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Covid Shot - Side Effects?

Old 9th Jun 2021, 22:56
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I’ve survived Victorian Government quarantine with negative COVID tests. I was fully vaccinated in April and repatriated from a relatively low risk country.

My quarantine hotel was loaded up with those from high risk countries and positive cases were likely. Ventilation was poor in my room though hallway issues appeared to be addressed.

Happy I was vaccinated as being from a safety sensitive role there seemed gaping holes in the gold standard. Staff were very professional and courteous with many former long haul or airline staff. Perfectly suited for the role.
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Old 9th Jun 2021, 23:09
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What’s your realistic chance of a fully vaccinated person passing COVID to their fully vaccinated family member who has a compromised immune system?

Versus the scenario where neither are vaccinated? The main personal reason I vaccinated was for this scenario where I thought from my research the chance COVID fatality reduced significantly .
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Old 10th Jun 2021, 00:19
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Then you've got whackjobs like blow.n.gasket and FDG135 above who scare the shit out of me that my family and friends might be onboard one of his or her aircraft one day..
How old are your family and friends, Timmy? If they're younger than 60 they have more to fear from the flu.
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Old 10th Jun 2021, 07:23
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Originally Posted by sumtingwong View Post
Valiant attempt. 😝

“attempt discredit the other opinion maker personally....not the opinion mind, the opinion maker.”

”proving my point for me checklist complete”
I don't know STW, it does sound a LOT like you & Gnadenburg are actually doing exactly this in your reply?

the sharing of one's point of view on a social or political issue, often on social media, in order to garner praise or acknowledgment of one’s righteousness from others who share that point of view, or to passively rebuke those who do not

Everyone else is just sharing factual information and actual experience?
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Old 10th Jun 2021, 07:39
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"How old are your family and friends, Timmy? If they're younger than 60 they have more to fear from the flu."

they may be but what about all the older and weaker folk they're going to infect? Anti vaxers are all about ME and never talk about US
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Old 10th Jun 2021, 14:18
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Just look at China. New blood tests after arrival in HKG, new neighborhood lock downs in Guangzhou. We are far from being over it. Getting vaccinations can't be wrong. However in therory almost everybody would need one to prevent the virus mutating.
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Old 11th Jun 2021, 03:38
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Im in Tas and been waiting 4 weeks to get my AZ. Finally got it 2 days ago. No affect on me but the wife has now been off work 2 days with fever.
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Old 11th Jun 2021, 03:46
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Originally Posted by ChrisJ800 View Post
Im in Tas and been waiting 4 weeks to get my AZ. Finally got it 2 days ago. No affect on me but the wife has now been off work 2 days with fever.
I posted earlier that my Dad (86) had suffered no side-effects from AZ.

I had mine on Monday and posted the same, however, in the last day or so I have noticed muscular pain and tenderness (perhaps even a little swelling also) around the injection site but nothing else.
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Old 11th Jun 2021, 06:46
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Two different views. Like Covid who, what do you believe.

And even a fully vaccinated person can still play host to an evolving virus, in situations where the vaccine prevents illness but still allows a virus to replicate. That appears to happen even with the most effective COVID-19 vaccines. So, viral evolution doesn't just occur in the time between shots.

But researchers say that as more and more people get vaccinated it will rob the virus of its ability to mutate.

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Old 11th Jun 2021, 07:25
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Originally Posted by FGD135 View Post
And there is evidence that the vaccinations appear to have killed many elderly (another thing you wouldn't know about.
Where is this evidence? I'm not aware of any incidents of "the vaccinations" (I am assuming you are talking about the Covid-19 vaccine) killing many elderly. All medications have a level of risk. It is up to the end user to determine whether the benefits outweigh the risk.
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Old 11th Jun 2021, 08:43
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In the UK there are many little villages that were wiped out after the various plagues that swept through Europe. Ironically, the plagues helped end serfdom etc as the landowners now had to pay to get folks to work the land.
I digress.
Jab 2 of AZ done yesterday. Happily no side effects (unlike Jab 1). Just a mildly sore arm at the jab site. Unfortunately for travel in the UK, our boofhead of a prime minister and his lackeys are just determined to ruin summer travel plans.
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Old 11th Jun 2021, 08:48
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Just had my second jab today with no side effects.

G’day Redo!
Cheers Plugga 😀😀😀😀

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Old 11th Jun 2021, 09:16
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Another small addition to the stats. Wife and I had AZ No. 1 yesterday morning - nothing of any note to relate.
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Old 11th Jun 2021, 09:58
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short flights long nights
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Mrs SOPS had AZ two weeks ago. Not even a sore arm. Mine is next week.. will report back.
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Old 12th Jun 2021, 00:11
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AZ Thurs Arvo, fatigue by the evening, slight fever and back ache, eye ache the next day. Flattened all day, very fatigued, starting feeling better 24 hours later. Seem to be over it now.
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Old 12th Jun 2021, 00:47
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Update from here. Just had *BioNTech 2nd shot last evening. Painless. Almost no after effects. Slight soreness in upper arm, but even less than the first shot.

*Pfizer is a misnomer I was assured.
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Old 12th Jun 2021, 03:11
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Had AZ no 1 on Mon 31st May, 12 days ago.
Nil effect / reaction at all....apart from the slight 'drippy' nose cold for last two days.
But ... I reckon I may have got that from 'Grandie'.

Go For It!.
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Old 12th Jun 2021, 21:45
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AZ first shot 2 days ago. No adverse reactions
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Old 12th Jun 2021, 21:54
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Both shots of AZ done and no reaction. Nada.
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Old 13th Jun 2021, 03:42
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My parents - ages 100 and 95 - both had both AZ shots back in April at their Rest Home.
The major side effect is that Mum is now able to Go Shopping for the first time in over a year
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