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MReyn24050 14th Feb 2011 11:51

No, Graeme, this was not a kitplane.

evansb 15th Feb 2011 13:25

Kari-Keen Coupe ?

MReyn24050 15th Feb 2011 13:52

:ok: That is the one Bri. The Kari-Keen 90 Sioux Coupe, the subject of a recent Aviaquiz challenge.

You have control.

evansb 15th Feb 2011 14:16

Thanks Mel! Fun challenge! Here is the next "What Cockpit?":

NutherA2 15th Feb 2011 15:17

Gardan GY-80 Horizon ?

evansb 15th Feb 2011 15:22

Sorry, not the Gardan GY-80 Horizon.

Cubs2jets 16th Feb 2011 12:19

Cessna 190/195


evansb 16th Feb 2011 13:17

C2j is correct.:ok: The photo is a Cessna 190. Your control.

Cubs2jets 17th Feb 2011 11:13

Errr..one must be careful if one wishes to play. NOTE TO SELF: Be ready with a challenge!!



Kerling-Approsh KG 17th Feb 2011 22:40

Just a wild stab...

Miles Martinet?

Cubs2jets 18th Feb 2011 01:15

Not from the miles stable.


sycamore 18th Feb 2011 11:43

Looks a bit Hawker-ish..a Henley target-tug perhaps ?

Cubs2jets 18th Feb 2011 11:59

Not from Hawker. To my knowledge it never served in "ancilliary" roles - though I could be proven wrong. Does the shape of the instrument panel remind anyone of anything?


Kerling-Approsh KG 18th Feb 2011 18:05

So if it has machine guns, and a cable drum, but you say it didn't serve in ancilliary roles, what was its prime role, I wonder?

sycamore 18th Feb 2011 20:14

Unless it`s an HF trailing aerial system...Brit/Euro/USA ?

Cubs2jets 18th Feb 2011 23:39

I can't say for certain that it is NOT a cable drum, but can you say for sure that it IS? Could be ammo feed for the guns, couldn't it?

Some spent a lot of time tied up in formation flying.


Kitbag 19th Feb 2011 07:59

RAF squadrons in the late twenties, early thirties performed aerobatics tied together so using that as an extremely tenuous link, how about the AW Siskin?

SincoTC 19th Feb 2011 11:22

I'd go for A Hawker Fury ?

Cubs2jets 19th Feb 2011 11:23

Not an AW product, Kitbag, but your train of thought is heading in the right direction.

To move things along, it is NOT of European origin.

Apparently the site I originally downloaded the picture from some time ago has gon on the blink and this particular picture is no longer on the internet (except here, of course).


Kitbag 19th Feb 2011 12:19

Ok, now shooting in the dark, how about a Boeing F2B?


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