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givdrvr 12th Apr 2013 15:29

G650 day rate
Anyone have any idea what the contract market is for the G650 daily rate? Fresh type with plenty of off time to contract. Thanks in advance

cldrvr 12th Apr 2013 15:32

A fresh airframe with less than a handful delivered, robbreid or flex can tell us exactly how many. All new owners get their crews typed as part of the delivery, so I reckon the need for contract crew worldwide is exactly zero right now, give it a year or so and it may change.

FLEXJET 12th Apr 2013 21:58

no idea about the rate (too early) but...
G650 "market" at this time: (sorry, limited listing as the others won't be for free :=)

I understand the first 6 airframes had issues to be fixed, hence late delivery of 6003 and 6005.

Delivery date / Reg / msn / Operator-Owner / Base

20DEC2012 N711SW 6007 Wynn Resorts KLAS
20DEC2012 N100A 6010 Exxon Mobil Corp KDAL
26DEC2012 N102BG 6011 Contrail Aviation LLC - Berwind Group KPHL
27DEC2012 N650PH 6013 Preston Henn but leased to Gulfstream as demo KSAV
28DEC2012 N762MS 6008 Wal-Mart Stores Inc KROG
31DEC2012 N524EA 6012 Falstaff Partners LLC - Carlyle KIAD
07JAN2013 M-YGVI (OH-GVV) 6006 Airfix - Famous Russian oil company EFHK
26FEB2013 VQ-BNZ 6009 Royal Flight of Jordan OJAI
26FEB2013 N1AL 6015 ALC 6015 LLC - ILFC KVNY
21MAR2013 N100ES 6014 EarthStar - Disney KBUR
28MAR2013 N673HA 6018 Hamilton Aviation Inc KHIO
29MAR2013 N305CC 6021 Carnival Corp KFLL
04APR2013 N520GA 6020 Honeywell Inc KPHX
TBD N211HS 6003 Starbucks KSEA
TBD N914BD 6005 Dillard's Stores KLIT
TBD N886WT 6017 Qualcomm Inc KSAN
TBD N1KE 6024 Nike KHIO

macklin 13th Apr 2013 04:14

Just a small correction, Airfix Aviation Oy is not a famous russian oil-company. The aircraft OH-GVV owner is a russian oil-company.

Airfix Aviation Oy


FLEXJET 13th Apr 2013 05:42

Sure, Airfix is the operator. Rosneft or Gunvor are famous russian oil companies. See the dash between Airfix (Operator) and the "owner".

givdrvr 17th Apr 2013 14:18

Even with the few airframes flying I have already gotten some requests to provide augmented crew support to outside operators. Since the full service contract is 97000USD I think 2000/day is sufficient to avoid underpricing the market.

ATPMBA 18th Apr 2013 18:24

Quote: Since the full service contract is 97000USD

Is that for the type rating in a sim?

Does Flight Safety do the type ratings? Any other training organization doing types for the 650?

envoy 19th Apr 2013 00:01

Last I heard, the ratings are being handled exclusively by FSI, with GAC directing the scheduling of classes, dependent on delivery schedule. All driven by the need to get people qualified in time for airframe delivery.

Feel free to correct me if this has changed!

ra4000 19th Apr 2013 00:41

You are correct.
No type available for the next 2 years
Only 1 sim.

Flying Mechanic 19th Apr 2013 03:03

Flight safety in Hong Kong is getting 650 sim later this year.

Klimax 19th Apr 2013 04:57


Are FSI HK actually adding a new frame/simulator at CX City? Wonder how the setup will be with ground school etc..


FrankR 19th Apr 2013 06:23

Perhaps someone who wanted the 100% answer should call Otto, the manager at FSI in HK and find out. The word I hear is that Cathay is evicting FSI within a year because they want the SIM bay...

I also hear that HK is not packed with students because the expats in HK all want to go to LGB so they can get a trip to the states, and the Chinese companies want to use CAE in DXB because it is cheaper.

? Has anyone heard a date for opening of the 450/550 sim at CAE in Shanghai?


envoy 19th Apr 2013 10:31

FSI HKG charging full rate for classes doesn't help their cause. When you take into account airfares, it is cheaper to get the job done in LGB than HKG. A benefit of going to HKG (other than it being FSI) is that you are offline for less time. That benefit - of course - depends on your point of view!

I am not a fan of CAE DXB, having gone through one on their box-ticking courses a couple of years back. I continue to hear horror stories about the Gulfstream program there - unqualified (or absent) examiners, incorrect course enrolments, arrogant (and ignorant) instructors, no study notes... I will choose quality instruction over a biz class airfare any day!

In addition to CAE SHA, I have heard that there will be a G450/550 sim somewhere in Guangdong (Zhuhai?): locally run, aimed at B-reg mainland jets. Anyone heard anything about that?

B200Drvr 20th Apr 2013 01:24

All those things you mentioned about CAE DXB have been experienced at FSI HKG!! I got bumped 6 hours so that FSI could train their own people, and only got notified once I arrived at the facility. To little time to go home again, so had to wait at CX city!!! There are a few very good instructors there, but there are also a few arrogant twats that have no place teaching, and NO standardization!! As for the cost, well thats just ridiculous, a recurrent at FSI HKG cost the same as my 550 initial at CAE NJ!!!

Latte tester 12th Aug 2013 20:54

US$100,000 for the type, plus or minus a few $$$...
US$2000/day seems about right, if you can get it...not too many airframes and now well over 200 typed pilots.

Victorian Dad 18th Aug 2013 18:10

G650 Freelance rates
I have heard 1800.00 to 2200 is the going rate I currently charge 1400 a day for the 450/550 for one off clients and reduce it for regular clients this is obviously all subject to the client.

I can not see enough 650 to justify a 100K type rating however I have had work coming out of my ears lately supporting clients who have 550 and are upgrading to 650 just had 8 weeks solid work supporting G550 clients whilst their crews are being trained on the 650

init2winit 15th Oct 2013 13:13

Do you know how long the initial G650 course takes please?

givdrvr 26th Oct 2013 22:41

The initial TR is 24 days

init2winit 27th Oct 2013 13:45

Thanks man.

josephfeatherweight 14th Aug 2014 02:10

The initial TR is 24 days
Hi there, is that 24 days you mention inclusive of any days off? Or maybe there are no days off... Thanks.

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