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SincoTC 2nd Nov 2019 09:44

Sorry chevvron, PDR's Junior was way too young, the Cassutt is even younger!

dook 2nd Nov 2019 09:48

Morning TC.

Are we looking at a racer circa 1930 possibly from Percival ?

SincoTC 2nd Nov 2019 10:02

Morning dook,

Not a Percival or a racer, it is described as a light sport type and from the mid-thirties

dook 2nd Nov 2019 10:09

How about the Trebucian Sport ?

SincoTC 2nd Nov 2019 10:25

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10608919)
How about the Trebucian Sport ?

How about it indeed, that is the one mate!! :D Jean Trébucien's Sport monoplane of 1935, the original 30 hp Poinsard was replaced with a 40 hp Train engine and an enclosed cockpit fitted.

Well found! You have control :ok:

dook 2nd Nov 2019 10:55

A sod was that !


MReyn24050 2nd Nov 2019 11:36

That will be the De Bruynee-Maas Ladybird

dook 2nd Nov 2019 11:48

It will be indeed - I'll take some time off from this thread.

All yours again :\

MReyn24050 2nd Nov 2019 11:59

Here is a nice easy one:-

SincoTC 2nd Nov 2019 12:31

Hi Mel,

I believe that's the Dornier C3 ??

MReyn24050 2nd Nov 2019 14:57

HI Trevor. Not a C3!

SincoTC 2nd Nov 2019 15:04

Hi Mel,

In that case it's a C2, but I was confused by the history, probably wrong on airwar where the C2 is shown with the lower wing removed and vice versa!!


"The first - Do.C3 took off on September 18, 1931.It was a double all-metal one and a half wing, equipped with a 1225-cylinder Hispano-Suiza 12Y engine with a capacity of 725 hp."


"Following him immediately appeared two reconnaissance seaplane. The first - Do.C3 took off on September 18, 1931. The following year, the aircraft was converted into a high-wing - Do.C2 (or Do.C2A). In addition to the new wing, a Hispano-Suiza 12 Nbr engine with 740 hp was installed on it. and an additional fuel tank."

It looks like they've got the designations transposed as why would the C3 precede the C2 ? Should have checked Histaviation but that can be a real pain now! (and I don't mean because of my sodding hand which makes everything a pain) :mad:

Just looked at both versions of Histaviation (one totally broken and not listed on the other) Not shown on Luftarchiv and Wiki not much help either, merely redirecting to the Parasol Do.10 :ugh:

MReyn24050 2nd Nov 2019 15:46

Hi Trevor
My sincere apologies you were correct the first time. My German translation let me down
However I am not sure RU are entirely correct. The following is as I understand it.
The Do C 1,was launched on July 24, 1931, but on a flight, on July 25 1931 under the designation Do C2a,, built largely according to original design but
with two floats to provide a reconnaissance version. Due to extreme shape of the wing it did not meet the performance expected
Attempts were made to improve the insufficient climbing performance. This led to introduction of an additional small lower wing
It was given the designation Do C3a and made his maiden flight on the 18th
September 1931.

You have control.

SincoTC 2nd Nov 2019 16:35

Thanks Mel,

No apologies required, it seems the whole history of this development is a real can of worms and certainly makes my brain hurt.

I think that your understanding of it makes more sense to me, in that the C2a first flew as a Parasol on July 24, 1931 but was found to be deficient in its climbing performance and this led to the fitting of the additional small lower wing. Then this Sesqui-wing modification was given the designation Do C3a and made its maiden flight on September 18th, 1931. This seems more sensible than the Airwar's description that the C3 flew First as a one and a half wing first, but had its wings clipped the following year to make it a C2, but who knows!!

SincoTC 2nd Nov 2019 16:42

Here is my next!


PDR1 2nd Nov 2019 16:49

Looking at the warp in that wing I'd suggest it was built by Brewster...


dook 2nd Nov 2019 16:59

Sod it - I had that one (good old Breguets) ready to go.

SincoTC 2nd Nov 2019 17:28

Originally Posted by PDR1 (Post 10609186)
Looking at the warp in that wing I'd suggest it was built by Brewster...


It certainly has a twist to it, not sure if it was twist-by-wire or if those tiny ailerons were a kind of servo tabs on a pioneering example of an aeroelastic wing. :hmm:

Nothing to do with Brewster though!

SincoTC 2nd Nov 2019 17:33

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10609201)
Sod it - I had that one (good old Breguets) ready to go.

Oh dear!! I also have to admit to using it before, but I didn't get it from Breguet's though!

dook 2nd Nov 2019 18:19

TC - PM for you.

Challenge is the Copetta El Burrito.

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