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Vistajet Future

Old 31st Mar 2019, 23:54
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Worked for them(VJS) a while ago.

As soon as I got an airline job again I ran as fast as I could - still they messed with me - my holidays misteriously(was on the VERY old Austrian contract with 5 weeks of holidays/year) disappeared, only a few days remained.All records vanished. My company mailbox got locked more or less immediately after I resigned, even I still was in my notice period. AND finally, my 5 year bonus did not make it anymore into my account(even if well earned). So, be careful, as many in this business you have to look after your pay. Or be prepared to go to court in Malta(yeah, that would work ;-) ).

Apart from above mentioned things I fully agree :


- 17/13 which actually was, when I was there, a 19/11. Not sure if they really changed that. The 11 off contain 3-4 days/month of holidays, so at the end only 6-7 days off/month in fact. In my earlier days there I had some 25/5 rotations and I recall a 19 on, 2 off, 7 on "gig" as well. They did not ask me, they just planned it.
- pay is bad, true. Even as an Austrian I found it bad considering how much you have to "do" for them while you are on(of course everything around the aircraft, data monitoring download, processing, FMS database upload(of course preparation of the package before in the hotel), helping the girl clean the aircraft(was even "enforced" by company memo, anyway, most guys helped anyway as the finally wanted to reach the hotel a tad earlier and keep the girl in a good mood ^^).....). Plus of course you went with the girl shopping to carry that bloody bottled water as we where not allowed to order that from catering. So - at least 2 times(normally more often) some good shopping trips, carrying the stuff to the hotel, sometimes, if no storage, carry it to the room and then all together with your own stuff for 17+ days back down when it was time to fly again. So many memories thinking we are a moving company not a bizz jet crew.....
- hotels have been not the best.Especially in Europe. In Asia and ME they have been ok. Russia sometimes - brrrr. Do NOT miss them.
- all training in off days - so again your 11-13 will be shortened at least 3-4 times/year. AND YES - they will make a big fuzz if you do NOT agree with them.
- on top of the training you had(do not know if that is still required) to attend a "party"(I think they called that BS "strategy day") every year. Usually a summer or winter edition took place, so both sides of the roster would have to attend one. Normally 1-2 days, with some brainwashing and party. Most of the time I managed to avoid it. English folks tend to like that kind of stuff, so it is not a "minus" for all of us
- sometimes VERY difficult passengers, especially Russians or from former russian republics. If they got to offensive(had to call in once) the company usually stands behind you and will swap the crew/aircraft if another flight is booked with same customer. Here the airliner cockpit doors are really missing. Found that really a safety issue, after all you really do not know which strange people with which "profession" you had on board.
-some managed to have a kind of part time roster. But the company do not really like to give that away. Normally on part time you could not go onto the Global, and during my time there they started to exclude part timers from the seniority list(which got rectified pretty fast after I went to Austrian Authorities(Arbeiterkammer) to claim a violation of equal threatment laws. We had seniority back after 4 weeks. But they try - wherever they can. And sometimes they succeed. All in all very exhausting for the employee as you feel like Don Quijote - always fighting windmills.

Pros(for me):
- VERY nice collegues in general - with most it was easy to "survive" this 17-19 days on(some of the chicks in the back had some problems and could annoy you in the long run). Generally the cockpit "atmosphere" was great.
- flying is very different compared to airline aviation. No problem in flying the aircraft as well manually, a thing that many airlines call you in the office for "tea and biscuits". Most likely the ONE big thing I miss(airline flying is a bit boring, however I love the stability of the rosters compared to that 17/13). Flying was fun.

If it has to be GA, try to find something better. My 10 cents. The shiny office and aircraft tend to convince many potential candidates that the rest of the outfit is shiny as well.... ermm.....nope, it isn't.
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Old 4th Apr 2019, 01:14
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Do they still have a mass exodus of pilots?
From the sounds of it their reputation is not too great and they need a lot of work to start looking like a good employer or potential employer.
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Old 5th Apr 2019, 08:55
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VERY nice collegues in general
tomuchwork - great, detailed post that really adds to the thread.

I think it says quite a lot when the "pros" are generally what I would take as a given for any operation - but that might just be me!
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Old 13th Apr 2019, 21:40
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Worked there for almost 6 years, mostly it was a happy time. The hotels were pretty great the last couple of years save a few choice ones and they were starting to send long haul proceedings biz class (within reason). Everything else is pretty normal stuff, the working hours are pretty intense but then again they don’t hide it or lie at the interview and if it gets too much you can have a sensible discussion about it,

They provided me with some nice type ratings and second to none experience in exchange for my efforts I’m really grateful for the opportunity they gave me if they had offered me more money or some real vacation time I’d have been very happy to stay. The reality was I couldn’t really afford to stay.

