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The Baron 10th May 2021 04:29

Sorry chaps,
Just noticed I'm in! Out flying and away, declaring open to any and all,

Asturias56 14th May 2021 07:46

Something for the weekend!


Asturias56 16th May 2021 07:48


Self loading bear 16th May 2021 09:03

Shouldn’t take long now Asturias.

Asturias56 17th May 2021 08:22

That tail is a bit of a give-away I agree Bear


Self loading bear 17th May 2021 17:20

Yes in the first photo the vertical leading edge of the tail fin was nicely hidden.
The Handley Page Hinaidi it was.

Asturias56 18th May 2021 08:27

Bear has it - I spent a lot of time trying to hide that tail......................

Self loading bear 18th May 2021 17:45


Does anybody know which nice little one this is?

Asturias56 18th May 2021 18:09

looks like they borrowed the canopy from a crop duster...............

UV 18th May 2021 21:25

Experimental glider tug?

India Four Two 19th May 2021 05:00

Experimental glider tug?
... with twin engines?

Asturias56 19th May 2021 07:37

An upmarket glider tug then....

Might be a pusher........

Asturias56 19th May 2021 07:39

Bear - blowing up the picture it looks as if there might be letters formed by the trees in the hill middle right?

Terry Dactil 19th May 2021 07:41

Looks more like a miniature P-38 lightning to me.
Twin engines and twin booms ?.

Beamr 19th May 2021 07:53

a Cri Cri with uprated engines?

Self loading bear 19th May 2021 17:21

Originally Posted by Terry Dactil (Post 11047304)
Looks more like a miniature P-38 lightning to me.
Twin engines and twin booms ?.

very good indeed twin engines and twin boom.

Definitely no Hollywood on the hillside.


Asturias56 20th May 2021 07:25

Must have space for all of 10 litres of fuel...............

Terry Dactil 20th May 2021 07:58

Must have space for all of 10 litres of fuel...............
That's probably enough.
I think it will be diesel engines trying to hide inside those ugly cowlings.:E

Self loading bear 20th May 2021 19:17

It appears not to be that easy?


Asturias56 21st May 2021 07:44

Its certainly not easy.................... are we in the USA?

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