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HappyPass 5th Aug 2011 12:56

Since none of them was built, it's the same!
Yeah, a challenge :cool:

Wotsat? A Cub Clone, obviously! http://factoryjoe.s3.amazonaws.com/e...-0140-rofl.gif

RegDep 5th Aug 2011 13:10

Chrislea Super Ace Series 3 G-AKVF

HappyPass 5th Aug 2011 13:12

Richtig! :ok:
Your turn...

RegDep 5th Aug 2011 13:17

Thanks, but whats the "extra" propeller doing there (I see in the photos, too)?

HappyPass 5th Aug 2011 13:20

You know what? I was about to ask you!
Betcha LM knows the answer...
My money is on some sort of generator driven by ram air.

Lightning Mate 5th Aug 2011 13:23

Betcha LM knows the answer...

It's an air-driven generator. ;)

HappyPass 5th Aug 2011 13:30

So, only battery power when on the ground? I thought of r.a.t.s only as "last resort" devices until now...

Lightning Mate 5th Aug 2011 13:31

CAA Directive:

Aircraft classified as Annex II (non-EASA) aircraft.

Emergency generator.

RegDep 5th Aug 2011 13:35

Thanks Mate!

Here's my next


Lightning Mate 5th Aug 2011 13:44

I'm sure that's a new Romanian project.

RegDep 5th Aug 2011 13:51

Romanian - no; project - yes Mate.

HappyPass 5th Aug 2011 14:01

Mikoyan LMFS?

Edit: OH if right
See you all soon.

RegDep 5th Aug 2011 14:21

Mikoyan LMFS project it is.

In the spirit of lively thread, HP has requested Open House and promised to be back. :ok:

Lightning Mate 5th Aug 2011 16:36

HP has requested Open House and promised to be back.
C'mon HP - RD is bored.

HappyPass 5th Aug 2011 17:11

Ok, there you go.
It took me ages to do this... :p


evansb 5th Aug 2011 17:34

NORD-Astazou 1110 ?

HappyPass 5th Aug 2011 17:41

That one. :D:D
Conversion of a Nord Noralpha with a Turbomeca-Astazou turbo-shaft engine, 2 built in 1959, says Wikipedia.

evansb has the thread!:ok:

evansb 5th Aug 2011 17:56

Thanks. Here is the next:

RegDep 5th Aug 2011 18:16

Beriev A-42

JEM60 5th Aug 2011 18:17

That's that Russian water bomber flying boat thingy whose name completely escapes me, and I am going out right now, so haven't got time to look it up. Open house if my reply is accepted.B..ga. Just beaten by a proper answer.:O

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