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oxenos 23rd Oct 2019 22:33

Fairey flycatcher

Zaxis 23rd Oct 2019 22:39

Fairy Flycatcher on floats?

Ooops too late

this is interesting ...

nvubu 24th Oct 2019 06:36

No - it isn't a Fairey Flycatcher.

dook 24th Oct 2019 08:11

Parnell Plover maybe.

nvubu 24th Oct 2019 12:42

Ah ha, yes it is the Parnell Plover.

Over to you dook.

dook 24th Oct 2019 13:41

Thanks nvubu.

I bit before yours...


dook 24th Oct 2019 14:04

Someone has it already by e-mail.

Self loading bear 25th Oct 2019 19:28

Farman built several look-a-likes?
could not locate this one with large engine and large skids

dook 25th Oct 2019 19:35

It's not French.

India Four Two 26th Oct 2019 05:07

Is it a Curtiss?

dook 26th Oct 2019 08:30

Not a Curtiss but it was American.

First flight 1912. Design patented in 1910.

Self loading bear 26th Oct 2019 10:22

Found colonel Peck
same double arched landing skids,
same layout
but a Radial engine


dook 26th Oct 2019 10:31

A good find Bear, but this was not by Peck.

Self loading bear 26th Oct 2019 11:52

I believe there is only one (this) flying machine from Peck.
And he was killed by the radial upon impact.
It I understand that there is no relationship to the challenge?

dook 26th Oct 2019 12:32

No - the challenge is not by Peck.

Self loading bear 26th Oct 2019 15:55

Boland biplane?

dook 26th Oct 2019 16:03

Oh dear - not a Boland either.

I think another clue might be in order - Christmas is coming soon.

Self loading bear 26th Oct 2019 16:38

Then it must be Baldwin’s Red Devil

dook 26th Oct 2019 16:49

No - read the clue above carefully ……..:)

dook 26th Oct 2019 17:23

December 25th.....

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