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Haraka 22nd Oct 2019 16:19

Blackburn Kangaroo

nvubu 22nd Oct 2019 17:17

Haraka has it with the Blackburn Kangaroo


Your turn now.

Haraka 22nd Oct 2019 17:58

Sorry guys, out of area for some weeks and also didn't realise the baton had to be passed. If somebody else could pick it up, I promise to rejoin with some rarities from my albums in due course
Haraka sincerely aplogises

India Four Two 23rd Oct 2019 05:58


No need for apologies. Here's a flying machine that I didn't know about until yesterday.


treadigraph 23rd Oct 2019 07:33

Is that the little Mil helicopter from around 1990? MI-34 or something? Remember one at Farnborough.

India Four Two 23rd Oct 2019 07:52

Nyet, treaders! :)

sycamore 23rd Oct 2019 08:34

Looks like the offspring of a 3some ,Bell,Enstrom and Aerospatiale....Chinese...?

Self loading bear 23rd Oct 2019 12:16

A threesome?

dook 23rd Oct 2019 15:59

Need a clew India.

India Four Two 23rd Oct 2019 16:01

It certainly does have features reminiscent of all three manufacturers. The gear looks like it is off a Jet Ranger.

Not Chinese.

India Four Two 23rd Oct 2019 16:02

All right - a clue for dook. You can build one.

PS If you need a clew, go to a sailmaker. ;)

dook 23rd Oct 2019 16:21

No I can't - I don't know from whom to order it.

dook 23rd Oct 2019 16:30

When I looked earlier I was looking for skids and not wheels !

Is it a Hummingbird ?

sycamore 23rd Oct 2019 16:32

DOOK,yer go to the scrappers,and see what you can find,then rearrange into a `pleasing and functional manner`......you can see it`s really kid`s stuff....he drew a pic of a helo,then later said `Mummy and Daddy come and see wot I did....!!

dook 23rd Oct 2019 16:35

Look wot I found:


India Four Two 23rd Oct 2019 16:51

Yes, the Hummingbird. All yours for about $200,000 and a few weekends in the garage! :E

Hummingbird Helicopter

dook has control.

dook 23rd Oct 2019 17:14

Thank you India.


Self loading bear 23rd Oct 2019 19:28

Loening model 23
OH if correct

dook 23rd Oct 2019 19:55

Nicely done - the Loening Air Yacht.


nvubu 23rd Oct 2019 21:57

Try this one


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