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Lightning Mate 29th Aug 2011 18:59

No way!!!

Silhouette very wrong!!

Check tail for a start!!!



irishair2001 29th Aug 2011 18:59

:{Just a quick guess LM, what are your findings?

skwinty 29th Aug 2011 19:06

This is the picture I silhouetted.

I obviously made a lousy silhouette and for that I apologise.:O

But, Volpar Turboliner it is.


Lightning Mate 29th Aug 2011 19:09


You have control mate. :ok:

skwinty 29th Aug 2011 19:12

Nyet, the order is correct...:E

Lightning Mate 29th Aug 2011 19:18

I posted #2004 immediately after #2002. :ugh:

skwinty 29th Aug 2011 19:22

P: Forum clock handles posts funny.
S: Forum clock warned to straighten up, fly right, and be serious. :E

Lightning Mate 29th Aug 2011 19:24

Nyet, the order is correct...

Croist Min.........:uhoh:

Ah have heed enuff of dees time crip. :zzz::zzz:

SincoTC 29th Aug 2011 19:49

Had to go out for a while; back now, but heading to the kitchen.

Looks like the infamous "Prune Clock Bug" has been upsetting things again!!

Not the best silhouette skwinty(as you admit), but obviously good enough for irishair2001 to ID the Volpar Turboliner correctlly :D, as skwinty confirmed in Post #2000. Got anything to post irishair??

skwinty 29th Aug 2011 19:51

Moar, Irishair2001, Moar!!!:ooh:

Lightning Mate 29th Aug 2011 19:52

Ah have heed enuff of dees time crip.
Wossa Oirish for dat?

Q: how do you confuse an Irishman?

A: put him in a round room and tell him his lunch is in the corner


We are all waiting irishair2001 - the floor is all yours.:ok::ok:

Lightning Mate 29th Aug 2011 20:12

At 2111:

Currently Active Users are LM & irishair 2001.
Last post by skwinty at 20151.

This site is a complete mess!!!!

:ugh: :zzz::zzz::zzz:

irishair2001 29th Aug 2011 20:46

:ok:Thanks guys ,but as i have said before ,i have not been able to manage to post anything on SC,so if anybody wants to take over my OH ,please be my guest :D

irishair2001 29th Aug 2011 20:50

:=Actually LM the way to confuse an Oirish Man is to stand 3 shovels against a wall and tell him to take his PICK, :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

skytrain10 29th Aug 2011 23:00

As no takers for the OH, here's a quick one for the night shift:


Skwinty, your silhouette was perhaps not perfect but good enough, and well recognisable as the Volpar....other than an exaggerated kink in the nose couldn't see much wrong with it. All I would ask is that you try to make them a little larger...if the image is a low resolution you can enlarge it using Paint...or at least that's what I use.

trucky04 30th Aug 2011 11:08

OK. Can I start the ball rolling? this is a 70's design, probably Czech? Clues are welcome:)

skytrain10 30th Aug 2011 11:12

Trucky, nice to see someone having a go:ok:

Not Czech (but is is a European design), and not from the '70's. Try the 1950's.

trucky04 30th Aug 2011 11:14

IAR 827 of Romania?

Lightning Mate 30th Aug 2011 11:28

Good afternoon Ken. :)

Some of us are busy.

Yours reminds me of the Ambrosini F4 Rondone somewhat.

trucky04 30th Aug 2011 11:35

I meant the 823. Yeah Ii know I was wrong but I'm sure you'll agree now that I am 'less wrong'!

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