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Noyade 14th Mar 2021 20:44

Hi India.
Yes mate, a biplane. Span was 91' 8".

Noyade 16th Mar 2021 05:14

Here's more...

India Four Two 16th Mar 2021 07:57

Who was it said "I would rather be lucky than good"?

I had assumed that the inline engines indicated a European aircraft, but after many fruitless searches, I decided to have a look at US aircraft, even though every 1930s biplane airliner, that I was aware of, used radials.

I was looking at the Curtiss T-32 Condor II, which was too small and had round engines, when I stumbled on this:


The Curtis Model 53 Condor, powered by the Curtiss V12 Conqueror. The aircraft and the engine are both new to me.

FlightlessParrot 16th Mar 2021 08:23

Well, I thought the engine installation looked extraordinarily neat for the presumed period, and of course it was because the engine was ancestral to so many classic types (or at least, the D-12 was).

Noyade 16th Mar 2021 22:24

Nicely found India! :ok:
Over to you sir.

India Four Two 16th Mar 2021 22:45

What a remarkably clean design for a biplane, particularly in comparison to its contemporary, the HP 42. It was 16 mph faster and had the same range, while carrying 18 passengers versus 24 in the HP 42.

Try this one. I'll reveal more if required.


Terry Dactil 17th Mar 2021 05:20

  • low set horizontal stabilizer, so not likely to be jet powered.
  • not anything De Havilland, as that designer would for have have been sacked for not using the traditional curved shape on the fin and rudder.
  • the markings look British, so I am looking for something British that was never built in any great number and is virtually unknown.
I'll go for the Heston JC.6
Wikipedia says that only 2 were built. The un-tapered booms are a bit of a recognition give-away.

India Four Two 17th Mar 2021 22:30

Well, it's 23h45m since I posted and I need to go out, so I'll declare that Terry is correct. The Heston JC.6 which competed for the A.2/45 AOP contract which was won by the Auster AOP.6.

About the same wing loading as the AOP.6, but it had a Gipsy Queen engine, so I imagine weight and fuel consumption were an issue.


TD has control. Good analysis by the way.

Terry Dactil 18th Mar 2021 00:14

Thanks India Four Two.
I suspect that I am not the only one that had never heard of the Heston JC.6 before your challenge.
There is something new to learn every day.

Here is another aircraft that only 2 were ever built.
It had outstanding performance, but production was canceled because WW2 ended and jet engines had arrived,


Noyade 18th Mar 2021 01:12

6 Blades.
Republic XP-72 No.2 (43-6599)


Terry Dactil 19th Mar 2021 00:09

Yes. It is the XP-72, which was a sort of super P-47 with 50% more power.
Interestingly, it had an engine driven cooling fan behind the spinner and side cowl flaps/exhaust like the FW-190.
The other (#1) aircraft did not have contra-rotating props.
Well spotted Noyade, you have control.

Noyade 19th Mar 2021 00:24

Thanks Terry!
Must make it Open House unfortunately.

Asturias56 19th Mar 2021 08:46

This is somewhat obscure I think...


Noyade 19th Mar 2021 19:15

Mr C.G. Grey called it a Mexican Monoplane in 1919.

Whereas the Russians call it the TNCA Series H...

TNCA Serie H

Asturias56 20th Mar 2021 17:14

It is indeed - a Mexican built bomber - I think someone has built a replica -


Noyade 20th Mar 2021 21:24



Asturias56 21st Mar 2021 08:45

Collar & tie - a gentleman then.....................

Noyade 22nd Mar 2021 04:52

Yes, rather dapper looking fellow with an intense posture - and the aircraft firmly on the ground.
Fighter from the USA - with a convoluted designation, based on a well known design.
Very famous manufacturer.

India Four Two 22nd Mar 2021 06:58

Very famous manufacturer.
Possibly Boeing?

Noyade 22nd Mar 2021 07:47

Sorry mate, not Boeing.

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