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Pypard 30th Jul 2021 06:18

Looks far-eastern but not Chinese ;)

BEagle 30th Jul 2021 22:10

Mitsubishi X2 (ATD-X) Shinshin?

Beamr 31st Jul 2021 05:46

Originally Posted by BEagle (Post 11087398)
Mitsubishi X2 (ATD-X) Shinshin?

Correct! Your call BEagle.

BEagle 31st Jul 2021 09:23

Try this?


Pypard 31st Jul 2021 13:35

MiG-105 Spiral lifting body. I was going to build up to it like my He-112 and Mitsubishi X-2 prompts, but I see that doesn't work on here.

BEagle 31st Jul 2021 13:51

MiG-105 it is indeed. Hideous looking thing!

You have the helm!!

Pypard 31st Jul 2021 14:55

I shall leave it the requisite 24 hours and post something :)

Pypard 1st Aug 2021 10:46

Try this: the flying verandah.


meleagertoo 1st Aug 2021 11:52

The dinghy looks Dutch or Belgian.

Noyade 1st Aug 2021 12:40

The flying verandah is the Saunders Kittiwake.


Pypard 2nd Aug 2021 13:57

Noyade has it. Over to you.

Noyade 2nd Aug 2021 23:06



Noyade 4th Aug 2021 03:45

British 'tractor seaplane' participating in the Daily Mail Circuit of Britain race.
Photo was taken at Scarborough.

OUAQUKGF Ops 4th Aug 2021 09:01

Sopwith 'Circuit' Floatplane. 1913. Pilot Harry Hawker.

Noyade 4th Aug 2021 22:09

Originally Posted by OUAQUKGF Ops (Post 11089609)
Sopwith 'Circuit' Floatplane. 1913. Pilot Harry Hawker.

Done! :ok:
Over to you.

OUAQUKGF Ops 5th Aug 2021 08:45

Thanks Noyade - Sorry all, it will have to be OPEN HOUSE....

Self loading bear 5th Aug 2021 16:14

Then at the bottom line this one will show to be easy as well?


Noyade 6th Aug 2021 03:29

Originally Posted by Self loading bear (Post 11090300)
this one will show to be easy as well?

To be honest I spent too much time going down the Breguet path - I did not realise the original version was a twin jet.
I think this is the machine in question...


Beamr 6th Aug 2021 04:20

Thats the Mirage I.

Noyade 9th Aug 2021 05:06

Originally Posted by Beamr (Post 11090509)
Thats the Mirage I.

Yes, and I believe that's what Bear's exhaust 'eyes' belong to. Just need him to confirm/deny.

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