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treadigraph 18th Jul 2021 09:45

Originally Posted by India Four Two (Post 11080587)
I thought there was a Scottish influence, but the stabilizer is too small.

An absence of flaps also... otherwise my first thought.

Noyade 19th Jul 2021 02:25

Not American.
No radial upfront.
Designed as an agricultural aircraft - unsuccessful - ended up towing advertising banners.
Only one built. First flight in 1957 - destroyed in storm 1965.


Asturias56 19th Jul 2021 07:51

Looks a bit like the Argentinian Dinfia IA 46 Ranquel series - but they built a few of those and the dimensions aren't right

sablatnic 19th Jul 2021 15:27

Dutch by any chance?

Noyade 19th Jul 2021 22:34

Originally Posted by sablatnic (Post 11081402)
Dutch by any chance?

Certainly is. :)

sablatnic 20th Jul 2021 06:27

Originally Posted by Noyade (Post 11081575)
Certainly is. :)

I can't remember what it is, just happened upon the report some years ago. With before and after photos.

Noyade 20th Jul 2021 23:11

Time for a photo then.


Beamr 21st Jul 2021 05:11


Can't claim this as mine, just a dug up of sablatnics recollection.

Noyade 21st Jul 2021 10:17

Well, you have provided a name Beamr - so it's yours if you want. :ok:


Beamr 21st Jul 2021 13:28

Ok then, suppose this won't take long?


Pypard 21st Jul 2021 18:13

make/model or the exact one? :ok:

Beamr 22nd Jul 2021 04:27

Originally Posted by Pypard (Post 11082694)
make/model or the exact one? :ok:

Make/model will do, but if you have more of this specific example please do share!

Pypard 22nd Jul 2021 04:33

Originally Posted by Beamr (Post 11082880)
Make/model will do, but if you have more of this specific example please do share!

Well I think it's probably the first one of this type?

Beamr 22nd Jul 2021 05:20

Originally Posted by Pypard (Post 11082883)
Well I think it's probably the first one of this type?

for me it is impossible to say if it is the very first, but it is one of the early versions definately, not a production unit.

Noyade 22nd Jul 2021 06:59

I'll just call it a Heinkel He 112. :)

Beamr 22nd Jul 2021 07:12

Originally Posted by Noyade (Post 11082943)
I'll just call it a Heinkel He 112. :)

quite correct. To me it appears to be V1 based on the radiator cowling, it is definately somewhere between V1 and V8 (excluding V7) as it is missing the bubble canopy and it has earlier tail. It might not be the V5 as those were Imperial Japanese Army evaluation units with red tails and this appears to have a swastika on the tail.

All yours Noyade.


Noyade 22nd Jul 2021 07:39

Thanks Beamr - nice schematics above. :ok:
Unfortunately I'm outta ammunition - so OPEN HOUSE.

Asturias56 22nd Jul 2021 08:18

Don't think this will last long................... PS remember the 24 hour rule on confirming the winner


Planemike 22nd Jul 2021 10:06

Piel Emeraude or one of its derivatives....??

Asturias56 22nd Jul 2021 14:37

Getting close

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