The thing is, most people leave a job with an axe to grind and you only hear about the bad experiences or folks like Nibs who are just incredibly committed to it and don’t like the bad stuff being aired.

I miss the people a lot, the work isn’t much different. I get paid more and I booked my first 2 week foreign vacation for my family in nearly 7 years I could not have done this at Vista, It is not perfect but I most certainly don’t look back all angry at being mistreated, I had a ball.
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Old 17th Apr 2019, 17:44
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I have an assessment with VistaJet coming up soon and would appreciate any information on what to expect (interview, tech quizz, simride).
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Old 7th May 2019, 10:36
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Can I ask how many hours a typical Global captain would fly every month?
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Old 13th May 2019, 03:52
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Originally Posted by bleeke View Post
Can I ask how many hours a typical Global captain would fly every month?
It did vary and would be impossible to say on monthly basis. In the old days you used to fly a comfortable 350-450 hours per year. These days it's more 500-600 per year, more close to 600 I've heard and if the management reach what they want it will increase even further. Duties were typical very long with pick up around 2 hours before the flight and 1 hr post flight duties plus transport. Add the time zone changes on top of that. Not a holiday.
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Old 14th May 2019, 02:03
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Originally Posted by Setting View Post
Not a holiday.
Very true! But then it is advertised as a job.....and also depends on the hostie 😜
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Originally Posted by Humpmedumpme View Post

Very true! But then it is advertised as a job.....and also depends on the hostie ��

Well, they are not getting better. Nice ladies when I started with them, many many years ago. It became worse over the time till I left. So no luck there either. Fully agree on flight times, minimum rest (on Global which is the worst, but as well other fleets). Not sure why someone with a Global rating would really go there(however I have friends which left as well and for some strange reason see the company in a better light - I always assume there must be something in their water to keep them happy ^^).

So or so - very careful consideration is required if thinking about joining. If you have no job it is obvious, go for it. But IF you have a job careful considerations must be applied. Do not go for the shiny office, chicks in high heels running around in Malta during training days or the shiny, but sometimes stinky silver jets. There is a very dark side behind all the silver lining. Enough said.
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Old 30th Jun 2019, 04:27
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Hi all,

what about F/O sakary on GL fleet ?
what about upgrade to left hand seat ? It's based on seniority ? Experience ? How long it might take ?

Am considering leaving major airline Capt big aircraft for 17/13 contract

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Old 30th Jun 2019, 08:50
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Look at is as a stepping stone, if leaving an airline job, entering the corporate world. Get the type rating and corporate experience and some hours on type, and then leave when something better comes up. Just like in the airline world far from all of the business jet companies look at their employees as an asset, so no reason why you as that employee should treat them any differently. I left the airline world more than a decade ago and can´t see myself ever going back.
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Old 3rd Jul 2019, 23:02
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Originally Posted by skysx33 View Post
Hi all,

what about F/O sakary on GL fleet ?
what about upgrade to left hand seat ? It's based on seniority ? Experience ? How long it might take ?

Am considering leaving major airline Capt big aircraft for 17/13 contract

FO Salary Global 48000 EUR / Year. But you start with 45000 EUR / year until 6 months after you have passed your final line check = Office week + Type Rating + Base Training + Line training (depending on how lucky and good you are expect around 2-4 months) + Final Line check + 6 months @ 45 000 EUR. So in reality around a year before you will see the "big money"....

Upgrade was strictly seniority based for FOs. The trick is to not join as a First Officer at all. Join as a DEC if it becomes available again. Joining the Global fleet now will lock you in the FO seat for at least 5 years. VJ has an order of Global 7500 that might arrive next year but even if they forced all FOs over to the 7500 you would not reach a command position before the expansion finish. After the 7500 deliveries it won't be any more expansion, at least what is known for now. It means FOs will never reach a command position unless people leave, and historically it has been mainly FOs leaving so the waiting time would be long. Probably quicker command at Netjets at the moment....
Experience..... I think you needed 4500 hours total time to be considered for command.

Why would you leave a major airlines as a captain for Vistajet as a First Officer?
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I see VJ is hiring on all fleets again which leads one to assume they have lost a few pilots recently as well as some possible expansion going on. Something will have to give there as they will lose to many pilots I suspect which is not sustainable long term.

They dont even pay well, have rubbish 17 on 13 off schedules which is terrible for family life, have bullying management so there does not seem to be much incentive to go there.
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