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Ridge Runner 3rd Aug 2011 09:09

ssaddafawt - did I do this before????? Maybe a big http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/wibble.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/wibble.gif

orf furra nuvver Scotch....
Yes, I posted it and it nearly went on for three days!!!!

I big hello to SC Mk.2 from hot, sticky and sunny Delhi


Ridge Runner 3rd Aug 2011 09:12

That said, it would be nice if the old thread could be "Stickyfied" for a while, so that lurkerrs can still browse it, also, so that it can be referred to when checking against Mel's list to verify information. This is not so easy with the old "What Cockpit" threads (I-III) now they're deep in the Archives, seems like only recently that they disappeared from the tabbed listings!
Agree completely - mods (Robin et al) take note!


RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 09:18

Hi RR,

I did a permalink of the last page of the original SC and saved it as a bookmark, and edited my opening post to add the permalink there.

I also followed up the WC and could follow it to MK III, but not I and II. I wonder if permalinks stay "forever" after archiving. Maybe mods know… Should I ask in Computers, Internet and Troubleshooting thread?

MReyn24050 3rd Aug 2011 09:57

Update of Silhouette Challenge List 31 July 2011
The list of Silhouette Challenges made has been updated, up to and including 31 July 2011.

Noyade 3rd Aug 2011 09:59


Ahhh, so this is where you guys are?!

Noyade 3rd Aug 2011 10:01

Hi Reg...Is that a WWII aircraft mate?

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 10:06

Is that a WWII aircraft mate?
Well, yes and no. Never made it, but not because of timing…..

Noyade 3rd Aug 2011 10:08

but not because of timing…..
....because it was never built?

Noyade 3rd Aug 2011 10:10

Well, the nose reminds me of a Fiat CR-32...Is it Italian?

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 10:12

It was built and it was Italian.

Sorry, I take something back: It made it to the war.

Sorry 2: I am a bit confused now. Let's say this: The picture is of the prototype that flew in 1940.

Noyade 3rd Aug 2011 10:18

The Nardi F.N.315...?

Second look. No.

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 10:22

Not Nardi F.N.315, but another trainer.

I now think that there was one prototype only, which later was converted to something more aggressive.

Noyade 3rd Aug 2011 10:24

converted to something more aggressive.

bergamo-caproni ca.355....?

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 10:25

[QUOTE]bergamo-caproni ca.355....?[/QUOTE]

Shhhh! Not that….

Noyade 3rd Aug 2011 10:27


RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 10:31


Shhhh, wanna buy a dirty picture, Sir?

Noyade 3rd Aug 2011 10:37

Yes please! Also, do you have any of rare Italian WWII aircraft?...

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 10:41

Yes, yes, very rare. And veeerrry genuine. Belonged once to a Maharaja, Sir. Very expensive, Sir. But you are my friend, so I give you 60% discount.


Noyade 3rd Aug 2011 10:45

That IS exactly how I thought it would look!

Never seen that before mate. Looks a little like a Pilatus P-2.

The hunt continues...

RegDep 3rd Aug 2011 10:52

Not a Pilatus. Italian.

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