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JAT (Yugoslav Airlines) Boeing 707s

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JAT (Yugoslav Airlines) Boeing 707s

Old 21st Sep 2016, 21:49
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British Airtours used their 707s on very short sectors
I remember flying LGW-DBV and return in these as a young lad, would have been 1975 I think.

What I remember for sure is that we lost a nosewheel on landing at DBV.

I think this was on the Conway-engined 707-436's.
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Old 21st Sep 2016, 23:04
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I think the 154s have gone altogether from western Europe, a combination of cheap 737-300s, noise regs, and the 8.33KHz radio kit upgrade. I did see one active in Russia two years ago, it was a substitute for a 737. I was also on what must have been one of the last scheduled Tu154 operations into the UK, on Rossiya from St Petersburg to Gatwick - gosh, it was April 2008. How time passes. Here it is on arrival at Gatwick South terminal.
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Old 22nd Sep 2016, 11:23
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I think the last year I saw a TU154 at LBA was 2005. BH Air have operated Airbuses almost exclusively at LBA since them. I did see them in later years at Manchester but not recently. Shame - serious old aeroplane!
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Old 26th Sep 2016, 13:02
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AFAIK the 154 is not compliant with noise regs and commercial ops are banned.
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Old 13th Jul 2018, 08:28
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Thinking back to 1985, Leeds Bradford wasn't using SIDs so it was quite common for eastbound departures to be given direct routings by Manchester Control shortly after the minimum noise routing. This frequently resulted in the JAT 707 going direct to Ottringham (missing out UPTON) and flying over my then home about two miles east of LBA. The growly whine from those old PW engines was fabulous to hear.
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Old 13th Oct 2021, 03:36
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Came upon this thread looking for serials/registrations/model numbers of the JAT Boeing 707 fleet. Interesting mixed fleet of types/variants they had. I note a few links to Pakistan's PIA.

My first EVER flight in any aircraft was on a JAT Boeing 707 which operated 'scheduled charter flights' between Belgrade (LYBE) and Melbourne (YMML) in the early 1970s. The flight was in 1974 and I wangled 3 months off early primary school on a family trip to the 'old country', actually not long after their 'seven-ohs' entered service it seems. I have recollections during my teen aircraft-spotting years of the DC-10s regularly plying their way into YMML. I think Dad flew back to see his elderly parents in SLO during the later DC-10 days (sometime before the mid-1980s were done).

I recall stopovers in Singapore (WSSS) (mightily humid and oppressive at night) and Karachi (OPKC) (daytime heat with armed guards evident on the tarmac - what I now know to have been a shared military airfield) before arriving in Belgrade. It was quite a trip with Dad and 2 of his brothers, respective wives and 5 kids between 6-11 years of age in the troupe !

Have some nice decals from Lift Here! to build a 1/144 scale 707 in the classic JAT early scheme one of these day, hence the interest in variants and configurations.
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Old 13th Oct 2021, 06:48
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Yes ,before JAT got it's new DC-10's they first flew charters to Australia and the USA with the 707's.
The 707 was first used from1970 for JAT's intercontinental routes until the arrival of the DC10-30 in 1979 (747SP and 747-200 were also under consideration) when the 707 was switched to Euro-Atlantic routes and Yugotours charter flights for Air Yugoslavia.

JAT's first 707 examples were some early old ex Pan Am 707-321's which many airlines started to obtain from around 1970/71.
Dan Air, BMA, Lloyd, THY and Donaldson all got some of these too.
JAT then soon got 4 ex PIA 707C's from 1972 and 2 more from Northwest in 1974.

- On May 19, the first Boeing 707-321, YU-AGA, which JAT rented from Pan-Am, flew to Belgrade Airport. remained in the fleet until July 25, 1974.
- On June 1, a B-707 aircraft introduced charter traffic to Australia. This year, flies on average three times a week, twice to Sydney and once to Melbourne, on the route Belgrade - Karachi - Singapore - Australia. Perth was also served.
- June 19, the first charter flight Belgrade - Toronto by B-707. During the year, JAT also opens charter traffic to the United States to SFO and JFK.
Transatlantic flights on the B-707 to the USA went via London or SNN Ireland, while flights to Australia in those years went via Ankara, Tehran, Karachi, India and Singapore.
JAT also leased from Pan Am, 707-321's N716PA/722PA/723PA and 724PA. One was reg'd YU-AGH.

- December 11, the first flight to China on a B-707 aircraft arranged by Air Yugoslavia

- On May 30, the first, then on December 5, the second B-707C aircraft leased by JAT for intercontinental traffic from PIA (YU-AGE and YU-AGG). Both aircraft were purchased in 1975.
YU-AGF and AGD were also added from PIA.

- April another 2 B-707, which JAT bought from NWA (YU-AGI and YU-AGJ), landed on April 17.

- April 1, JAT opens the first intercontinental line Belgrade - Karachi - Singapore - Sydney. Based on the agreement between the Government of Australia, as well as the agreement between JAT and "Qantas". The traffic was performed by B-707 twice a week.

May 18, the new DC-10 flies to Australia once a week instead of B-707, which flew twice a week.

1987, October 31, the last commercial flight of a Boeing 707 on YU-AGI on the Belgrade-Zagreb-Brussels route.

707 v DC-10
- In November 1971, during a visit to the United States, President Tito visits the McDonnell Douglas aircraft factory in Long Beach and inspects the production and latest model of the DC-10 aircraft.
- August 9, the American aircraft manufacturing company McDonnell Douglas organized a demonstration flight of its new DC-10 aircraft in Belgrade. In the cabin of this plane, at the "Belgrade" airport, a contract was signed for the purchase of six new DC-9 planes for JAT.
- May 20, The Managing Authority of JAT made a decision to purchase a new type of wide-body aircraft for intercontinental traffic. The choice fell on the DC-10.
- On July 15, in Long Beach, California, a contract was signed for the purchase of the first DC-10-30 wide-body aircraft.
- February 2, a contract is signed in New York for the purchase of another DC-10. The contract was signed on behalf of JAT by General Manager Dragoslav Radisavljevic.
- On April 2, Air Yugoslavia starts charter flights to Beijing. On September 15, the first test flight of JAT's first DC-10 aircraft - YU-AMA - was performed in Long Beach.
- On December 12, JAT's DC-10, YU-AMA few non-stop from Long Beach to Belgrade Airport. At the festive reception, it was named "Nikola Tesla".
On May 16, 1979, another DC-10 - 30 YU-AMB flew to the "Belgrade" airport, which was named "Edward Rusyan" at the airport reception.

During early 1987, it was decided to buy another DC-10 30 (YU-AMC), but that decision was withdrawn after the decision to buy the then new MD-11 (successor to the DC-10) was formally made. JAT definitely confirmed the decision to purchase MD-11, so in 1989 it gave up the purchase of another third DC-10-30 and began negotiations with McDonnell Douglas regarding the procurement of the MD-11 as a replacement for the DC-10.
The decision to purchase three MD-11s (YU-AME / F / G) was made on March 3, 1989. And in June 1990, JAT ordered a fourth copy, plus two more as an option.
Among the first companies to order this type of new aircraft was JAT, which ordered 4 with delivery in 1992. Although two had already been produced, these were never delivered due to UN sanctions against the FRY. 1 went to AA and the other to WO.

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