the United States Department of Transportation to operate services to and from Kingsford Smith International Airport (Sydney) to Los Angeles International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas), and New York JFK International Airport.
I wouldn't be surprised if you see a triangulation of the LAX/SFO/LAS services somehow - eg SYD-LAX-LAS, SYD-SFO-LAS... or, alternately, to make a daily LAS service worthwhile - send it through to JFK ie daily SYD-LAS-JFK. I doubt V Australia would be able to fill a daily B773ER to either JFK (I know it wouldn't go direct to JFK anyway, but work with me here) nor LAS - so a SYD-LAS-JFK may well work quite well - leaving the SYD-LAX and SYD-SFO seats all open to be sold as point to point, rather than having a percentage taken up by guests connecting through to JFK.

As for the SYD-PER-SYD (if it does happen), they would be rostered day trips out of SYD I would imagine - not a continuation of the LAX trip.

transcontinentalcc 16th Dec 2007 03:48

Yeah the SYD-PER-SYD would be on a night rotation to fit in with a trans-pacific run. Also bear in mind that Wikipedia is user generated information, so anyone can add whatever they like, would be great if any of that info is true... I would love to see a SYD-LAX-SFO rotation... NYC would be even better, but look it's all speculation until public announcement.

crewbus 16th Dec 2007 23:14

back to the Christmas present..... I think Virgin are extremely generous with their Christmas presents each year. Though I particularly took a liking to the magazine subscription we were offered last year (in addition to the 6 bottles of plonk).

Any idea on if we are getting the mag subscription again?

737opsguy 16th Dec 2007 23:45

It's pretty late notice to do the mag subscription. Only 5 more working days before the Xmas break.
They did do the traditional 'check your address in Vpay so your wine appears' email though

DJCCGuy 17th Dec 2007 01:10

Ye we've always had our presents by now...I wonder whats going on? I wonder if we may be getting something a little diff this year than the normal delivery to our door...perhaps some type of staff travel offer? Just a thought...but ye as 737opsguy said they did ask us to confirm our addresses

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