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Kitbag 24th Oct 2007 10:58

What Cockpit? MK VI
Aargh! Wimping out, can't find anything worthy right now

Try this, Mel and Bri give em a chance please:ok:


Continuation of: http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthr...46#post3655246

VitaminGee 24th Oct 2007 12:55

Total stab in the dark - T38/F5?

Kitbag 24th Oct 2007 13:05

VG, nope, not a lightweight fighter.

oncemorealoft 24th Oct 2007 13:12

Is it a Lockheed U2?

LowNSlow 24th Oct 2007 13:43

Is it a Sea Vixen or at least a jet of that era?

Kitbag 24th Oct 2007 14:36

Not a Lockheed product, although the right side of the pond. Surprisingly this ac is earlier than the Sea Vixen

VitaminGee 24th Oct 2007 15:25

Version of the Douglas Skyraider (or similar)?

MReyn24050 24th Oct 2007 15:26

No problem, well done on the last one :ok:

Kitbag 24th Oct 2007 15:39

VG, nope, definitely a twin with no big cooling fans on the front, although criticised at the time for being underpowered, then again most aircraft of this era were.

innuendo 24th Oct 2007 18:11

Underpowered makes me think of the F-89 Scorpion.

BEagle 24th Oct 2007 19:28

Chance-Vought F7U Cutlass....

One of the more flattering shots of the 'Gutless'!

Kitbag 24th Oct 2007 21:51

Beags has it- specifically one of only 12 F7U3P recce variants built:


The reheated Westinghouse engines were planned to produce c10000 lbs thrust but were derated to less than 5000lbs. Not good on a carrier, one of the limitations was a requirement to disengage reheat as soon as the aircraft left the deck. It was said that the toasters made by Westinghouse produced more heat than the Cutlass' engines. The two ac shown by Beags in Blue Angels markings were solo performerswhilst the rest of the team formed up and I read somewhere that in 5 years of service (1954-1959) the attrition rate was in the region of 25%. Still, it was a fascinating shape in a period of experimentation.

To you BEagle.

BEagle 25th Oct 2007 06:45

Another oddity:

Kitbag 25th Oct 2007 09:57

Twin engine jet with 'afterburner' so probably US origin. No fixed windscreen, but looks sharp and pointy. Had thought of Douglas X3 Stilleto, but am now plumping for the Convair Sea Dart as I have convinced myself the aircraft appears to be on a slipway.

MReyn24050 25th Oct 2007 11:49

Beagle's challenge
I think you are spot on with your second choice kitbag.

MReyn24050 25th Oct 2007 14:36

Latest update of What Cockpits published to date.
This list includes all challenges from What Cockpit I to What Cockpit VI.

BEagle 25th Oct 2007 14:43

Yep - Convair Sea Dart it is!

The world's only supersonic seaplane.

And, as far as I'm aware, the only supersonic tail-dragger! Tips of the hydroskis had small wheels as did the rear fuselage.


Kitbag 25th Oct 2007 15:08

I think both the Gutless and the Sea Dart had the same engines, as well as the XF88 which went on to develop into the F101 Voodoo. Anyway try this homebuild next:


MReyn24050 25th Oct 2007 15:52

Kitbag's challenge
Please check PMs

Fitter2 25th Oct 2007 15:54

Rutan Long-Eze?

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