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G650 day rate

Old 20th Aug 2014, 03:48
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Frank, thats about right, my Boss ordered his in 1Q 2012 and delivery is due 4Q 2015. So orders placed then were 40+ months.
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Old 20th Aug 2014, 05:08
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Thanks, it sounds as if the local salesman is being liberal with his delivery estimates
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Old 25th Aug 2014, 03:49
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Originally Posted by Victorian Dad View Post
I have heard 1800.00 to 2200 is the going rate I currently charge 1400 a day for the 450/550 for one off clients and reduce it for regular clients this is obviously all subject to the client.

I can not see enough 650 to justify a 100K type rating however I have had work coming out of my ears lately supporting clients who have 550 and are upgrading to 650 just had 8 weeks solid work supporting G550 clients whilst their crews are being trained on the 650
Just out of curiosity, since I have yet to join the industry (hopefully I will soon), are these daily rates net or gross?

Just curios to understand how freelance rates are charged and if on top of that you guys charge for perdiems as well as transfers and hotel.

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Old 25th Aug 2014, 05:02
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When I was only doing contract. I charged the rate ($1,300 GIV and $1,500 G450/550) plus... hotels 4-star or better, all meals reimbursed, and business class tickets for travel more than 4 hours, or out of the country (USA).

Companies that were worth flying for, never questioned it and always paid me. Companies that complained about my terms, usually meant getting paid was going to be a headache, and I didn't want to work for anyway! It was an easy way to weed out the crap!!!

Now as the guy who uses contract pilots every once in awhile to fill vacations or training, when I look at a pilots terms, I always question the guy that is underselling themselves trying to under cut the industry! I just will not use them!! My boss pays for experienced well qualified pilots and FA's not for the cheapest person we can put in the seat!!

There are plenty of good companies out there that need contract guys and if guys would just demand what they are worth, then this industry would be a whole lot better!

This is my stance like it or not!
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Old 27th Aug 2014, 11:48
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Just been doing an informal survey of G650 day rates. I have heard that one can expect $2000 to $3500 per day. The 'standard' appears to be $2500 in the US.

In Asia, my company pays one rate for contractors regardless of type - 450/550/650. It works out to about $2000 per day.

Travel days appear to be an industry issue with some clients refusing to pay for the travel day or only paying half of the daily rate.

The latest sim prices quoted for the G650 are 54k for a single recurrent and about 74k for the Full Service contract which will give you an additional recurrent on another type to maintain two types.
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Old 30th Aug 2014, 07:26
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Good info melhuish, thanks.
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Old 18th Sep 2014, 06:08
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I would appear that the latest day rates are in the 2500-3000 USD range. As most freelancers have to finance their own re-currents at a heft price tag, most operators, and owners, seems to accept this charge, particular in light of the alternative..
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Old 30th Jan 2015, 00:10
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I would appear that the latest day rates are in the 2500-3000 USD range. As most freelancers have to finance their own re-currents at a heft price tag, most operators, and owners, seems to accept this charge, particular in light of the alternative..
I would appreciate if anyone could comment on the current state of affairs - are we still in the same ballpark for 2500-3000 USD? I understand a G650 pilot provided directly by Gulfstream is 2500 USD. Thanks.
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Old 22nd Feb 2015, 22:22
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SD380, My advice is don't do it You are about to throw away $91K of your hard earned money on a whim!! DXB does not have a 650 sim so that part is out. Do you have any corporate time if not Gulfstream time? If not, You are probably going to end up in the RHS not earning $2500 a day or anywhere near that. You say you have been all over the world, is that only to city airports as an airline pilot or to out of town small airports that you have had to do your own planing and analysis for? The reason I ask, is because thats what the guy who owns the G650, or his people ( the guy thats the PIC) is going to ask. Furthermore, I have never heard of any company or individual paying someone back for a rating they needed to get hired. They hire type rated pilots for two reasons, experience on type and to save themselves the cost of the type rating. IMHO you are probably going to find yourself having to go back to the expat life in somewhere like Asia to earn back the money you spent on the 650 rating as the competition in the US will be full of people with corporate experience and time on type. Please don't see this as criticism of an airline pilot thinking he can just swing on over into a LHS position in a G650 earning top dollar because he paid for the rating. Its not, its just some food for thought before you blow 91K!!
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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 04:38
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My apologies, but I'd be surprised if you pick up any work given your circumstances (self funded type rating, lack of corporate experience). But I could be wrong - hey, it's only 91K!
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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 08:28
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The Truth...

