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Self loading bear 26th Oct 2019 17:48

santa Claus
i have no clue

Self loading bear 26th Oct 2019 18:03

Christmas Aeroplane company
Red Bird II ?
no photo found

dook 26th Oct 2019 18:12

No - it's the name of the designer ! :(

I think I should declare this and you will kick yourself...…….

Self loading bear 26th Oct 2019 18:38

Wait till India is online again
Perhaps it is clear to him but I think you have reached a Jenkins level in cryptics.

dook 26th Oct 2019 18:40

It isn't very cryptic at all.

The Christmas Pusher Biplane.

Open House.

Self loading bear 26th Oct 2019 19:27

You could have told me that I had the right manufacturer!
But it seems that he indeed filed a patent for the invention of the ailerons.
Which led to a substantial claim.
Not clear if the Pusher biplane is the same as the Red Bird II

dook 26th Oct 2019 19:32

They are not the same aeroplane.

India Four Two 27th Oct 2019 02:29

Since it is Open House, what's this? These are screen shots from the Rotodyne documentary that I just posted. There's a view of a slotted wing and a silhouette. The fin and rudder shadow seems somewhat "Miles-like".



dook 27th Oct 2019 09:37

I did wonder when you mentioned slotted wing.

At first I thought they might be very crude vortex generators.

Do you know the answer or are you just trying to find out ?

edit: it looks as if it may have a radial engine.

India Four Two 27th Oct 2019 10:37

No, I don’t know what it is. It’s beyond my TAP knowledge!

dook 27th Oct 2019 10:57

Well, I certainly don't know.

Possibly French.

Self loading bear 27th Oct 2019 11:36

Slotted wings

some text at the bottom:
example Lockheed Hudson. But the Hudson has slots in 2-2-1 line-up
not 1-3. Silhouet is also not right.

chevvron 27th Oct 2019 13:32

Fairey Rotodyne.

DaveReidUK 27th Oct 2019 13:45

Originally Posted by chevvron (Post 10604540)
Fairey Rotodyne

Ah, it's a photo of a Rotodyne, taken from another Rotodyne.

treadigraph 27th Oct 2019 14:13

I think it's a Tipsy Trainer - G-AFWT seems to have the right combination of slots in the outer wings.

chevvron 27th Oct 2019 14:26

Fairey Rotodyne with GAL Monospar ST 12.

dook 27th Oct 2019 16:11

I'll vote for treadigraph.

The tipsy was prone to wing drop at the stall caused by reduced downwash at the tips due to its' pointed tips and no washout.

The slots reduced this tendency as did the later wing with washout.

I don't think the Monospar had wing slots.

Here's the Tipsy wing and the slots exactly match those in the unknown image by I42.


Since I42 doesn't know either would anyone suggest what we do now ?

DaveReidUK 27th Oct 2019 16:18

Originally Posted by treadigraph (Post 10604548)
I think it's a Tipsy Trainer - G-AFWT seems to have the right combination of slots in the outer wings.

I agree - fits in with the Fairey connection.


DaveReidUK 27th Oct 2019 16:35

The camera ship was most likely this example:


Owned by Fairey throughout the 1950s and used at White Waltham by their flying club.


India Four Two 27th Oct 2019 16:49

Thanks everyone. The PPRuNe experts have come to the rescue again!

Treaders was the first one to mention the Tipsy, so I propose he takes control.

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