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RegDep 19th Aug 2011 12:10

Well, no skwinty, but you got the drift :ok:

It is a Yank but there is an Italian license involved, and that's why it looks like …….

Skwinty's was the 1,000th response after the first post!!!! Cheers!!!! :ok:

Noyade 19th Aug 2011 12:25

Hey Reg!

Italian license involved
American Aeronautical Corporation S-56?....

American Aeronautical Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


skwinty 19th Aug 2011 12:26

S-56 Savoia Marchetti seaplane, but the tail looks different.

RegDep 19th Aug 2011 12:34

Find another one like it (like, like similar, nothing to do with American dialect of English language) :)

HappyPass 19th Aug 2011 12:42

Anything to do with American Aeronautics S-62?
It has a closed cockpit, at least...:hmm:

Noyade 19th Aug 2011 12:45

How bout'...

Budd BB-1 Pioneer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RegDep 19th Aug 2011 12:45

No. And mine has an open cockpit. (Edit: That was to HP)

Built by a maker of railroad cars, a budding pioneer in aviation.

Edit: Ach THERE you are Graeme. Was just wondering what kept you…..

Over to you :ok:

Noyade 19th Aug 2011 12:50

Thanks Reg!


RegDep 19th Aug 2011 12:51

Back to Froggie Country, are we Graeme?

Noyade 19th Aug 2011 12:52


Lightning Mate 19th Aug 2011 12:57

Looks like a Mig with the intake blank in place!

Noyade 19th Aug 2011 13:00

Not a Ruskie.

RegDep 19th Aug 2011 13:02

Wrong tail for Mig - could be a Yak, but wrong background. Graeme, is the challenge the same as the one left in the background?

trucky04 19th Aug 2011 13:03

An F 86 Sabre?

RegDep 19th Aug 2011 13:04

North American FJ-1 Fury

Noyade 19th Aug 2011 13:05

Not American mate.

Noyade 19th Aug 2011 13:06

Graeme, is the challenge the same as the one left in the background?
No mate, they're jet trainers in the background.

Ridge Runner 19th Aug 2011 13:09

I'd say not an FJ-1 as its got swept wings. However, the dihedral on the tail counts it out as a swept-wing Fury, I think.

Ridge Runner 19th Aug 2011 13:09

A Gina, perhaps?

Ridge Runner 19th Aug 2011 13:11

A Swift????

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