Everybody here sees this issue from their own viewpoint and does not necessarily represent the truth as you may then personally experience it. There are many very differnt factors and variables in this equation - being at the right place in the right moment with the qualifications demanded and last but not least, having a good network of connections in the field. So at the end of the day it pretty much burns down to the individual.

If I were you, I would first go jobhunting and then, when you have an agreement of guaranteed employment as soon as the the TR is stamped in your license, go ahead and spend your money on it - otherwise the danger of running empty is just too big and what the others have posted is very valid. You are also distorting the market, if you pay for TRs - I do not blame you personally, but it is still a fact. If you are really that experienced, as you say, then why would an owner of such an aircraft not sponsor you a TR ? That is one thing I fail to understand here. If you are rather "inexperienced" and receive a joboffer in turn for financeing the TR (like I explained above) I can understand it as a stepping stone, as I have done it that way myself.
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A boat will kind of have resale value. A house definitely might. A G550/650 type rating on a piece of paper will have nil. Zero. Nothing. And that's already after not even one year of having it.

I can not see (and I hope for your sake that I am wrong) anyone who would hire somebody with a type rating but no experience.
I think most contract guys bring exactly that: massive hours on type. That's why they are ready to go, charge a premium and have high market value.

If you have no experience on type but 95k ink printed on your license dare I say you won't fly. I seriously consider it a bad investment.

I'm not saying don't do it as it is your money (ok I am kind of saying don't...), but the smarter way would most definitely be to apply to a permanent position where the company values your previous experience, and by reading what you said you have lots of it.
Chances are it's not your high-paying dream job, but they will likely pay your rating and bond you for it. You win. Or they may give you a job and you'll have to pay the rating. You still kind of win. You can keep the 90k in your bank account and pay your living expenses with it, and if you feel the need to go contract after gaining time on type - just do. No risk for you putting in a lot of money upfront.
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I say again: In your situation, get a job first, before financing the particular TR. It makes more sense and every employer that has any of the latter will understand, you just need to sell yourself and your expertease properly. Financing the TR before, will not make any difference, except that you will probably be catogorized as slightly insane... or they will use you and suck you dry like a vampire and guess who will be forced to pay for an expensive recurrent all by himself after a year ? Don't make yourself easy bait for the sharks - it is not worth it.

Also remember, there is often generalized bias towards airline pilots that they can not get the job done in Biz Av and the same of course goes vice versa for a BizAv Pilot wanting to go Airline.
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At our company they still hire based on who you are and not what you rating you have. Having the rating and not being the rights stuff from a company perspective is an expensive exercise... We are NEVER interested in the rating if you dont have the hours, specially not for contractors. If you have the hours we are always willing to look at training the right person for the rating...

In other words take the advice giving by a lot of people here: get a job first and then look at sorting the rating... You are planning on playing Russian Roulette my friend
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Please stay where you are.

No need for the likes of you (no offence), too bored to fly airline and load of cash to buy the rh seat (with the guarantee to go soon to the left seat OF course) of the top of the line business jet, while all of us idiots in the executive world would kill to have a company to sponsor our 550/650 type rating, after decades in this sector, busting our asses.

This is why employers do not bother anymore to pay for type ratings of their pilots in this world, while let te guess, you got your 777 or 380 rating without spending a dime.

No thanks.
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No - he must pay and go to bloody China....
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FYI, I get calls every day from 4-5 guys with airline time and no Gulfstream time who just bought a 550 or 650 type. Two have zero contracts since Oct-Dec, and the others have maybe one contract where they needed a third pilot.....

Your friends are the ones who hire you, who are your friends?

If you are in Dubai, why not go to China, if you're in China, try Dubai. Everyone is hiring 737 and 320 guys! You could get a left seat job today...

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Thanks for screwing us in the back by buying your way in a niche of the market where self sponsored TR were still non existent.

You are contributing to the demise of T&C in the industry, hope at least you realize it.
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and no Gulfstream time who just bought a 550 or 650 type.
I was under the impression that 650 courses were still factory allocated. Has it changed?
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Straight from the horses mouth in LBG. The going day rate is currently 3000USD plus expenses paid for, but scaps will do ot for less with pathetic excuses. Just bringing the message.

Good drills
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